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  • 1. By: Kendall McLucas

2. Before starting your presentation there are afew things you will want to do. Think about your main idea and what you want to talk about. Do research on your main idea. Make an outline. 3. Write a first draft, write what you want to saywithout stopping. Create a more detailed second draft withopener, body, and closer sections. Come up with a 15 word summary so youhave a small set of words to describe yourmain idea. 4. While making your presentation there are a fewthings you will want to keep in mind. Be consistent- Keep a basic outline without being monotone. Dont over do special effect. 10-20-30 Rule- 10 slides, 20 minute presentation, no less then 30 point font. Dont write full sentences. Write segments, you can go in more detail while giving your presentation. 5. Keep eye contact and dont read your slides.-Make sure you look at the audience and notyour presentation. Keep eye contact withthem and make sure you are not readingword for word. Your visual aid is just supposeto be an outline for the audience to followalong. Keep it interesting. Add a few short storiesto keep the audience attention. Slow down.- Dont speak to fast, keep calm. 6. Leave time for a Q&A. You dont want peopleto leave not understanding something. Makesure you are able to answer everyonesquestions. 7. I found a website with 18 tips for giving apowerful presentation:http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/18-tips-for-killer-presentations.html 8. Duffy, Judy and Jean B. McDonald. "ChapterTwo." Teaching and learning with technology.Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2003. 24-43. Print. Young, Scott H. "18 Tips for Killer Presentations."18 Tips for Killer Presentations. N.p., 23 Aug.2011. Web. 07 June2012.. Jukes, Ian. Bringing Down the House: Creating Sensational Knock-Your- Socks Off Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power and Pizzazz. N.p.: InfoSavvy Group, 2005. Print.