Who Really Killed Christ?

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Hint: It wasn't the Jews!


  • 1. WhoReallyKilled Christ? Judaism and Christianity

2. Meet Plato : 3. Who Taught Aristotle 4. Who Taught Alexander The Great 5. Who Conquered Much of The Known World. 6. Alexander Had a Problem 7. Some Would Never Bow to The Gods of Greece 8. Which Meant They Would Never Bow to Him! 9. ButHe Could Teach Them Greek Architecture 10. And Math 11. And Philosophy 12. But, Not Everyone Wantedto Listen

  • Especially The Jews

13. Who Actually Held Back the Greeks for a Time 14. See, The Greeks Believed :

  • That the Heavens were made from Ether and there was no Physical Matter in the Eternities.
  • That God was a result of the combination of all of the ether in the universe and not a specific individual.
  • That Ether was a mystery and could not be understood by the finite mind.

15. And This is What Upset the Jewswho believed

  • God had a Physical Body.
  • They would have a Physical Body in the Resurrection that was made of perfected matter.
  • That God could reveal Himself through Revelation and Prophets and could be understood by man.

16. Rome Took Over Where Greece Left Off 17. With the Same Greek Culture: 18. And The Same Greek Philosophy : 19. Which had Almost Destroyed Judaism! 20. And Now Threatened Christianity! 21. The Pharisees and Sadducees WereNotJews! 22. They Were Hellenized Jews! 23. Jesus Taught

  • A Physical God.
  • A Physical Resurrection.
  • A Physical After-life.

24. So Guess WhoReallyDrove the Nails 25. It Sure Wasnt Judaism

  • Physical God.
  • Physical After-life.
  • Physical Resurrection.
  • Revelation and Prophets.
  • Miracles and Faith
  • Messiah Would Come

26. In Fact

  • You Could argue that the True Followers of Christ were really Reformed Jews fighting against Aristotle and Plato!

27. Not Moses or Christ ! 28. Jesus Did Say

  • My Kingdom is Not of This World. If My Kingdom Were of This WorldThen Would My Servants Fight.


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