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Auditing Your Employer Brand, Your Personal Brand, and Your Competition’s #TMASoMo @alexputman

Auditing Your Employer Brand

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Auditing Your Employer Brand, Your Personal Brand, and Your Competitions#[email protected]

keys for audit

Data: Recruiting Metrics, Career Site Stats, Hiring Projections, Net Promotor Scores

Employer value proposition: Rewards & Recognition, Perks, Unique Qualities, Management

Content: Career Site, Social Media Presence, Company News / Press, Job Postings, Online Reviews, Mimic

Recruiting Process: Candidate Experience, Application


internal audit

external audit

career site Create a list of top competitorsPull up your career siteIdentify a mimic company, someone you admire https://www.facebook.com/careers https://www.airbnb.ca/careers http://www.careers.jnj.com First thing you seeMake you want to applyRepresent your culture (fun, inviting, professional)Now pull it up on your phoneGive me a site to pull up and lets audit: http://careers.ulta.com

social mediaShout out the platforms you useWhy?Who are they targeting?Measure ROI? FacebookPanasonic [email protected]ation @freepeople

search engine optimizationOpen Google and search working at ____ jobs at ____Audit each site on the first 3-5 pages of searchKEY: rank importance + focus based on 1st pageDo this for each competitor to understand where they rankHigh yield sites include: Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, Monster, Careerbuilder (anyone with high volume of traffic)Rank vs. competitors software jobs Lake Forest CAAnalytics on career page (daily/weekly report)Type in your name what are the results?

Panasonic Automotive

analytics: career site statsvisitors

daily vs weeklybehavior

new vs returnmobile vs desktoptime on page

Time yourself (differs by page, industry, company)bounce rate

20%-35%35%+ concern50%+ worry


analyze data per source (social, organic)


received + hired

Bounce Rates:Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site.

Your ideal bounce rate should be somewhere between the perfect bounce rate and a maximum of 20%. Having a 50% bounce rate means that 1 in 2 people are leaving your site without conversions, whereas with a 20% bounce rate, only 1 in 5 people leave your site without fulfilling any form of conversion. You need to stay within the ideal bounce rate to get the maximum conversions from your traffic.10

job postingsPull up a job postingJob boardCareer siteAggregatorsSearch

First 2-3 linesSizzleMust haves

Full JD includeBranded infoDetailed goalsSuccess definition

Would you read all of it?

Job Description: Panasonic Automotive

employer review sitesContent (company updates, video, social sites)Job search and research drive trafficData (rating trends, pros/cons, filter by job family)

Give me a company to look up on Glassdoor

internal audit

company evp developmentEmployer Value Proposition clearly defined? By job family?

Intrinsic needs identifiedCareer development opportunitiesBase on identification of key performer retention metricsAuthentic performance assessment (rewarded for work vs part of the process)Why follow this leadership team?Job satisfaction (why exactly)REAL Core Values

Admired EVP: Facebook

job family evp developmentUnique attributes of each job familyWhat do high performers view as important?Why should I leave x to do the same thing at y?Candidate definition of advancement vs employersWork / Life mixRewards for successHow will this improve the talent poolWork space + environmentWhat is measurable success for each role?

Facebook EVP by Role


analytics: key hiring sourcesREFERRALS








analytics: projections by job familyTotal hires (quarterly, annually - specific to org)Turnover rate + whySources of hire Attraction metrics time to fill, interview to hire, applicants to hire, offer acceptance/decline reasonsreferrals, internal hires, competitors steals Campus recruitingScorecard: rate difficulty level every category

promotors: net promotor scoremeasures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. Gauges the customer's overall satisfaction with a company's product or service and the customer's loyalty to the brand.

Based on your {experience, time, projects}, how likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague to apply for a job {at, in for} ____?

Candidate Experience: Based on your candidate experience, how likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague to apply for a job at ____?Job Family Satisfaction: Based on your past 6 months, how likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague to apply for a job at/in ____?



process: people experienceEngagement with potential candidates: career fairs, talent communities, college sessions, employee referrals, networking, hack a thonsPre-Application Job Content: benefits, career paths, employee blogs, day in the life content, testimonialsApplication process: clicks to apply, duration, information redundancies, resume/profile uploadCommunication: post apply, pre/post interview, dispositioning of qualified/unqualified candidates, recruiting team feedback, management of finalistOn-line/Interactive engagement: blogs, career site, social pages, mobile, webinars, texting, polls or surveysPre-Hire: background check, references, pre-employment assessments, on-boarding, assimilation and post hire follow upInternal: moves, promotions, applications, durations of processExits: alumni groups, process, referrals, capture their experience

Apply for the CandEs

recruiters: the teamActivity outside of butts in the seatRelationship development within key functionsIndustry participation (ERE, FB Groups, Twitter)Company promotion (ambassadorship)Social media interactionsIts all about hires +

Great example: Brian

recruiters: what are they doingBuilding a network (every email should include an invitation to connect even rejections)Rejecting people correctly (you reject more than you hire)Marketing the culture on LinkedIn (LI is a most engaged source to career sites) Not doing the Microsoft bae interns

thank you

Alex [email protected]




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