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Working with Southend Borough Council. Papworth Trust – some facts Papworth Trust was founded as a centre for Tuberculosis in 1917 We opened Papworth

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Text of Working with Southend Borough Council. Papworth Trust – some facts Papworth Trust was founded...

Quarterly Business Reviews

Working with Southend Borough Council

04/12/2014 Page 1Papworth Trust some facts

Papworth Trust was founded as a centre for Tuberculosis in 1917We opened Papworth Hospital in 1930 and handed it to the NHS in 1954.In 2000 the Trust started to develop community based services.The charity now helps around 39,000 disabled and vulnerable people a year with its many services and has over 600 staff working in 40 operational areas.We provide Home Improvement Agency services in 22 local authority areas.In the last 12 months we have helped over 1535 people with home adaptations delivering work to a value of over 4.2mOur Southend Agency

We are set up to ensure residents can maintain their properties with independence, value for money and peace of mind.

We do this by offering the following services:Supporting clients to obtain grants and loans including the Disabled Facilities Grant.Provide clients with assistance to claim additional benefits.Provide advice, information and guidance on disability and housing related issues.Provide clients with Handyperson and Gardening Services within their home.Disabled Facilities GrantsThey are payable for the provision of facilities or adaptations for disabled persons in dwellings, or common parts of a building containing flats.There is a limit to the money available and all applicants are subject to a means test.The Council/Papworth must always ensure the grant funding is used efficiently and fairly.The least disruptive and most cost effective adaptation must be provided to meet the clinical need.Adaptations will be designed to fit in with the existing structure of the home.

What works are eligible for DFG?Facilitating access to and from a dwellingAccess to or providing a room where there is a lavatory or washing facilities.Access to or providing a room used for sleeping.The preparation and cooking of food.Improvement of the heating system.Ensuring the dwelling is safeFacilitating access to the principle family room,

What works are eligible for DFG?The relevant works must be necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the disabled occupant.

It must be reasonable and practicable to carry out the works having regard to the age and condition of the premises.

Who is eligible for DFG?Persons whose sight, hearing or speech is substantially impaired.Have a mental disorder or impairment of any kind.Are physically and substantially disabled by illness, injury, impairment present since birth or otherwise.Aged 18 or overUnder 18 registered in a register of Disabled Children.An owner-occupier or tenant

The Grant ConditionsGrants up to 5,000 are not repayable.Grants for an amount exceeding 5,000 to an owner occupied property will have a repayment condition of up to 10,000 where the property is disposed of or sold within 10 years.Grant amounts between 5,000 and 15,000 on owner occupied properties are therefore potentially repayable.Grant amounts between 15,000 and 30,000 are not repayable.Grant amounts on tenanted properties are not repayable.Upon disposal of the property a property owner (or solicitor) must inform the Councils Grant Support Officer of the completion date and the amount owing will be calculated.

The 30,000 plus loanThe Council may fund the amount in excess of 30,000 as an interest free but fully repayable loan.Prior to the grant approval applicants must first sign a legal agreement so that a charge on the property can be lodged with Land Registry.The charge stands indefinitely and will always be repayable upon disposal/transfer or sale of the property.

To concludeWe provide a range of services aimed at keeping older and vulnerable people more independent within their homes, we offer this to all home owners and privately renting clients in the Borough.We administer the DFG on behalf of Southend Council providing eligible clients with support through the process.Any questions?

Thank you for listening

Carol Smith Agency Manager

[email protected]