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The importance of editing & proofreading

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  • 1.ManuscripteditScientific Publication:The importance of editing &

2. Objective To show how editing & proofreading can help achieve betterlanguage quality to make the manuscript consistent, logicaland meaningful and thus improve its communication &readability.This is an example text. Go ahead and replaceit To show how editing & proofreading can help achieve betterlanguage quality to make the manuscript consistent, logicaland meaningful and thus improve its communication &readability. To present opinions and suggestions to help you assess andimprove the quality of your manuscript.Your Logo 3. PUBLISHING A SCIENTIFIC PAPERPUBLISHING A SCIENTIFIC PAPERHOWDO I STA o Abstract ? W art e d I Keywords ? RT?st herw h at ? te toW? Write a paper ri Jdgfjgds fbebfhkjdhkh bhfkjf hfheh jlkeoiio hjfhfkklkehjjjgngu Style and hngbhhklghkhgfkhefh hkfhefhewhfhewofi Experimental ?Gkufehkjehfieofhlkfglef jlewjflkejwflkj Hfhelwukfhewiufywfoy format. wiyrwelfiuhewlifuhwefl iuwhoih;owhj oAPA,INTRODUCTION Bhgfiuewhfewh MLA ? ih khj kl hkjehhekjkwkkwkkwkj hhfrhhfrururjwjhjwv FiguresTables : which dataPie chart ?to put in tables ? Line graph? RESULTS & Points ? DISCUSSIONBar charts ?References?Your Logo 4. MANUSCRIPTEDIT.COM Scientists are rated by what they finish, not by what they attempt 5. WHY WRITE & PUBLISH RESEARCHPAPERS?Ideally to share research findings and discoveries with thehope of advancing knowledge. Practically to get fundingto get promotionto get a jobto retain a job! 6. Scientific Publication is a Team EffortJournal AuthorsReviewerYour Logo 7. Publication Process: From Author to Journal STARTCompletion of research Preparation of manuscript Submission of manuscriptAssignment and review Decision Rejection Revision Resubmission Re-review AcceptanceRejection Publication 8. Major reasons for rejection Confirmatory (not novel) Poor experimental design- Poor controls - Hypothesis not adequately tested Inappropriate for journal Poorly written (Improper ENGLISH) Other factors 9. Ten characteristics of a dull paper1.Avoid Focus2.Avoid originality and personality3.Make the article really really long4.Do not indicate any potential implications5.Leave out illustrations (too much effort to draw a sensibledrawing)6.Omit necessary steps of reasoning7.Use abbreviations and technical terms that only specialists in thefield can understand8.Make it sound too serious with no significant discussion9.Focus only on statistics10. Support every statement with a referenceSand-Jenson in Oikos 2007, 116 723 (C&E News Sept 10, 2007) 10. Author ResponsibilitiesPreparation and Submission of Manuscripts:General Rules: Ensure that the work is new and original research Ensure that all the authors listed on the manuscript are aware of submission and agree with content and support submission Authors agree that the manuscript can be examined by anonymous reviewers. Obtain copyright permission if figures, tables from other publications need to be reproduced Include proper affiliation 11. To do even better . The authors should make every effort to make a goodpresentation with proper usage of English grammar. English is not my Native Language is not a validjustification for reviewer who cannot comprehend. Reviewers do not wish to review papers that are notreadable. Badly written papers are often recommendedas REJECT by the Reviewers Some Publication office helps to edit the language foraccepted manuscripts, but this only happens if theEnglish is good enough to be reviewed. 12. Role of Editing in Enhancing Language QualityExampleNature and the Nature research journals copyedit (subedit) scientific research papers to Ensure that the journal reads in correct English Enhance the readers perception of the journalAttention to language quality will impact target audiencemore people will read it, cite it, it will receive more media coverage,and so on.SOURCE: 13. Attributes of Good Writing Structure and flow of writing Style of writing / ease of reading Support and evidence for points beingmade /thought and argument Relevance to the purpose of the writing Language, style, clarity, formatting Editing and proofing Proper referencing and bibliography 14. Grammar and spellingGrammar and spelling add to the image of a documentErrors in grammar and spelling suggest carelessness, or lack of professionalismGrammatical errors can cause confusion and slow the reader downGrammatical and spelling errors can (subconsciously) cause the reader to turn against you 15. CLARITY -Example Less Correct Less Correct More correctMore correct We have analyzed thisWe have analyzed this This process conforms to This process conforms to process exhaustively andprocess exhaustively andpublic procurement public procurement found, at the end of ourfound, at the end of our investigations, that the publicCompetitivelegislation. legislation.investigations, that the public procurement procedureprocurement procedure price involved with regard to theinvolved with regard to the efforts at procurement in thisefforts at procurement in this case are in line with currentcase are in line with current legislative requirements.legislative requirements. 16. EDITING & PROOFREADING EditingEditingProofreading Proofreading Structure Structure Logic Logic Spelling Spelling Flow Flow Grammar Grammar Look: formatting Look: formatting Mistakes Mistakes Style: jargon; familiar; Style: jargon; familiar; Repetition Repetition formal; professional?formal; professional? Final checks Final checks Necessity Necessity Revision control Revision control Inclusion/exclusion Inclusion/exclusion Overall presentation Overall presentation Hierarchy Hierarchy Objectives achieved? Objectives achieved? Sequential Sequential Any guidelines? Any guidelines? Language Language Distribution Distribution Numbering Numbering 17. Impact of Editing on Language Quality Author submits an uneditedAuthor submits an unedited Journal finds language Author gets manuscript edited Author gets manuscript editedExample manuscript to aajournalmanuscript to journal & resubmits it to the journal & resubmits it to the journal weak and suggests professional editing A. Unedited manuscriptA. Unedited manuscriptB. Professionally edited B. Professionally edited In this paper, an online toolIn this paper, an online toolmanuscriptmanuscriptwear estimation method, wear estimation method,In this paper, an online method, In this paper, an online method,based on feed motor based on feed motorbased on the feed motor current based on the feed motor currentcurrent signals issignals, has been proposed for signals, has been proposed for Output Output current signals isproposed. A special tool wear estimation during tool wear estimation duringhas has proposed. A specialattention has been done attention has been donemachining. AAspecial attention machining. special attentionhas been given on monitoringCorrect Correcton effect of work piece on effect of work piece has been given on monitoringclamping method onthe effect of work piece the effect of work piece grammar grammar clamping method onmeasured current measured current clamping method on current clamping method on currentsignals. ItIthas been shown thatFormal Formalsignals and it has shown signals and it has shownsignals. has been shown thatthat the signals vary bythe current signals vary as aa the current signals vary astone tone that the signals vary byrespecting to distance of respecting to distance offunction of the distance of function of the distance ofcutting force fromcutting force from clamping cutting force from clamping GoodGood cutting force fromclamping points.points. points.readability readability clamping points. 18. Impact of Editing on Language QualityExampleSentence is moreC. Published after proofreadingD. Published after editingconciseIn this work the possibility of obtainingThe possibility of obtaining rectilineara rectilinear motion of bodies partially motion of bodies without the use ofor totally submerged without using propellers, when partially or totallypropellers is evaluated. submerged, is evaluated . Better wordIn this study, we investigate the choice In this stureport a new technique forpossibility of measuring phosphate measuring phosphate groups ingroups in phostides by using a phospides uurier transform infraredmicroscopic Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR), and assessspectrometer (FT-IR) and assesswhether this technique is easier andwhether this technique is easier and faster than using established methodsfaster thanusing established methods.No proofreading errorsTechnical No proofreading errorsReadability is lowoversightcorrected Improved readability 19. Impact of Editing on Language QualityGood editing ensures Good editing depends onCorrect English(1) Skills and expertise of the professional No grammar and punctuation errorseditor (which depends on the authors No spelling errorsability to select a good editor) No word/phrase choice errors (2) The process and tools the editor uses toBetter Readability ensure that there are no oversights and the Native Englishcorrect style is followed Crisp, formal toneand consistent style Elimination of(3) Quality of the original manuscriptambiguity(which depends on the author/translatorsor poor logic English skills) 20. A Suggested Approach before sending tojournals What to do How to do it1. Refer to author instructions/guidelines of reputedsure you have followed all the requirements Step1of the journal about electronic submission journals.etc 2. Get it edited by your colleagues or avail the services of an editing professional.3. Create a template for manuscript submission.Make sure to get your manuscript edited byprofessional editors . Listen to what they1. Make a judicious selection of professional Step 2 say, especially if same criticism comes up editors.several 2. Keep a ready list of these editors in yourtimes. website.3. Ask for a sample editing .Review the edited manuscript and check itfor consistency in language quality, style, Step 3 tone, and format. 1. Build an in-house review team, or2. Collaborate with professional editorsEnsure that the editing is made contextually,i.e. the meaning of the sentences do not getchanged after editing. 21. Summary Editing enhances the quality of a manuscript by correctingerrors in English and improving readability. Improperly written manuscript is often neglected by thereviewers. Availing the services of professional editors and proofreaderswill help in greatly improving the quality of communication andproducing an error free professional manuscript written in clearand concise English . 22. To avail 23. THANK YOU