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Professional Editing and Proofreading for your Documents

Professional Editing & Proofreading Service

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Professional Editing and Proofreading for your Documents

Who We AreWe are an established player in the proofreading and editing industry and have been in the business for the past 7 years

We have worked with thousands of students/writers/business professionals from UK and US to ensure their documents are perfectly edited and proofread

We have an office in London on Gloucester Street. Our proof-readers and editors use our offices based in Milton Keynes

We are trusted by hundreds of customers everyday who upload their documents and receive perfectly edited and proofread versions

We serve some of UK's well known writers, renowned businesses and students from reputed Universities


We refine the language and writing style in English documents of every type We ensure the document is free from all English language errors and has an improved style, structure, and clarity

We offer super-fast turnaround times, with careful editing

Convenient, frictionless online ordering process

Web app measures the word count to automatically derive the pricing and turnaround time

Customers download their edited documents through their secure PaperTrue accounts

What We Do


BusinessReports, Presentations, Marketing Material, Legal Documents, Official E-mails, Manuals, Newsletters, Website Content Job ApplicantsResumes, Cover Letters, CVs, E-mails AcademicEssays, Dissertation, Thesis, Personal Statements, Reports, Research Papers, University Applications, Journal Articles

WritersBooks, Novels, Textbooks, Poems, Stories, Essays, Blog Posts, ManuscriptsOur Proofreading Services


Get a top grade with your improved documentExpert editors understand your field of studyPerfect referencing in a range of stylesCompletely confidential and secure service1234Academic ServicesProfessional Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

Our editors and proofreaders aim to ensure that your ideas stand out in coherent, precise and polished writing, so that your professors notice the content of your paper instead of errors in the language or formatting.

We have a wide-ranging knowledge of various academic streams and style guidelines such as the MLA, APA, CSE and Chicago styles.


Business ServicesProfessional Business Editing and Proofreading Services Our professional editors and proofreaders aim to ensure your business documents are precise and flawless, so they strike the right chord with your customers, clients or colleagues.

Your writing will be free of all language errors (grammatical, typographical, punctuation etc.) and will have an improved style, clarity and coherence.


Get flawless and impactful business documentsExpert editors who understand your field of workPerfect referencing in a range of stylesCompletely confidential and secure service


Writers ServicesProfessional Editing and Proofreading Services for WritersProfessional editing, proofreading and formattingYour manuscript is in expert handsWe understand your subject matter and audienceCompletely confidential and secure service1234As a writer, you have faith in your ideas and creativity. But you would also like an expert editor to give you honest feedback and a clear-eyed critique of your writing.

Our editors are language and literature experts. If you write fiction, we will focus on literary elements such as tone, pacing and point-of-view. For your non-fiction work, we will attend to the precision and coherence of your arguments.


Job Applicants ServicesProfessional Editing and Proofreading Services for Job ApplicantsWe will edit and proofread your resume, cover letter or even your job application to ensure that they are free from all English language errors.

In addition, we will refine the clarity and consistency of your information, and ensure your writing is flawless and impactful. Stand out for your excellent job application, and walk into every interview with confidence.

Get a flawlessly written job applicationInstantly impress your prospective employerWe understand your field of workCompletely confidential and secure service1234


Why You Will Love UsYour document will be flawless, effective and perfectly writtenOur services are fast, affordable and 24/7 available to youWe assure 100% satisfaction guaranteedYour document will be confidential, safe and secure

Expert editors understand your field of study

Telephone+1 415 871 0478Mail

388 Market Street, Suite 1300San Francisco, CA 94111, United [email protected] Us

USUKPaperTrue, Unit 27, Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AF+44 20 70607299


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