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Communicating Your Employer Brand

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What is an Employer Brand?

Why is an Employer Brand Important?

50% Saving in Cost Per Hire is associated with a strong Employer Brand *83% of HR Leaders believe a strong Employer Brand is vital to Hiring the Best Talent ** Read More Here!

Source - to assess the economic potential of a company with a compelling brand among bothConsumersandTalent.

Theresearch shows companies with a strong Talent Brand Index and BrandView score have a 5 year cumulative growth in shareholder value of 36%.

Aligning Consumer and Talent Brand efforts inarguably pays dividend: not only in the stock market, but in attracting Target Consumers and Top Talent.Impact of Employer Branding on Business

Source - research with LinkedIn highlighted the link between Quality of Hire and the Employer Brand (measured by LinkedIns Talent Brand Index, TBI).

The research showed the correlation between the Acceptance Rate and Short-term Resignations and TBI.

A 1% increase in TBI can generate a 1.5% increase in the Acceptance Rate and a 1% decrease in Short-term Resignations.

Impact of Employer Branding on Hiring

Weve gone from selling InMobi to candidates to being buyers who are choosing who we want to work for us. The key to the success has been that the employer brand InMobi has shared with the world is an accurate reflection of what its really like to work for the company. And really, that employer brand is built around InMobis unique culture and people practices, which they believe is their differentiator in the marketplace. Read more here!

We have also strengthened our presence on LinkedIn, almost doubling our followers. We scored 22per cent on the Talent Brand Index. This was more than double that of our closest peers. As a result of our strong employer brand, we were ranked as the 11th most in demand employer by Finance & Accounting professionals across the globe, in LinkedIns inaugural Most InDemand Employers index. Read more here!In line with the companys overall focus on increasing its digital footprint, Philips recruitment marketing team invested more heavily in its digital footprint in2014. As a result, Philips increased its LinkedInTalent Brand Index by 2.1% and delivered over 1,000 hired candidates. Read more here!LinkedIn was our first choice on social media because of the professional context and robust targeting that it offers. We are able to communicate our Employee Value Proposition to a diverse pool of professionals withdynamic Career Pages, leverage our employees networks to engage talent and also hire quality professionals at the end of the day. Read more here!486 hire from LinkedIn in one year, an increase from 120 hires last FY. The talent brand index of HCL increased from 9% to 16% and we moved to 4thlargest engaging employer brand on LinkedIn compared to 8thrank last financial year. Read more here!Employer Branding Success Stories

How to Showcase Your Employer Brand?

DiversityThought LeadershipWorkplaceCSRAwards & Accolades

Showcase Why Employees LOVE WORKING with You

Employer Branding Best Practices


Employer Branding Best Practices

Showcase How You Encourage DIVERSITY at Workplace

Employer Branding Best Practices


Employer Branding Best Practices

Showcase Opportunities for INTERNS and MANAGEMENT TRAINEES

Employer Branding Best Practices

Showcase CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for Professionals

Employer Branding Best Practices


Employer Branding Best Practices

RECOGNIZE YOUR EMPLOYEES by Showcasing Their Achievements

Employer Branding Best Practices

Showcase AWARDS & ACCOLADES Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Employer Branding Best Practices

Leverage Executive Management for THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

Employer Branding Best Practices


Employer Branding Best Practices

Showcase Your Talent Brand Through EMPLOYER BRANDING VIDEOS

Employer Branding Best Practices

ACKNOWLEDGE & ENGAGE in Conversations with Professionals

Employer Branding Best Practices

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