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PROOFREADING AND EDITING PROOFREADING AND EDITING Seven hints to success! Seven hints to success!

Proofreading/Editing Tips

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A slide deck on editing and proofreading for Senior high school students. Can be useful in younger grades too.

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  • 1. PROOFREADING AND EDITING Seven hints to success!

2. What is the difference? 3. Proofreading Spelling Grammar Punctuation 4. Editing Something different Check your cohesion Hows my stats? Am I making sense? Can my sentences be better? 5. Tip 1 Give it a rest Walk away Come back refreshed 6. Tip 2 One problem at a time Spelling Grammar Punctuation 7. Tip 3 Double-check your evidence Statistics Proper Names Titles Quotes Dates 8. Tip 4 Hard copy Print it out Read it on paper We spend less time per word on word we read on the screen 9. Tip 5 Read it aloud What makes sense in our heads doesnt always make sense to our ears 10. Tip 6 Dont be afraid of the spellchecker Dont rely on one Theyre there dogs toys over there. A spellchecker wouldnt find an error in the above sentence 11. Tip 7 Get HELP!!! Ask someone to read over your work Be willing to listen Everyone needs a little help