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Slides from my talk at WordCamp Portland. It's been cleaned up to look nicer than than it did when I gave the talk.

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  • 1. You have NO Ideawhat your users want And how to learn Evan Solomon | Automattic@evansolomon

2. if( time() % 2 )! $title = Split testing;else! $title = A/B testing;setcookie( title, $title );echo $title; 3. A/B testing1.Try different things2.Measure their effects3.Prot!Lots of good examples at 4. What can it do?Determine how likely one version is to be better than another. If you have enough data you can tell how much better, but you need quite a bit 5. Why do it?It makes yousmart(er)! Also turns out to be good for getting clients 6. Start basic1.Talk to your customers2.Listen3.Prot! Step 3 is always prot 7. DashboardCheck out 8. Running testsWe use Optimizely because:1.Real time results (great for debugging)2.Tests are written entirely in jQuery3.Easy to target using WordPress logic 9. Version A 10. Version B 11. What happens? B wins andcovers the spread Signups increase ~25% 12. Handling dataTerms you should get used to: Condence intervalSignicance testCheck out to calculate these stats I made isvalid for myself so its a little rough, but very useful 13. 14. Keep in mind Question assumptions Unintended (or not) biases Test liberally, its nearly free Many (most) tests fail 15. Call for helpIm working on a .org plugin Based on the one we made for 16. @evansolomon