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Tourism Tattler August 2012

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The official tourism trade magazine on Africa. Essential reading for anyone involved in the tourism, travel or hospitality trade in or to Africa.

Text of Tourism Tattler August 2012


  • AUGUST 2012 03SATSA / RETOSA Tourism Tattler Trade Journal

    EDITORIAL04 Letters to the Editor05 From the Editors Desk / Cover Story 06 Competition ACHIEVEMENTS & ACCOLADES07 First Resorts shine at RCI Awards08 Safari Awards finalists09 Trade Awards BUSINESS & FINANCE11 African Resources and Geopolitics12 Beyond the limits of cash or credit13 Debt Reduction CONSERVATION14 TRACKS for Giants journey update15 Rhino experience DESTINATIONS16 A trade persepective on Mauritius EVENTS19 SATTIC Conference

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    Issue 5 (August) 2012

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    06Win a RUGGED Smart Phone

    16Mauritius Carnival & Shopping Fiesta

    28Cultural Tourism




    CONGRATULATIONS to Cecil Harley of CLIMAX Tourism Services, whose competition entry was the first to be drawn by Adv. Nel.

    Cecil has won a six month legal advise contract valued at R9,000 with the compliments of Adv. Louis Nel.

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    AUGUST 201204 SATSA / RETOSA Tourism Tattler Trade Journal


    From the Editors Desk

    Cover Story

    This months issue has a great letter from John Addison of Wild Frontiers. Very often we forget the old saying that every little helps, and to read about the amount of money ploughed back into African countries by one fairly small company is very heartening. It underscores the importance of tourism

    to Africa. Another great thing to read is about all the companies and individuals who have earned awards of all kinds (pages 07 to 10). This recognition by our peers is always an encouragement to those who have made the extra effort to excel.

    As always we look at conservation and wildlife - the backbone of our industry, and its great to read about initiatives that create awareness of the plight of Africas wildlife (pages 14 & 15). Under the Business section we summarise a paper by renowned author Dr. E. Daniel Kinnear on the exploitation of Africas resources, which, though political in nature, could impact on tourism over the long term. We also have some practical financial advice on

    AUGUST 2012 05SATSA / RETOSA Tourism Tattler Trade Journal

    how to avoid using cash or credit and reduce debt in tough times (pages 11 to 13).

    And we feature the beautiful Ile Maurice as a destination report. With all that sand, sea and sunshine, one might not think of the island as a shopping destination. But anyone I know who has been there has come back with some great bargains.

    There are tips on how to set up your website to make the most of your Landing pages. Dont know what that means? Well go to page 26 and find some very useful information from an expert in the field.

    In Niche Tourism we look at culture and cruising and they need not be mutually exclusive. Lastly we have a couple of really special events coming up. The inaugural South African Travel and Tourism Industry Conference and the second Sports and Events Tourism Exchange in September and the arrival of Indian travel agents for the SATSA-sponsored TAFI Convention in October (pages 19 to 21).


    Our cover for this edition features the tropical island of Mauritius a RETOSA member, and also, with Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros and Seychelles, a member of the new Vanilla Islands online marketing group. Mauritius has a wide selection of resorts to choose from, with pristine beaches and inviting azure waters, as our cover image clearly shows.

    Mauritius has a long history of offering superior products in the luxury island holiday market and offers a level of refinement that leads the way in this category in the Indian Ocean. In recent years Mauritius has built many new and exciting resorts, thus increasing the choice available to all prospective visitors and tour operators wanting to bring their clients to this lovely island.

    But Mauritius does not rely on its natural assets alone to attract tourists. The Mauritius Tourism promotion Authority has this year launched an innovative shopping fiesta and carnival that runs from 29 June to 05 August. The