Secrets to Getting Users to Do What You Want

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Speaker: Jen Slaski, Executive Director of Marketing Communications, Spiceworks 17:30 - 18:00 “I swear, I didn’t do anything!” How many times have you heard that from a user? Why won’t they just do what you told them to? And why are some of them just so darn maddening in general? (sigh) This “softer side of IT” session on Myers-Briggs personality psychology and change dynamics will provide some insights and ideas you can use to help you deal with the motley crew of users (and quirks!) you encounter every day.

Text of Secrets to Getting Users to Do What You Want

  • 1. Secrets to Getting Users to DoWhat You Want.Jen Slaski, Exec. Director of Marketing Communications
  • 2. 2006: one of these things is not like the other
  • 3. Techie vs. Fuzzy: A Different Frequency
  • 4. A little exercise
  • 5. SpiceWorld 2008: Where IT All Connects~100 SpiceHeads: the Spiceworks Community in person!
  • 6. Finally, a place where people are like me...
  • 7. SpiceWorld 2009 (whoops!)Necessity is the mother of invention
  • 8. The Myers-Briggs band-aide
  • 9. SysAdmins have a soft side (who knew?)!
  • 10. SpiceWorld 2012: It changed my outlook
  • 11. SpiceWorld London 2013: Whoops Take 2?
  • 12. A bit of history.Carl Jung 1920s Isabel Briggs Myers - 1940s
  • 13. MBTI: A measure of preference
  • 14. 16 types.which are you?
  • 15. A spectrum, not an absolute.
  • 16. The darling of difference? E vs. I.Extrovert vs. introvert
  • 17. E vs. I = 75% vs. 25% of people worldwideEnergized by outer world Energized inner worldNeed to talk to clarify what they think Need to reflect before they talkCan be seen as accessible andunderstandableCan be seen as subtle anddifficult to know well initiallyDifficulty sitting & listening Work quietly w/o interruptionWork to change the world Work to understand the worldInterests often have breadth Interests often have depthInteraction ConcentrationSociability TerritorialityMultiplicity of relationships Limited relationshipsExpenditure of energies Conservation of energies
  • 18. 68% of SpiceHeads are introverts.I.E.
  • 19. Reminder: its a preference (not a sentence)
  • 20. I vs. E = genetically wired in your DNA
  • 21. D4DR gene on chromosome 11: dopamine.Controls excitement levels & is vital for motivation.E = gene is longer/less sensitive so need to seek more thrill-seeking stimuli.I =gene is shorter more sensitive receive ample stimulation w/quiet activities.
  • 22. Optimal? Balance your stimuli.
  • 23. Gut check: energized or depleted?
  • 24. The mis-understood introvert
  • 25. The mis-understood introvertNot anti-social or shy
  • 26. The mis-guided introvert
  • 27. The mis-understood extrovert
  • 28. The Spiceworks Team: I-kind-of-guysAll of em are INJs!50% management teams; 90% of CEOs
  • 29. Who are the Es among us?(shocker that one is your SpiceWorld MC, right?)ENTJENTP-ish
  • 30. Me? Apparently Im an ambi-vertTranslation: its complicatedI/E N F J
  • 31. Kris says: There are 2 types of users.Type 1: made a mistake. Type 2: about to make a mistake.(Another INTJ)
  • 32. Kris also says: No one wants to be a BOFH.
  • 33. I = focused & persistent E = agile & uninhibitedRisk-averse, independent thinkers Actionable, group collaborators
  • 34. Tip #1: Indicate when you need space
  • 35. Tip #2: Prepare thoughts in advance
  • 36. Tip #3: Verbalize your thoughts out loud
  • 37. Tip #4: Know when you need to re-fuelor pre-fuel
  • 38. Tip #5: Respect that Es need to talk aloud
  • 39. 5 tips for Es.1. Minimize small talkget to the point2. Announce that you are brainstorming3. Provide an agenda prior to your meetings4. Explicitly call on/cede the floor to an I5. Resist the urge to just decide
  • 40. When in doubt
  • 41. Or
  • 42. To learn more....