Igniting the Love of Reading

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Presentation with Teri Lesesne at CTWP/CTCTE in Round Rock, TX on June 11, 2013.

Text of Igniting the Love of Reading


2. Have questions orcomments during thepresentation?Please visithttp://todaysmeet.com/ctcteand join the conversation. 3. APPSGet out your Smartphone or Tablet and jointhe fun. 4. Yapp 5. DOWNLOAD THE APPWe have created an app for this presentation. Itincludes our contact information, covers of all thebooks, Twitter feeds for both Dr. Lesesne and Dr.Perry, plus the hashtag for #titletalk, and a section foryou to upload your pics of your favorite books or yourday at the conference.Visit this link from our Smartphone and follow thedirections to download the app.http://my.yapp.us/9C3UQJOr Scan this QR Code 6. Dr. Teri Lesesne 7. Dr. Karin PerrySidekick and author ofAudioTalk in VOYA. (Audiotalk reviews andrecommendations.) 8. TURN AND TALKShare your favorite book(s) from yourchildhood with your neighbors. 9. COMMUNITY OF READERSReal Readers (not school time but life long): Have no trouble coming up with titles Share eagerly Appreciate hearing about other books andothers books YOURE HERE ON JUNE 11th TO LEARNABOUT NEW BOOKS. 10. Our communities 11. Importance of reading for pleasure TEACHERS STUDENTS Promoting books NONFICTION Content areas Ladders in content areas Narrative nonfiction vs. informational literature BREAK FICTION APPS Final share out of TBR books from presentationTOPICS FOR DISCUSSION TODAY 12. Reading for pleasure Good for teachers AND for students 13. Benefits of reading for pleasureTeachers Relaxation Gain knowledge of texts,forms, formats Create new communities Forge new connectionswithin brain Your thoughts?Students 14. PROMOTING READING 15. How Do You PromoteBooks?BooktalksSharing what you are readingwith students.Book Clubs.Reading AloudAuthor VisitsDisplaysPA Announcements (Commercials) 16. THAT OTHER STUFFNonfiction 17. EXPLORING CONTENT AREASSocial studies 18. Edmodo 19. Subtext 20. LADDERING NONFICTION 21. Nonfiction ReadingLadderHistoricalHorizontal 22. American Revolution 23. US Civil War 24. WW I 25. WW II 26. 1950s and 60s 27. 1960s 28. 70s and 80s 29. Features of this ladder Different genres Biographies Informational books Different formats GNs Picture books Chapter books Novels poetry 30. Whats the diff?Informational text Information presented inlogical order(chronological,sequential, big idea-smalldetails) Includes visuals (photos,charts, maps, graphs, etc.)Narrative nonfiction Uses techniques of fictionwriting (characterdevelopment, pacing ,plot) Tells a story May include visuals 31. NARRATIVE NONFICTION 32. Vyclone 33. INFORMATIONAL TEXT 34. Vine 35. 8 ways you can useVine to enhance yourreading instruction: 36. 1. Use Vine videos to teach your students about inference. You canfilm a few shots of something (like I have done below) and then let thestudents discuss what they think is going on in the video, or whatcaused the scene. (LINK)2. Use Vine to make in-class projects more entertaining by havingstudents create and upload their own videos relating to lesson material.3. Have students re-create scenes from books they are reading usingVine to showcase their interpretation of the story.4. Get students excited about an upcoming unit by using Vine to createa unit preview.ALL 8 ideas can be found at:http://www.readinghorizons.com/blog/8-ways-to-use-vine-for-reading-instruction-in-classroom 37. FICTION 38. Snapguide 39. Quipio 40. Question inresponse toreadingTUMBLE &FALL byAlexandraCoutts. 41. Question inresponse toreading GATEDby AmyChristineParker. 42. Quipio Story Feature 43. ComicBook 44. BobbleShop 45. Foldify 46. Haiku Deck 47. Flowboard 48. LiveBinders 49. Shakespeare in Bits 50. Meanwhile 51. FINALLYTurn and talk.Tell the person closest to you 1 book that youadded to your TBR pile today.