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a no fear guide to beer.ejoy

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  • TheCauldronMonday, april 19, 2010 **

    * ESTaBliSHEd 1929 ***iSSuE 13 | FREE

    The No-Fear Guide To Beer

  • 8As Cleveland State Universitys student run, managed, and operated alternative weekly paper, The Cauldron is dedicated to delivering information to the student and professional body of CSU; doing so without bias, without constraints, and without fear.

    Presenting news, entertainment, opinion and other media that originates organically from within the student body, our distinctive media will organically flow and adapt to suit that bodys needs.

    The Cauldron prints according to sound journalistic principles of accuracy, account-ability, integrity, transparency and with a recognition of press freedom and student expression.

    The Cauldron shall remain a forum; maintaining a strong connection to the diverse campus community, regarding but not limited to Cleveland State University, the city of Cleveland, the United States, and the Global Community.

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    PaGe two : MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

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    8The No-Fear Guide to BeerBy Justin Brenis, The Cauldron Copy Editor

    Photography by Justin Brenis

  • The MelTing PoT MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010 3

    By Justin Brenis, The Cauldron Copy Editor

    this weeks oPeNING StatemeNtS


    I have often wished I had time to cultivate

    modesty... But I am too busy thinking about

    myself.Edith Stillwell, as

    quoted in the Observer (April, 30th 1950)

    Conan OBrien announced this week that he will make his return to late night television on cable. The former Tonight Show host will take his act to TBS, with a show starting at 11 p.m. eastern time. George Lopez will move his show back to accommodate the new act and follow OBrien at midnight.

    For NBC, this is a good news. OBriens decision to leave public television for his next act will seriously reduce the competition between his late night program and the Tonight Show, hosted again by Jay Leno. Had OBrien signed on with FOX (as many speculated) or another public network, he would have been in direct competition with his predecessor/successor and former network. Not the most ideal situation for NBC.

    Now, OBrien gets a new show on a network that covets his contributions, while other late night programmers are able to continue focusing on a specific field of competition. This is certainly not to suggest that the act will fail to live up to

    expectations, or generate a solid, consistent audience.However, given the differences between basic channels

    and cable, the people with access to OBriens new programming becomes a vastly different demographic. Now, in order to witness numerous late-night hilarities (and the most ridiculous hair you will probably ever see) you must be a cable subscriber, which means 30 to 40 dollars per month. That is a lot more than many can afford.

    As a result, viewership will be very different and so will the numbers. OBriens show could do very well on TBSin fact, I anticipate positive returns when measured against a comparable market. But forget about realistic comparisons with the Tonight Show on NBC or Late Night on CBS. Those shows will generate higher numbers simply because of their position on an easy-access channel.

    I think this is a little bit risky, for everyone involved. TBS has certain expectations, of coursebut how much do those

    expectations reflect the actual market for a cable version of late-night television? Its risky for OBrien, too. However, I like the leap more for him individually because he has less to lose.

    For OBrien, this is not about making or breaking his career. He has already achieved widespread success as a television show host and really (not that I know the man personally) does not care about the numbers. He wants to have a good time and try something different, which is perfect, because TBS wants the someone who can be fun and different (see Lopez, George).

    Plus, OBrien is sitting on 40 million reasons why he should not worry about the success of his next endeavor. NBCs gigantic settlement, plus their willingness to let him get away has given him the opportunity of a lifetimedoing what he loves just for the sake of it, without worrying about the ratings, the money and most of all, Jay Leno breathing down his neck.

    Too bad there arent anonymous groups for the modesty-deficient:

    Hello, my name is Justin Brenis, and I am incapable of being wrong.

    I guess in the end that would be far too therapeutic. Americans today really have a hard time with being

    open-minded, myself included. I recently attended the Cleveland Indians home opener and boy did I have a whopper of an Opening Statements to write after that.

    First, the parking was horrendous (probably should have anticipated that), then the seats were a lot higher up than I had thought (again, lack of anticipation on my part), and then, as icing on the cake, while purposely buying the AM/PM All-You-Can-Eat Seats off of StubHub, I was denied the free food because my ticket didnt say AM/PM on it.

    For some reason I was under the impression that, without doing the proper research, I had been singled-out and wronged, deprived of what I felt I deserved. Boy, let me tell you I was beyond pissed. I spent over an hour arguing with Guest Services because of their poor advertising of the seats.

    In the stadium they have the All-You-Can-Eat offer labeled as Sections 533-546, and that alone, to me, made me feel that since my seats were section 533, row T, that I inherently deserved the free food being offered. The point Guest Services kept pushing was Did you specifically look for All-You-Can-Eat seats? Not every part of every section is eligible for the offer.

    Of course I hadnt. The game was sold out, I had to buy my tickets off of StubHub which is a website that essentially acts as a legal escrow service to cut down on scalping outside of stadiums. All I could think of at the time however was how I was being deprived the right that I paid $20 a ticket for (mind you All-You-Can-Eat seats are typically $32 a piece).

    So after all this, I called our Editor-In-Chief and demanded that I get to write this Opening Statement so that I could reveal to you all the injustices being practiced at Progressive Field (Unrelated Note: Im not the only one who still calls it The Jake am I?).

    However, when I began writing it and doing my research, I found out that the Indians website specifically backs up the information that was told to me at Guest Servicesand suddenly my argument lost all its wind. The injustices I wanted to report on became dead-weight and I, unfortunately, got a heaping spoonful of humility shoved down my throat.

    I hate being wrong.So after avoiding writing the Opening Statements

    I so thoroughly demanded, mostly because I couldnt decide on a topic, I came up with this, swallowed my humility-coated pride, and began typing.

    All in all this got me thinking a lot about America lately with our current economic issues, and our political issues like the Tea Parties and the healthcare debates. At what point did we as Americans, both Republican and Democrat, and every other affiliation, become so self-entitled? Have we always been this way? Is there a way to fix it?

    It pervades us every day without our even thinking about it. How many times have you been driving down the highway and have someone try to pull into your lane just before an exit ramp and you speed up to keep them from getting in? They should have planned accordingly, right? I have somewhere to be and I am not going to risk being late by slowing down to let them in!

    What about on TV? This may be a little bit of a stretch, but there were days when we had to