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Revision, Editing, Proofreading Handout

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Revision, Editing, and ProofreadingIn this handout, youll learn about the differences between revision, editing, and proofreading. All three are an important part of looking back on your writing and trying to improve it. Remember that any revision you do will require editing, and any editing you do will require proofreading! Overall Goal Revision Improve the major problems of an essay like organization or the argument Re-think the writing situation: Who is my audience? What is my purpose? Write a new introduction or conclusion, change out examples or evidence, re-order your paragraphs Add, delete, or move large sections of text Editing Improve the minor problems of an essay like word choice or cutting repetition Look for places to clarify your thinking or make your paper flow better Use different wording, add transitions, use different punctuation, combine or break apart sentences, cut unnecessary words or parts of sentences Proofreading Recognize typos and other mistakes Look for places where you typed something incorrectly or where you did not follow a rule of grammar (either because you didnt know it or forgot it) Fix incomplete sentences, spelling or punctuation errors, and correctly format the citations of your essay

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V 1.1, adapted from University of Arizona Writing Center Handouts F. Kurtyka, Jan. 2011