Wiki 101 Wiki Web Pages for Collaborative Learning.

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<p>Wiki 101</p> <p>Wiki 101Wiki Web Pages for Collaborative LearningAsk class to have their laptops open to the internet for access when necessary1What is a Wiki pageA wiki is a website that uses wiki software, allowing the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages. Students and teachers are able to interact with each other and with students around the world to solve problems and work collaboratively.</p> <p>2What are the Benefits?Safe and preselected weblinksGroup collaboration and file exchangeA platform for final presentationsMultiple disciplinary learning24/7 accessibilityCritical thinkingEasy to use</p> <p>3Changes in TeachingTeachers become facilitators, guiding rather than lecturingLinks to specific content are preselected and proven safe and relativeTeachers can track progress and conduct assessment at the end of projectsProjects can include global interaction with peers, experts and other audiencesUtilization of current technologies</p> <p>4Changes in LearningStudents learn to work in teams and share information and technology skillsStudents incorporate subject matter outside of class curriculum that coincides with grade-level learningStudents learn how to outline, research and develop content for 21st Century SkillsMastery and retention of materialTransference of learningPromotes creativity</p> <p>Example of a Wiki ProjectIn Perth Amboy High School, NJ, students collected and conducted tests on water samples for the Raritan Watershed project. They compiled data electronically and exchanged information with other schools online. Results were discussed on wikis, and multimedia presentations were prepared to illustrate results and conclusions. Before this program was implemented, none of the students received a score of three or higher on the AP Environmental Science exam. After implementation, 30-40% of the students have received a score of three or better. </p> <p></p> <p>Using Wikis in the Classroom;feature=related</p> <p>Have your internet open to YouTube and copy link for short presentation on smartboard.;feature=related</p> <p>7Getting StartedGo to www.wikispaces.comCreate an account by clicking sign in</p> <p>Tell students to access their laptops and enter the provided link8Create an AccountSelect Create a new Wikispaces account</p> <p>Have students create an account9Creating Your First Page</p> <p>Select Create a new Wikispaces accountCreate new wiki page by filling in boxes where indicatedHave students create a page10Linking from HomepageYour first page will be you home page where you can create and access all created pages. The left column is always visible for linking between pages and organization of projects.</p> <p>Inform students that they can customize their page at a later date due to limited time11Wiki Component ExamplesCreate an open-ended question that will begin exploratory learning of a specific topicSupply a hotlist of resources to access safe websites that relate to the topicSupply link to a rubric to guide students of expectationsProvide an assessment sheet to evaluate and communicate learned skillsProvide link to email for questions and concerns</p> <p>Add other ideas if time allows12Evaluating Student LearningUse rubric to evaluate understanding of contentAccess student presentation online and have students present to the classAllow for questions and answers for further evaluation of understanding</p> <p>Questions and Answers Are you comfortable with developing a Wiki page? Is it too complicated?How can you incorporate a Wiki into a project in your class? .How can this type of project enhance student learningHow do you see this type of project successfully teaching multiple disciplines? What type of disciplines?What questions do you have about Wiki development?</p> <p>Discuss Q and A and send questions via email after session for documented feedback14Make a DifferenceThe illiterate of the 21st century will not be those that connot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.</p> <p>Alvin TofflerAmerian Writer and Futurist</p>