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Rose Papworth Charlie Papworth Hull College

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Higher Education Learning Portfolio for Placements HELPP. Rose Papworth Charlie Papworth Hull College . Hull College JISC Project - HELPP. JISC e-learning capital programme HE in FE strand Elgg (We also use Moodle at Hull) Today we will - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Rose Papworth Charlie Papworth Hull College

  • Rose PapworthCharlie PapworthHull College Higher EducationLearning Portfolio for PlacementsHELPP

  • Hull College JISC Project - HELPPJISC e-learning capital programmeHE in FE strandElgg (We also use Moodle at Hull)

    Today we willGive you a brief overview of background/rationaleUse so far, after a year, and what weve foundWork-based learningWhat were doing nowWork-based learning / personal development planning (PDP) e-portfolioSome issues with Elgg!

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-Project2006 / 2007Foundation Degree Software Design and Development (full-time)One-day-a-week work placementsRegular, but infrequent tutor visits

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectIssues:

    Limited support/feedback for students and mentorsHard to keep track of project progressPersonal Development PlanningStandard documents = choreBlogs can = diaries rather than reflectionNon-traditional students

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectProject rationale - use an online environment to:

    Facilitate tripartite conversation between learner, employer and tutor Increase support for all parties via online provisionProvide an online placement contract to keep track of progressDevelop personal reflection via blogs and mentor/tutor comments (PDP)social constructivist perspectiveUse an e-portfolio to facilitate widening participation via personalisation

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectElgg environment free-to-use, open source:

    Individual and community blogs with commentsFlexible e-portfolio spaceAccess controls important for sensitive developmentsOpen source to develop an online work placement contractGood feedback on Elgg usability

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectElgg environment online placement contract:

    Check boxes to sign off progress by each party

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectElgg environment in use:11 second year students as focus groupWork placement projectAt least 12 blog entries during placement (weekly)Entries not gradedEmployers and tutors read posts and commented - students responded via commentsE-portfolio space used to share documents as required rather than assessment

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectEncouraging reflection via comments:

    Probing questions to facilitate reflection

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectConclusion - evaluation of use:

    Most students posted regularlyHarder to get employers to commentStudents enjoyed using blogs as more immediate and aided reflection better than standard PDP documentsE-portfolio helped share documentsOutcomes and progress more easily monitoredEnabled better communication and support

  • HEA ICSHE in FE Mini-ProjectFor the future!:Students indicated that employers needed reminding to comment and that the quality of employer comments variedBetter mentor training on the use of comments to aid reflectionLed to the JISC-funded projectUsing Elgg in a similar manner with other subjects at Hull College

  • JISC Project - HELPPHow were using Elgg this semester:Work-based learning for first year FDsPart-time FD Business Information Technology - distance unitFull-time FD Software Design and Development face-to-faceUse of community to seek help / store tasksSmall tasks build into assessmentBlogs enable sharing of knowledge via compulsory commentsUse of blogs and e-portfolio for assessment

  • JISC Project - HELPPHow were using Elgg this semester:Personal and Professional DevelopmentThird year BSc ComputingReflection assessed via blog entriesEnhanced via commentsUse of Elgg presentations to evidence individual contributionsFirst year FD Business and ManagementFour blog entries for reflection enhanced via commentsInduction/training materials developed

  • JISC Project - HELPPHow were using Elgg this semester:Blogs and e-portfolio work must be chosen for assessmentSome private entries may not want to be usedInteroperability issuesDownload system developedFiles chosen, zip file createdWhen unzipped, an HTML-based interface to view files is createdStill being tested!

  • JISC Project - HELPPHow were using Elgg next semester:HE Research GroupDocument active research via blogsCreate a community for information and supportTeacher EducationEE mentioned a need for innovative use of technologyWants to use blogs for reflectionHealth and Social CareHas a module on reflective practiceWants to use blogs and commentsArt and DesignWould like to be able to choose themes for the downloadWould like to be able to showcase student work

  • JISC Project - HELPPElgg issues:GoogleCollege log in pulls full name into Elgg profileCan be searched on in GoogleThe link takes you to the profile page where name and photo can be seenAn issue for identification purposesStopped Google indexing Elgg pagesSystem only pulls first name into profilePrevented non-logged-in users from seeing photo

  • JISC Project - HELPPElgg issues:After this, more issues!Cannot search for a friend who has a name of three or less charactersNeed to change name!

  • JISC Project - HELPPElgg use:Communities important for tutors to organise classesCommunities also help students limit accessAccess controls on profile and assessed work important to explainStudents who already use social software (e.g. MySpace, Facebook) pick up Elgg easilyHowever, some get very confused between community and personal file storage

  • Hull College JISC Project HELPPFurther information:

    HEA page:

    JISC page:

    JISC Project web site:

    Thanks for having us!