SPCAA Head Start & Early Head Start Mental Health and Disability

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Text of SPCAA Head Start & Early Head Start Mental Health and Disability

  • SPCAAHead Start & Early Head Start

    Mental Health and Disability

  • Mental Health and Disability Unit Jennifer Quinones Mental Health Manager (806) 891-2156

    Blanca Herron Mental Health Assistant (806) 893-5827

    Leigh WellsMental Health Assistant(806) 893-3167

  • Mental Health and Disability Unit Services Provided Mental Health/Disability Manager and Assistants:

    Complete classroom observations Conduct regular on site visitsRefer to:Local Education Agency (LEA) for disability servicesLicensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for mental health services

    Monitor services and documentationTrain SPCAA staff and parents at parent meetingsData entry in Child PlusReport to Policy Council on the status of Disability and Mental HealthOversee Program Information Report information

  • Mental Health and Disability Unit Services ProvidedMonitoring Child Plus tracking system for concerns and follow up on servicesMental Health professional reports for recommendations

  • Mental Health and Disability Unit Services ProvidedStaff Development Provide annual pre-service training for SPCAA staff and during new staff orientationWe submit our annual trainings for record keeping in our employee fileWe conduct criminal background on all our providersFiscal ManagementThe Mental Health/Disability Manager approves payments for services provided to children in Mental Health and Disabilities.MH/Disability Manager is responsible for purchasing supplies to meet the needs of children with special needs.

  • Performance Standards

    1308.6 Assessment of children 1308.4 Purpose and Scope of Disabilities Service Plan 1308.19 Developing Individualized Education Programs (IEP)1304.21 Child Mental Health

  • Child Guidance Policies and Procedures

  • Behavior Tracking Policy and Form

    See Behavior Tracking Form in Child Guidance

  • 1308.6 Assessment of children 1308.6Subpart DHealth Services Performance Standards (b) Screening, the first step in the assessment process, consists of standardized health screening and developmental screening which includes speech, hearing and vision. It is a brief process, which can be repeated, and is never used to determine that a child has a disability. It only indicates that a child may need further evaluation to deter-mine whether the child has a disability. Re-screening must be provided as needed.

  • Articulation Screening

    Pearson Preschool Language ScaleFourth Addition

    PLS 4

  • PLS 4PLS 4 is designed to identify children who may need to be referred for further speech or language assessments.Can be administered in 5 -10 minCan be administered by teachers, paraprofessionals, and teachers aides

  • Pearson Preschool Language Scale Fourth 4PLS 4


    Language Social / Interpersonal skillsArticulation Connected speechStuttering Voice disordersCommunication skills

  • Performance Standard

    1308.4 Purpose and Scope of Disabilities Service Plan (10%)

    The Head Start responsibility is to make available directly or in cooperation with other agencies ser-vices in the least restrictive environment in accordance with an individualized education program (IEP) for at least ten percent of enrolled children who meet the disabilities eligibility criteria.

  • Performance Standard

    Disabilities eligibility criteria:


  • Performance StandardU.S. Department of Health and Human Services 3/10/09 Enrollment of Children with Disabilities

    1308.19Head Start programs should note that to be counted toward the 10% actual enrollment requirement, the children with disabilities they serve must, under Section 640(d)(1), have been determined eligible for special services under IDEA by the agency providing IDEA services in their community.

  • Therefore, Head Start programs should not count, for purposes of meeting this requirement, those children who have an individualized education program (IEP) developed solely by the Head Start program, as described under 45 CFR 1308.19(d)

  • Example:

    A private provider evaluates a child with potential special needs, develops the IEP, and ultimately provides the special services as required by the IEP. Does a child on an IEP that is completed by a private provider count towards the 10% as required?

  • In order for the child in this example to be counted toward the required 10%, the LEA must have agreed to and signed the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that will be implemented.

  • This ensures that the LEA has used the information provided to determine that the child is eligible for special services un IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

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