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More Resources, Rock Solid SolutionsTHE EMPLOYER BRAND


What is meant by Brand?

Brand or ReputationDefinition: a Companys reputation that is one strategic tool in attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent.Not only do your products and services have a brand, but your Company as a place to work has a reputation or BRAND.


Companies should develop a well-defined corporate brand for their products and services.Our Employer Brand should follow our Tredroc Corporate Product brand.


Candidates & Employees ViewCustomers ViewBrand -defined by: CVP AND EVP

Our statement about our product brand determines why customers would consider usOur statement about our employee value proposition determines why employees would want to join us


The shared space or overlap between the two create our values What we promote to our customers and those that we need from our employees to deliver on our promises to both.CVP AND EVP


What traits could our product and employer brand share?

Words we use to sell our product tire serviceWhat makes a successful employee?7

Where else we find Brand traits:Culture: defined by the Companys-- valuesmission statementslogansworking language Systems/processesCompany slogans, values and mission statements here.


Brand or ReputationCan be formed by:Employee opinions about the Company that reach beyond our doors: they are shared on public forumsListen to the people that get it done for you.

Some of the best service techs in the business. A good portion of the people are easy to work with.

Get back to basics. Remember, it's the everyday employee that the customer sees on a regularbasis.

You also have some managers that are experts in their fields and would love to succeed. You do get to communicate with some great customers and employees.


Where is the concept of our brand formed? we build Brand?

Company website


or where we can build our Brand..

Job Fairs, Trade Shows, Schools


Why take control of our brand now?

The Statistics Presentation95% of Job Seekers use the Internet to learn about Companies178% of job seekers say that ratings and reviews from insiders are important when deciding where to work.2

Having an employer brand is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity.


The Interview experienceFirst impressions are very important. If a candidates experience is negative, our reputation can suffer.


The Recruiting FunnelAffected by Brand

Talent Pool Active & PassiveProspects Leads & ReferralsCandidates screening interviewingFinalistsHires

Differentiates us from competitors for the same talent, improves your candidate Fit, improves employee retention. Helps us maintain a steady pipeline of candidates. Listening to employees to help build our brand gives them a sense of belonging helps them understand why they are important to our overall effort.


A Visible Group GraphicsMILLENIALSMillenials care more about a companys culture, personal fit, growth potential, and work/life balance than they do about compensation. They tend to be entrepreneurial types who want to feel that their work makes a difference to the growth of the Company.

The Millenials are much talked about, but most people feel strongly about the above traits in an employer. But Millenials tend to share more of these opinions in an open forum online with others. They are more apt to make a positive or negative impact on your brand.16

Define our brand before someone else does! does!


So HOW will we develop Brand?

TouchpointsFor Customer relationships this is defined asAny point of contact between a buyer and seller.For Employees:Any point of contact between employer and employee:Hiring/OnboardingEmployment Termination whether voluntary or involuntary

Hiring includes applying, interviewing, paperwork, orientationOnboarding job/training/benefits/meeting co-workers/joining teamsEmployment training, performance appraisals, discipline/ complaints and conflict, how is this handled. Termination was an exit interview done? If involuntary, was it fair? How w19

Developing Brand Ask EmployeesTo help understand the culture or venture a guess as to how the Company will be reviewed, ask employees:What perks matter most? What motivates you to perform well?Why did you choose to work here?Why do you choose to continue working here?When youre at a BBQ with family and friends, how do you describe our Company?


Show Appreciation for the Positive!

Elk Grove gets a 5-Star Review


Branding is Competitive LinkedIn

Our Competitors - Facebook Brand

Facebook - Promotions

FB Help Wanted, etc.


FB CSA Violations.

Relevant articles and Company announcements

Glassdoor Competitors Brands

More Glassdoor.. Competitors Brands

Glassdoor continued..

Glassdoor continued..

Company Websites

Company Websites

Company Websites





What About the Job Sites?Culture and valuesWork/life balanceSenior ManagementCompensation and benefitsCareer opportunitiesCandidates can read these reviews and compare Company ratingsCandidates can now rate the interview processEmployees can provide ReviewsCandidates

Job sites include Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter and more.40

Our Competitors Brands the Ugly..

Tying it all together..

What can Human Resources / Corporate do to help build Brand and how can you help?Action Items!

Human Resources can help by:Checking social websites and recruitment sites daily.Checking competitors online presence weekly.Looking for negative employee and candidate reviews and responding to concerns.Looking for negative reviews of service and alerting GMs and Sales Management.

Human Resources can help by cont:Running job ads to promote consistency and support retread and service shops.Supporting interview process so candidates view Tredroc favorably.Develop other ways to recruit: military websites or career fairs, unemployment websites, job fairs at area colleges and vocational schools.

Handout job descriptions developed for online job ad placement.44

Human Resources can help by cont:Develop a sensible social media policy that allows employees to engage without being too uptight.Teach employees an elevator pitch or mission statement how do you describe our company when someone asks?Give employees an opportunity to contribute so they can develop a sense of pride in Tredroc.


Help us build content.

Content online is and elsewhere is key. The public from which we will draw talent is used to a high volume of interesting engaging material from many sources. It takes frequent updating and different kinds of content to reach different audiences and spark interest.47

Lets develop Brand by building content.Get your employees at your shop (service and retread where applicable) to participate in our Tredroc-wide contest.Share your best photos, videos of approx. 20 30 seconds in length and employee statements on why they like working at Tredroc.

Hand out contest entry sheet with employee release and rules, etc. 48

Contest Ideas and Guidelines.Use real videos and photos developed at your shop.Dont use stock photography candidates and customers want to see the real us. Have employees write or talk about their day and their work.

Some ideas..Photos of employees who arent comfortable having their pictures sharedPhotos that contain horseplay or unsafe actsStatements regarding the Company that are derogatory or inflammatoryStatements that might be too personal commenting on personal rate of pay or performance grading, etc.Visual of shop and officePhotos of employees at workPhotos of teamworkPhotos of people having funPhotos of important moments: office moves or goals achievedWhat to avoid:Whats great to share:


1Employer Brand Management, Richard Mosley, 2014

2Employer Branding for Dummies, Glassdoor Special Edition, Alicia Garibaldi, 2014

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4Society for Human Resource Management, The Employer Brand, June 2008

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