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How to prepare effective powerful presentations

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  • 1.Effective powerful presentation Prof. Dr. Saad S Al Ani Senior Pediatric Consultant Head of Pediatric Department Khorfakkan Hospital Sharjah ,UAE saadsalani@aol.com

2. Page 2 https://philpresents.wordpress.com 3. Page 3 https://philpresents.wordpress.com 4. People who know what theyre talking about dont need Powerpoint Steve Jobs 1955-2011 Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple and formerly Pixar Page 4 5. PowerPoint is the best tool out there for making a quick and easy visual presentation to accompany your talk. Wendy Russell An experienced teacher specializing in live communications and graphics design A member of the Ontario College of Teachers Page 5 6. A good set of slides wont magically make your talk great. But a great talk is badly hurt by bad slides Zach Holman Joined GitHub in 2010 as one of their first engineering hires Page 6 7. 1. Start planning your presentation on paper Start planning your presentation on paper rather than PowerPoint. It helps with creativity. Page 7 Mary Langan www.nuatraining.co.uk 8. 2. Avoid written bullet points on slides Page 8 The problem with Bullet points People will start reading from top www.taodyne.com Wont listen while you talk about the first items http://blog.hengage.com/ 9. 2. Avoid written bullet points on slides (cont.) Page 9 Then they already know whats coming So they wont listen for the rest either www.taodyne.com The problem with Bullet points (cont.) http://blog.hengage.com/ 10. 2. Avoid written bullet points on slides (cont.) Using pictures or demonstrative pieces that capture the idea you are trying to get across Page 10 Steve Jobs http://www.alpha-mos.com/alpha-mos 11. 3. Make your ideas stick Page 11 www.sketchplanations.com 12. 4. If you make a mistake in presenting, dont panic Acknowledge it, laugh and move on. Page 12 http://www.speakingaboutpresenting.com/design/presentation-images-mistakes/ 13. 5. Include the audience Ask questions to allow them to participate. Page 13 http://bestpresentationsoftwares.wordpress.com/ 14. 6. Bring the audience forward Page 14 http://www.virtualspeechcoach.com/tag/audience-engagement 15. 7. If possible, make everybody turn OFF their electronic devices Page 15 www.flickriver.com 16. 8. Remain flexible Dont be totally tied to your presentation. Be able to assess where your participants are Modify your presentation to meet their needs and the time Page 16 http://technorati.com/business/small-business/article/how-to- remain-flexible-and-exude/ Sue Fiedler 17. 9. Let the audience direct the content and order of your presentation Page 17 http://community.openspending.org/research/handbook/framing 18. 10. Lean forward to make a point A wee step or slight lean forward on a positive point, and vice versa Otherwise stepping back during pauses, then slightly forward again. Page 18 http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadpres.html 19. 11. Dont read your slides Paraphrase it keeps people on their toes. Page 19 www.doodleslide.com www.buildyourstartup.co 20. 12. Dont try to say everything on screen Page 20 Just use Short Punchy bullet points Relevant , Thought-Provoking Imagery www.dreamstime.com 21. Relevant, Thought-Provoking Imagery Page 21 http://www.marcandangel.com 22. Audience will be focused on you and what youre saying Page 22 http://socialmediatoday.com 23. 13. Try not to prove it within your slide content Just say that. Your audience will typically believe you Page 23 www.sisodia.in 24. 14. Try to make one key point per slide Page 24 http://www.m4bmarketing.com If your slide makes no point at all delete it 25. 15. Set your stall out early Page 25 What you are going to cover? Audience appreciation Keep referring back to initial agenda 26. 16. Consider getting outside help Page 26 www.article10.com stuffyoualreadyknow.com Professional writer or presentation expert Totally new perspective on your presentation 27. 17. Engage the audience at the start Page 27 www.sgsolutionsllc.com Tell a story; challenge with a question 28. 18. Use examples and personal anecdotes to add credibility Page 28 melissagalt.com 29. 19. Involve the audience Use PowerPoint only where it will add value. Use audio/visuals Page 29 www.presentationteam.com 30. 20. Know your audience Page 30 www.readytalk.com 31. 21. Be positive Page 31 www.personalitytutor.com Projection is perception www.deeptrancenow.com 32. 23. Keep it short Say everything that needs to be said in as few words as possible Page 32 listcrux.com 33. 24. Turn off the projector The presentation slide is desperately trying to steal your thunder and reducing your role to that of a voice over. Use a blank screen to re-keep all eyes on you. Page 33 h10025.www1.hp.com 34. 25. You need to be yourself Page 34 www.imgion.com 35. 26. Dont spend too long worrying about voice and hand gestures These can make a difference, but there are other changes to your overall presentation you can make that will have a much bigger impact. Page 35 Jessica Pyne www.dailymail.co.uk 36. 27. Practise, practise, practise If you dont practise, the first time you deliver your presentation out loud will be in front of a room full of people Page 36 Jessica Pyne of M62 37. 28. Vary your pace and pitch Vary your pace and pitch. Too much of any one thing is boring Page 37 Richard Mulholland blogs.warwick.ac.uk 38. 29. Use a mirror Page 38 http://blog.aavaz.biz 39. 30. Think about your audience, not about you or your stuff Page 39 PRESENTability.com www.sjhemleymarketing.com Answer the question of the attendees: whats in it for me? 40. 31. Slides dont make good handouts Even good slides will have very little meaning without you Slides are to support the message, not the presenter. Page 40 Phil Waknell dustinmaherfitness.com 41. 31. Slides dont make good handouts (cont.) Yet without handouts most of your message is likely to be forgotten sooner or later So use handouts wisely Page 41 Phil Waknell http://www.911gasfacts.info/flyers--handouts.html 42. Summary Page 42 43. Page 43 https://philpresents.wordpress.com/2011/03/ 44. Page 44 45. Understand your audience http://rowanshead.com Page 45 46. List your key points http://winatklout.com Page 46 47. Keep it simple cobaltpm.com Page 47 48. Design Page 48 http://www.dokisoft.com/tips-to-choose-the-best-web-designing-services/ 49. No distracting backgrounds archive.learnhigher.ac.uk Page 49 50. Use short , memorable text Page 50 play.google.com 51. No bullet points or lists www.wikihow.com Page 51 52. Nothing smaller than 30 points text Page 52 www8.georgetown.edu 53. Use striking bold imagery Page 53 http://advantagedistribution.wordpress.com/ 54. No animated transitions or sound effects Page 54 http://philpresents.wordpress.com 55. Above all tell a story Page 55 56. Page 56 www.activeendurance.com Emotional connection Audience Recite information alone 57. Understand the technical stuff Page 57 http://asharmaschooltool.blogspot.com 58. Make it about audience not you Page 58 http://www.presentationmagazine.com 59. Stay active ,Dont be motionless Page 59 www.editaword.com 60. Dont read from your slide Page 60 www.articulate.com 61. Believe in your material Page 61 www.presentationzen.com 62. The Rule of Three Page 62 People will only remember three things from your presentation northamerica.mslgroup.com 63. Page 63 In Presentations Less is More The Rule of Three (cont.) www.smbtraining.com http://retireforlessincostarica.com 64. The Rule of Three (cont.) Page 64 Use lists of three wherever you can in your presentation Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears William Shakespeare Our priorities are Education, Education, Education Tony Blair 65. The Rule of Three (cont.) Page 65 There are three parts to your presentation http://naimalett.com abc.go.com www.clipartof.com 66. Page 66 https://philpresents.wordpress.com/category/best-practices Your presentation 67. Page 67 www.cogent-design.com 68. References https://www.inverhills.edu/StudentSuccessDay/pdfs/TheGoodBadandUgly PowerPointBasics.pdf http://faculty.salisbury.edu/~dlprice/SU%20Lab%20Page/Seminar%20418/Present ations%20Pitfalls.pdf http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/powerpoint101/a/good_bad_ugly.htm https://www.inverhills.edu/StudentSuccessDay/pdfs/TheGoodBadandUglyPowerPo intBasics.pdf http://faculty.salisbury.edu/~dlprice/SU%20Lab%20Page/Seminar%20418/Present ations%20Pitfalls.pdf https://philpresents.wordpress.com/category/best-practices www.cogent-design.com Page 68 69. Thank You Page 69