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Laura Klein Principal, Users Know laura@usersknow.com @ lauraklein. What Users Want. Combining Qualitative Research, Quantitative Analytics, and Vision to Create Great Products. What is Quantitative Data?. Information that can be expressed statistically about your customers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Users WantCombining Qualitative Research, Quantitative Analytics, and Vision to Create Great ProductsLaura KleinPrincipal, Users Knowlaura@usersknow.com@laurakleinWhat is Quantitative Data?Information that can be expressed statistically about your customersSome ways to gather Quantitative Data:A/B TestingCustomer MetricsAnalyticsFunnel Analysis

2What is Qualitative Data?Non-statistically significant information gathered directly from your usersSome ways to gather Qualitative Data:Usability TestingUser Observations & Contextual InquiryCustomer DevelopmentUser Interviews

3What is Vision?The entire design processDesign vision should include:Having a strong opinion about what your product is and how it should workDeveloping creative solutions to customer problems

4Once Upon a TimeStory #1 Vision: When Designers DecideThe Moral of Story #1:Vision is incredibly important to DesignRelying solely on Vision is dangerousVision must be supported by data

7Story #2Research: When Customers DecideThe Moral of Story #2:

Listening to users is incredibly important

Listening does not mean doing whatever they ask

Qualitative Data must be supported by common sense and mathStory #3Metrics: When Engineers DecideThe Local Maximum Problem

The Moral of Story #3:Metrics are incredibly importantMetrics dont tell you why problems are happeningQuantitative Data must be supported by vision and talking to users

Story #4:A Better Approach: Combining All Three MethodsQuantitative Data answers WhatWhat features do my customers use most?What are my users doing?What branch of the experiment is winning?Qualitative Data answers WhyWhy are users getting stuck?Why are users doing what they are doing?Why do users prefer one branch of an experiment to another?Vision answers HowHow can I fix the problems Ive observed?How can I get my users to behave the way Id like.How can I make my users happy?The Ideal Flow

The Moral of Story #4No single approach can solve this problem

Combining qualitative research, quantitative data, and vision gives you a better process and a better product

Story #5:A Real Story: Improving the Experience at IMVU

Standard AvatarCustom AvatarGetting users to return.

WHAT is the problem? WHY is this problem happening? Hypothesis: People dont find the dress up experience compelling.How do we fix it?

Few ProductsMore ProductsGive people more products to improve the initial dress up experience.

NOW DO IT AGAIN!(iterate)

The Moral of the StoryStory #6:An Unfinished Story: Food on the TableWhat is the problem?

People arent making it all the way through the first time user experience.Why is this problem happening?People get confused by the navigation of the site and dont know what theyre supposed to do next.

How do we fix it?To Be Continued(check the blog!)And they lived happily ever after(Except)A Few Common ProblemsProblem: Not enough users for good quantitative data

Solutions: Get more users (by any means necessary)Rely more heavily on qualitative data until youve got enough peopleA Few Common ProblemsProblem: Qualitative research takes too much time

Solutions:Suck it up, cupcakeTry online tools to make it go faster usertesting.comEthnioFiveSecondTestRemote Testing with GoToMeeting, WebEx, SkypeA Few Common ProblemsProblem: We have too many great ideas!

Solutions:Always use data to help validate your design visions (and keep designers honest)Be aggressive about checking your decisions against the original problemAnd they lived happily ever after(because their products were awesome!)Q&A

Contact Me:Laura Klein, Users Know@laurakleinhttp://usersknow.blogspot.comlaura@usersknow.com