Who Killed Mrs. Godfrey?

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Who Killed Mrs. Godfrey?. ENG4C Unit One Summative Assignment. The Scenario. On the morning of Tuesday, September 24 th , the body of Roland Michener Secondary School teacher, Mrs. Cailin Godfrey, was found in room 207 at Roland Michener Secondary School. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Who Killed Mrs. Godfrey?

Who Killed Mrs. Godfrey?ENG4C Unit One Summative Assignment

The ScenarioOn the morning of Tuesday, September 24th, the body of Roland Michener Secondary School teacher, Mrs. Cailin Godfrey, was found in room 207 at Roland Michener Secondary School. The body was found by 1st shift custodian Ms. Yvonne Bernatchez at approximately 6:00 am, the morning of Tuesday, September 24th, 2013. Due to the physical signs of rigor mortis, the special forensics team places the time of death within the last 12 hours. Crime Scene Detectives could not arrive on the scene until approximately 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 24th where the scene had remained untouched (minus the body of the victim which had already been taken to the coroner for an autopsy and toxicology report).

The Crime Scene - SKETCH

Notes taken from the room 207Blood-type evidence collected and ruled inconclusive as blood-typing is not an accurate substitution for DNA.Footprints appear to be from the 207 teacher, Mrs. Olaveson, and are deemed irrelevant.Finger prints are random - . Fiber seems consistent with green jersey. Send for testingTwo weapons used:Volleyball roster seems suspiciousLove letter from a J. Toby prime suspect must be found and interviewed.Compile list of suspects and interviewC. Godfreys ghostly testimony

Questions to Ponder (???)Crime Scene doesnt add up! No prints/blood evidence from the same person on all essential evidence. Need to talk to C. Olaveson about the classroom prior to murder.

Room locked who has keys? Janis, Chris, John

Murder weapon(s) moved from where they were used

Two people? Connections?

Obvious love letter? Volleyball Roster? Minor signs of struggle inconsistent with crime scene. Planted???

MOTIVE???? Need to interview Tobys!INTERVIEWSC. Olaveson:

Electrical Cord was in the file cabinet prior to the murderShot put was on top of the counter behind the computer deskThe garbage belongs to the room should have been emptied by custodianThe door is always locked would need keys to get in/outAll other items seemed consistent

INTERVIEWS ContinuedJ. Donovan1friends with the victim.2consistent alibi3unlikely to commit murder over unpaid volleyball position

L. Callegari1volleyball player/former student2failed class3no keys no keys reported stolen4happy with victim as coachInterviews ContinuedC. Clark1no alibi2scorned lover time frame is unusual (10+ years)3no knowledge of love letter

L. Toby1has two kids2no keys for 2073knew of affair/believed it to be over4admitted to writing the love letter to see if husbands affair was really over.PRIME SUSPECT!

J. Toby

DOPED Thinks C. Godfrey was trying to end the relationship. Cared for her very muchO Has keys, knows the classroom, inconsistent alibiP Lies!!! Aggressive personality. Cheating on his wife with two kids. Drinking problem.E fibers found on victims body. Letter was stolen from L. Tobys home. ChronologyC. Godfrey was working in 207 late Monday evening.In a drunken stupor, J. Toby drove to the school to confront her about their relationship.C. Godfrey, excited to see him, welcomed him cheerily.J. Toby verbally attacked C. Godfrey claiming she was ending their relationship.C. Godfrey exclaimed no I didntJ. Toby grabbed C. Godfrey and pushed her.The chair she was sitting on tipped over, causing her to fall backwards and hit her head on the shot put on the counter.While unconscious, J. Toby retrieved the extension cord from the file cabinet drawer and strangled C. Godfrey to finish the job.J. Toby then manipulated the crime scene by dumping out the volleyball roster, planting the love letter, hiding the murder weapons, and leaving the scene of the crime.


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