Who Killed J.F.K. ?

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Who Killed J.F.K. ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Who Killed J.F.K. ?

Who Killed J.F.K. ?November22, 1963 The life of John F. Kennedy was taken many people have there beliefs in who killed J.F.K., but from my perspective I feel J.F.K. was doing to much for the stability in our government and for the individuals in the country and someone in the government got unhappy with the decisions J.F.K. made and wanted to take the poor mans life so a change that would unify the world would not take place and so equality wouldnt affect our government with the big dispute of power and the financial stand point of the U.S. With this stated I feel that THE GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY FOR JOHN F. KENNEDYS DEATH!!!WebsitesHere are the 5 websites I used in my investigation in my thoughts of the government being the killer of John F. Kennedy.www.whokilledjfk.nethttp://en.wikipedia.orgwww.conspiracybomb.comwww.jfklibrary.orghttp://www.maryferrell.org

My Proof Behind My Opinion.Ive read several passages about all the change in the government and the forth coming of a stop to segregation and feel that the government was to secure about all the things going on with the new changes J.F.K. brought about. The government didnt fully back J.F.KS decision in making the changes of giving blacks freedom and individuality. A secret society known as the Illuminati had ties to J.F.K. , known for there dislikes of blacks the illuminati became furious of J.F.K.s Decision making. The illuminati ordered the government who also had ties with the illuminati due to the secrecy of the government, to take J.F.K. out. The consequences of not doing so would bring out the government as being a part of the illuminati and would cause havoc in the united States. The government did not want any part of this and assassinated the president in which changed the world and set free blacks. The illuminati is still a part of the world today and still works there secrecy behind closed doors, but is now open to blacks which is a cover up for the deaths of several other lives.