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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    Copyright Page

    This book was automatically created by FLAG on February 19th, 2013, based

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    The content in this book is copyrighted by Rizzle or their authorised agent(s).All rights are reserved except where explicitly stated otherwise.

    This story was first published on November 30th, 2012, and was last updated

    on November 30th, 2012.

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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    Table of Contents


    1. Chapter 1

    2. Chapter 2

    3. Chapter 3

    4. Chapter 4

    5. Chapter 5

    6. Chapter 6

    7. Chapter 7

    8. Chapter 89. Chapter 9

    10. Chapter 10

    11. Chapter 11

    12. Chapter 12

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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory



    Two enemies find themselves thrown together in a situation neither of them couldhave predicted. My (once lost, but now found) entry for Dramione Remix 2011


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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    Chapter 1

    Author's Notes:

    So a reader messaged me today to ask about my missing D/Hr Remix fic. I waslike, "What fic?" and then I remembered. I haven't written nearly that much D/Hrthat it warrants my completely forgetting about a 12,000-word story. But this isexactly what happened. Anyway, it belongs with its brothers and sisters here onFFnet, and so here it is. To the reader who requested it, thank you again for yourkind words and I hope you still find the same merits in your more recent reading ofthis story.

    Title: Sane and Satisfactory (originally written for Dramione Remix 2011)

    Author/Artist: Rizzle

    Original Couple/Prompt: Anakin/ Padm

    Disclaimer: This work is intended to be a transformative commentary on theoriginal. No copyright infringement is intended; no profit is being made from this


    Rating: R (for adult themes)

    Word Count: ~12k

    Warnings: AU/Alternate Reality, main character death

    Summary: Two enemies find themselves thrown together in a situation neither of

    them could have predicted.

    Notes: I wasn't exactly sure how to incorporate the Anakin/Padm prompt into aD/Hr story, but I knew from the beginning that it was going to have to be an epicand ultimately tragic love affair. The similarities to Anakin and Padm's story withinthe Star Wars saga are mostly technical, but there are some parallel themes as theyrelate to Hermione's character, Draco's responsibilities to Voldemort, and his beliefin the power and entitlement of Purebloods. The title of this fanfic and the line

    spoken by the woman that Draco kills is from a quote by the philosopher andhumanist, Erich Seligmann Fromm.

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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    Hermione sipped at her cup of tea, put it back in her saucer and then, with a smallsmile, carefully balanced it on her enormous abdomen. She took two large breathsand watched the cup rise and then fall. If she left it there long enough, the tea cupwould eventually jiggle in its saucer, as one of the babies (or both, perhaps?),practiced in-utero calisthenics.

    Large pregnant bellies were good for all sorts of things. In addition to being greatstable tables, they were also a handy platform for folding tiny onesies, for getting aseat on the bus, and for making their owners the recipient of all manner of pre andpost-natal advice from well-meaning strangers. The last one wasn't so much handyas slightly annoying. Everyone had wisdom to dispense. It was as if being HermioneGranger counted for nothing. She was just another unmarried witch suffering froman Oh Dear.

    Make that a set ofdouble Oh Dears.

    She'd actually fainted when the Mediwitch told her she was expecting twins. It'dbeen a dead faint and if it hadn't been for Harry's reflexes, she'd have kissed theclinic's green laminate flooring and probably knocked out a few teeth.

    Poor, sweet Harry. He'd made all sorts of promises to her the week they'd lostRon. And he'd stuck to them, too. He would be there for the babies, he'd said. She'dwant for nothing. He'd patted her hand all through the clinic check-up, repeating the

    mantra, "It's going to be alright."

    Harry Potter didn't know how to fail at anything.

    She'd thanked him. She'd cried and hugged him. All she knew how to do in herfirst trimester, seemingly, was weep. It was the damned hormones. People weremore than sympathetic. For Hermione, arguably, there was a lot to cry about. Therewas the war and the untimely death of her childhood sweetheart. If the public knewshe was also pregnant Well, her sympathy cup would runneth over.

    The war was an all-consuming worry. It was the dark cloud that sucked all theunmitigated happiness from a room. It was evil and unnecessary and not a nightwent by that Hermione didn't wish Voldemort would just die in his sleep and saveboth sides more lives lost.

    Hermione wept for Ron, who was brave, kind, and should have lived to a hundredand twenty at least, with grandchildren piled up to the Burrow's lopsided ceiling. It

    didn't matter that they hadn't been in love. Ron knew who the real father was, ofcourse. Harry was the first person she told, and he had handled the news with his

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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    usual grace. She'd told Ron soon after and he'd judged her. Fair enough. Shecertainly judged herself. He'd forgiven her. Hermione would have preferred hisunderstanding too, but he was only human.

    And then he'd proposed.

    She had politely declined, because she didn't need a husband to assist her.

    She needed friends.

    - 7 -

  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    Chapter 2

    The two wizards walked through the hedge-maze that stood in place of the grandmanor's fine, manicured gardens. The final task of the Triwizard tournament had

    provided the inspiration for the macabre surrounds. Where there had once beenvelvety English rose banks and herbaceous borders, there were now dark, twistedyew and holly hedges that encircled the fortress like a malevolent moat. It made foran excellent defence against intruders, and when the need arose, it also provided areason for a stroll.

    "I sense you are troubled, General," said the Master, after many minutes ofsilence.

    The younger man did not immediately respond. He collected any errant thoughts,checked stubborn tendrils of emotion and then chose his reply very, verycarefully."I am concerned by this latest course of action."

    Their pace through the maze was leisurely. The wizards walked unmolestedthrough traps and amongst creatures that would have been at home in a waxworkhouse of mythological horrors.

    "Ah. You refer to my campaign to exterminate all that Potter holds dear?"

    "I do."

    "Remember why I have raised you to this position. There are times when I haveneed of mindless sycophants. This is not that time and you are not your father.Speak your mind."

    The General did not hesitate. His passions were contained within a tightly-sealed

    vault that had proved to be impressively impervious to Legilimency. However, forthe purposes of believable authenticity, he peeled back the layer on that seal, everso slightly. "Given our limited resources, would it not be wiser to focus simply onPotter instead? We should face him, my Lord, here and now, and destroy him.Eliminating every member of his support network is dangerous, time-consuming,and risks exposing you in your current weakened state."

    The Dark Lord smiled. Or rather it was what passed for a smile on a face morereptilian than man. "And you think we have it within our means to end him now, doyou?"

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  • 7/29/2019 Rizzle - Sane and Satisfactory


    The General was emphatic. "Yes."

    The smile vanished. "We would lose. You would die. You are a great wizard, andunder my tutelage, perhaps you will be one of the greatest. But Harry Potter isstronger than you. Laid low as I am now , he surpasses even me. It has taken me ajourney to the point of near oblivion to discover that young man's secret. And rest

    assured I will end him with it."

    "What secret is this, my Lord?" the General asked.

    Voldemort spat out the word, as if that one syllable was anathema to him. "Love."

    The General was exceptionally intelligent. He'd finished near top of his class atHogwarts, and as such, implicitly understood what his master was alluding to. "The

    secret to Harry Potter's power is in the many who love him," he surmised. "If wetake that away, he becomes less than he is. That is the key to defeating him."

    "You do not disappoint, Draco."

    They had reached the end of the maze. The thick hedge walls shifted behind them,re-arranging the area into yet another permutation that was impossible to navigateif one did not carry the Dark Mark. Beyond the maze lay the entrance to a fortress.Voldemort paused before a wall of blue, liquid fire. He waved a hand and watched as

    the boiling, churning waters evaporated, revealing an iron-bolted door.

    They entered the manor, and as always, the General took care to gather hiscontrol around him like a cloak, such that not even light could penetrate. He did thisbefore asking Voldemort, "And who are we to eliminate f