SANE Annual Report 2013

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Helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.National OfficeSANE AustraliaPO Box 226South MelbourneVictoria 3205+61 3 9682

Text of SANE Annual Report 2013

  • Annual Report 2013

  • Madness is a real world for the many thousands of people who are right now living within it and dying within it. It never apologises. Sometimes it is a shadow, ever present, without regard for the sun. Sometimes it is a well of dark water with no bottom, or a levitation device to the stars. It takes away the rational minds of ordinary people. It takes our hearts, knowing death so well. This world was once my pair of horns, my pair of wings. Now we regard each other with caution and, yes, healthy respect. Both bruised but very much alive . . . We the people who inhabit this world are in every other respect just like you. We want to live well.Kate Richards, Madness: A Memoir (Penguin, 2013)

    Cover image: Tim Hiller, Samantha Arnold. Tim and Samantha are SANE Australia Speakers who generously share their experiences of mental illness for the benefit of others. See more information about SANE Speakers on page 11.

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    SANE Australia. Helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.

  • SANE Australia. Helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.Anxiety. Depression. Bipolar disorder. Psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia. Personality disorders and other conditions.

    Almost half of all Australians experience a mental health problem at some time in life. And every one of these has family, friends, fellow students or work colleagues who are affected by their condition.

    Mental illness isnt something that happens to other people. Its something that affects all of us at some time, in some way.

    Its about people like us.

    Mental illness does not discriminate. It affects one in five of us every year, regardless of age, background, career, culture, or economic status.

    Mental health problems are treatable, yet two out of three of us who experience them do not access the treatment and support we need.

    Why? Lack of recognition of symptoms, concerns about stigma and discrimination, confusion about where to go or what to do, inadequate or nonexistent mental health services and policies all of these contribute to the unnecessary and distressing cost of mental illness to Australian lives today.

    Through all of its activities, SANE Australia is passionately committed to addressing these problems through Campaigns, Research, Education, Support and Training.

    We refer to these five areas of our work as the CREST.

    I CampaignsI ResearchI Education I Support I Training

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    Our values guide us in our work every day.

    Our vision is for Australia to lead the world in mental health within ten years.

    Celebration f We celebrate great achievements (big and small) by ourselves

    and others.

    f We warmly welcome everyone who comes through our doors and we create a fun, flexible and inspiring workplace that fosters personal and professional growth.

    f We broadcast to the world heroic stories of courage, resilience and recovery.

    Innovation f We have a passion for learning, and disseminating creative solutions to

    real-world problems.

    f We embrace technology to build community and provide helpful information.

    f We seek out new ways to have greater impact through research, testing and evaluation, always informed by peoples lived experience of mental illness.

    Responsibility f We do what is right, however difficult that might be.

    f We are accountable for the decisions we make.

    f We take good care of our physical and mental health, and seek help when we need it.

    Collaboration f We partner with others who share our vision, values, passion, and


    f We work with people with lived experience of mental illness to build better services, policies, and programs.

    f We encourage and support each other to do the best work we possibly can by listening, communicating and working as one team.

    Our mission is to help all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.


    SANE Australia 3 One million lives: A message from our Chairman and CEO 6 Campaigns 8 Research 12 Education 14 Support 16 Training 18 Teamwork and passion behind the scenes 22 Thank you to our funders, partners and supporters 26 Money matters 30

    Our valuesRespect f We focus on the whole person and their strengths, not the illness,

    and believe everyone is entitled to a better life.

    f We treat everyone with grace and dignity while welcoming robust and constructive discussion.

    f We communicate our appreciation to those who give of their time, advice and financial resources.

  • Left to right: Jack Heath, Chief Executive Officer; Stan Wallis AC, Chairman.

    SANE Australia touched the lives of over 600,000 Australians last year. With your support, we aim to make a difference to one million lives a year by 2018.Jack Heath, Chief Executive Officer

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    One million lives2013 has been a good year for SANE Australia.

    Building on SANEs 27 years of outstanding work, we made a conscious decision to invest in broadening the base of the organisation so that we can have a bigger impact in the lives of even more Australians affected by mental illness.

    We established a new management structure, recruited in new staff and introduced new reporting processes. We grew the board and established Governance and Risk and Audit committees. We established an office in Sydney to give better support to our national effort and formulated guiding values and behaviours to shepherd us through a new growth phase.

    At the same time, we increased our impact by helping more people than ever before.

    Over the last twelve months, we touched the lives of over 600,000 Australians an increase of 50% on the previous twelve months. While this was primarily through increased traffic to our website we also grew programs, most noticeably our Mindful Employer program, along with welcoming new people to our Speakers program. Unfortunately, we did not have the resources to meet the increased demand for our HelpLine services. We maintained our longstanding effort to reduce stigma in media coverage of mental illness and suicide.

    We also drew on SANEs strong standing across the mental health sector to call for a ten year vision for Australia to lead the world in mental health services, programs and outcomes.

    Importantly, the need for an inspiring and long term vision for the sector is gathering support in the sector.

    We were active on the policy front through a board seat on the Mental Health Council of Australia, membership of the Steering Committee of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, and membership of the Expert Reference Group on Mental Health Reform. The ERG formulated 10 year targets including for suicide prevention and stigma reduction which are now up for consideration by the Coalition of Australian Governments. We also attended President Obamas National Mental Health Summit at the White House.

    We produced major reports on aged care, stigma reduction, and suicide prevention for mental health professionals.

    A key highlight was securing multi-year funding to build online forums which will provide a new sense of community connection and support for people affected by mental illness, including their carers and families.

    We were reminded that when you open up about your own experience of mental illness, others do the same. We met people from all walks of life, including business and community leaders, who welcomed the opportunity to share their own story and kindly lend their support to our goal to touch one million lives by 2018.

    In the coming year we will continue to grow our programs with a big focus on our Online Community Forums. We will undertake a major strategic review to examine our options to significantly increase our impact. We will make a concerted effort to ensure the wider community is aware of SANEs great work. We will work with other organisations to secure support for a targeted national stigma reduction campaign an area that cries out for greater focus and commitment.

    On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have benefited from SANEs work over the last year, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our speakers, staff, patrons, and board.

    We also thank our many individual supporters those who have been such loyal friends of SANE and those we welcomed on board for the first time.

    We say a big thank you to Sue Woodward who stepped down from the SANE board after fifteen years of wonderful service.

    We are both personally committed to making 2014 a big year in the life of SANE Australia. We would love for you to continue on the journey with us so that, together, we can do something special in the lives of all Australians affected by mental illness.

    Stan Wallis AC Chairman

    Jack Heath Chief Executive Officer

    A message from our Chairman and CEO

  • Samantha Arnold, SANE Speaker

    Campaigns.SANE Australia campaigns for improvedattitudes towards, and services for, allpeople affected by mental illness.

    Changing minds, changing lives.

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    PolicySANE Australia advocates at a national level for improved mental health and support services for all those affected by mental illness, including family and other carers.

    In the past year, SANE has gained a voice on the Mental Health Council of Australia Board, the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance of the National Mental Health Commission, and the COAG Expert Reference Group on mental health national targets and indicators. SA