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Stalingrad The Cauldron of Doom - · Stalingrad –The Cauldron of Doom ... Operation “Uranus

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    Stalingrad The Cauldron of Doom

    13 September 1942 2 February 1943

    Russias and Germanys Verdun of World War II

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    Advance into

    Russia in


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    German Army FrontSpring / Summer Offensives

    Advances S.E. in Effort to Seize

    Key Oil Producing Regions of

    the Caucasus Mountains.

    German 6th ArmyGeneral von Paulus

    300,000 Germans Soldiers

    Lacking Significant Armor

    Germany will be at the Greatest

    Extent of their Supply Line

    Advance on Stalingrad

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    City of Stalingrad

    Modern Factor City

    Showpiece of Russian Industry

    Volga River

    Pre-War Population of 850,000

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    Heaviest fighting

    in the city will

    take place at the

    Tractor Factory.

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    Three Dominant Factories

    Dzerzhinsky Tractor Factory

    Barrikady Ordnance Factory

    Red October Steel Plant

    Red October Plant

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    The Fighting Becomes Static Does Not Change

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    Intensity and Savagery

    of the Fighting

    Fighting is House to House

    In the Sewers

    In the Factories

    Becomes a Battle of Attrition

    Hitler Wants to Capture the City =

    Stalins name

    Stalin wants to Save City = His name!

    Nikita Khrushchev Serves as a Political

    Commissar at Stalingrad!

    Becomes a Battle of Supply

    Russians Reinforcing across the Volga River

    Germans Bring in by Air Importance of


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    Soviets Launch

    Operation Uranus

    Germans Surrounded!!

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    Becomes a Battle of Logistics

    Encirclement Cuts Off Germans

    Creates the Kessel (Cauldron)

    Soviet Supply Line Improves

    Moves Across the Volga

    Men / Material / Food

    German Supply Line Shrinks

    Depends on Airfields

    Requires 800 Tons Supplies Daily

    Luftwaffe only delivers 120 Tons


    German Soldiers Begin to die of

    Malnutrition Starvation!

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    The End!

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    2 February 1943 The End

    Approximately 300,000 Germans Entered

    160,000+ Dead (Axis = 500,000+)

    130,000 Captured (91,000 at end)

    1955 Only 6,000 Returned to Germany

    22 Generals including von Paulus

    Most catastrophic defeat in German


    Campaign Cost Axis (Romania, Italy,

    Spain, Hungary) between 500,000

    850,000 casualties.

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    Stalingrad Becomes for

    Russia a Symbol of


    279 Tall / Weight =

    7,900 Tons of Concrete




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    1.1 Million Casualties

    485,751 Dead

    Pre-War Stalingrad = 850,000 Residents (workers)

    Post-Battle Stalingrad = 9,800 Civilians left in city

    Start 14 September 1942 End 2 February 1943

    141 Days of Continuous Combat

    3,445 Russians Died Each Day!

    14,500 Russian Soldiers (= one division) Executed

    by Russian Military Police for Cowardice or


    German War Dead

    40,000 in Mass Grave!

    Russias Price for Victory at Stalingrad

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    From 19 November 1942 (Start of Uranus)

    through 2 February 1943

    154,885 Dead

    330,892 Wounded

    The Hero of StalingradSoviet General Vasily Chuikov

    Gains Fame as the Defender of Stalingrad

    Barmaley Fountain

    6 Children & a Crocodile

    Russias Price for Victory at Stalingrad (Cont)

    Enters Russian

    History as their

    Greatest Victory!