Collaborative Learning in Finance and Investment using Wiki

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Collaborative Learning in Finance and Investment using Wiki. Osama S M Khan 5 th Annual European Real Estate Society Education Seminar Vienna University of Technology Vienna, Austria 4 5 December 2009. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Collaborative Learning in Financeand Investment using WikiOsama S M Khan5th Annual European Real Estate Society Education SeminarVienna University of TechnologyVienna, Austria4 5 December 2009

  • BackgroundUndergraduate Level 3 (final year) optional module in Finance and Investment that requires rigour and intellectual challenge

    Participants tend to be reluctant in group work besides being bored by traditional essay/project writing

    Module contents are predominantly designed by lecturers with minimum enquiry-led intervention to encourage curiosity among participants

    Lack of assessments involving experiential learning in the curriculum

    Lack of professional and transferrable skills integration in the module even at level 3

  • Consultation Groups

  • Academics in Finance & InvestmentRigorous technical training with practical implications

    Awareness of recent and relevant research literatures

    Awareness of current economic and financial climate

    Integrated employability agenda: transferable skills, professional aptitude etc.

  • Education ExpertsEnquiry based learning

    Collaboration and peer review

    Interactive and participatory learning

    Higher order cognitive learning

  • Technology ExpertsUse of ULearn: existing virtual learning environment

    Use of blogs and discussion forums

    Use of digital media

    Use of Wiki

  • EmployersTechnically knowledgeable and numerate

    Ability to process large amount of information in relatively short period of time: assessment, sorting, screening, evaluation, analysis etc.

    Excellent team worker with collaborative approach, team building and leadership

    Time management skills

    Creative problem solving capacity: adaptability, open-mindedness etc.

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  • Wiki-based SolutionAn assessment trial with 20 students in 2008 2009 academic year

    5 groups with 4 members each had to complete three projects involving real life data by using dedicated Wiki space

    Each of the project was time-bound

    Groups were provided with real life data, other relevant information, and basic training on how to use a Wiki

  • Wiki-based ProjectsConstructing efficient frontiers (optimized portfolios) using diversified assets including real estate investment e.g. REITs

    Valuation of UK Gilt-edged securities using the UK Debt Management Office formulas for appropriate yield calculation in real estate valuation

    Analysis of pre-budget report to identify budgetary impact on small and medium sized firms with regards to real estate investment

  • Wiki-Based Assessment: An Example

    Group Name: Task Masters

  • Our group worked very efficiently on the Wiki, we managed a lot of work in such a little time

    Very intensive assignments and tiring. We learnt by exploring ideas and concepts using information and data. Wiki space was Wicked really liked it!

    The wiki was not very easy to get on some more training was needed liked the fact that we can incorporate anything in our assignment like digital stuff

    Wiki way to go really liked the collaborative assignments although too much work for one module Participants Feedback

  • Wiki-based Collaborative AssessmentsNotable OutcomesParticipants need to have appropriate training in how to use a Wiki

    Assignments needs to be well planned based on real life data and information

    Participants need to be encouraged to be creative and analytical

    Too many or too long assessments may spoil the charm although semester long continuous work can be set

    Lecturers need to facilitate Enquiry Based Learning (EBL)

    We have adopted use of Wiki for all participants in this module from this academic year (2009 2010) for their group project

  • Wiki in Academia and IndustryCase Studies at

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