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  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014



    SANE Australia

    Working in partnership to help

    Australians affected by mental illness

    lead a better life


  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I2

    Your service made ahuge difference for myson . . . Im pretty sureyou helped save a lifetoday.

    SANE Helpline caller

    Left to right: SANE Speakers Jo Buchanan,Jesse Millar and Evan Bichara.

    SANE Speakers generously share theirexperiences of mental illness for the benefit

    of others. More information about SANESpeakers is on page21.

  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I3


    Helping allAustralians

    affected bymental

    illness leada better life.

  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I4

    SANE Australia.Working in partnershipto help all Australiansaffected by mental illnesslead a better life.Anxiety. Depression. Bipolar

    disorder. Schizophrenia.Personality disorders and other


    One in five Australians

    experience a mental health

    problem every year. And every

    one of these has family, friends,

    fellow students or work

    colleagues who are affected by

    their condition.

    Mental illness isnt something

    that happens to other people.

    Its something that affects all of

    us at some time in some way.

    Its about people like us.

    Mental health problems are treatable, yet the majority of

    us who experience them do not access the treatment andsupport we need.

    Why? Lack of understanding of symptoms, concerns

    about stigma and discrimination, confusion about where

    to go or what to do, inadequate or non-existent mental

    health services and policies all of these contribute to

    the unnecessary and distressing cost of mental illness to

    Australian lives today.

    SANE Australia is passionately committed to

    addressing these problems, to help all Australians

    affected by mental illness lead a better life through

    Support, Training, and Education in the community.

    individuals and theirfamilies through Helpline, Online

    Chat and Forums.

    Educatethe widercommunity on mental

    health and reduce


    Page 10

    Page 20

    Trainprofessionalsin suicide prevention,

    physical health, aged

    care, and workplace

    mental health.

    SANE Australias impact

    Page 14

  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I5

    Our missionis to help allAustraliansaffected by

    mental illnesslead a better life.


    SANE Australia 4 Making life better, together: A messagefrom our Chairman and CEO 6 Highlights from our year

    20132014 8 Support 10 Training 14Education 20Teamwork and passion behind the scenes 24 Thank you to

    our funders, partners and supporters 28 Money matters 34

    Our valuesguide us inour work

    every day.

    Our visionis for Australiato lead the worldin mental health

    within ten years.

    ABN 92 006 533 606


    f We celebrate great achievements (big and small) by ourselves

    and others.

    f We warmly welcome everyone who comes through our doors and we

    create a fun, flexible and inspiring workplace that fosters personal and

    professional growth.

    f We broadcast to the world heroic stories of courage, resilience

    and recovery.


    f We have a passion for learning, and disseminating creative solutions to

    real-world problems.

    f We embrace technology to build community and provide helpful

    information.f We seek out new ways to have greater impact through research,

    testing, and evaluation, always informed by peoples lived experience

    of mental illness.


    f We do what is right, however difficult that might be.

    f We are accountable for the decisions we make.

    f We take good care of our physical and mental health, and seek help

    when we need it.


    f We partner with others who share our vision, values, passion, and

    commitment.f We work with people with lived experience of mental illness to build

    better services, policies, and programs.

    f We encourage and support each other to do the best work we possibly

    can by listening, communicating, and working as one team.


    f We focus on the whole person and their strengths, not the illness,

    and believe everyone is entitled to a better life.

    f We treat everyone with grace and dignity while welcoming robust

    and constructive discussion.

    f We communicate our appreciation to those who give of their time,

    advice and financial resources.

  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I6

    Left to right: Stan Wallis AC, Chairman;Jack Heath, Chief Executive Officer

    We attribute much of oursuccess in 2013-2014 tothe strength and quality ofour partnerships with manyindividuals and more than100 organisations.Stan Wallis AC, Chairman andJack Heath, Chief Executive Officer

  • 7/21/2019 SANE Annual Report 2014


    SANE Australia Annual Report 2014 I7

    Stan Wallis AC


    Jack Heath

    Chief Executive Officer

    Making life better, together.A message from our Chairman and CEO

    Everyone connected with SANE Australia can feel veryproud of all that we have achieved over the past year.

    We attribute much of our success in20132014to the strength and

    quality of our partnerships with many individuals and more than 100

    organisations. We deeply appreciate the great support thats come our

    way. Thats why this year we have decided to focus our annual report on

    the theme Better Together, building on SANE Australias core value of


    Through these partnerships, weve connected with more Australians

    concerned with mental health issues than ever before 780,000people of which94,000were directly engaged. We have increased

    our training in the workplace, in mental health organisations, and in

    suicide prevention. Weve conducted pilot training in aged care facilities

    and undertaken important new research to better understand why

    people attempt suicide.

    Building on SANEs great tradition, we continue to work hand in

    hand with people directly affected by mental illness, be they carers

    or people with lived experience, in the design and delivery of our

    programs.Importantly, weve grown our Speakers program and

    supported people across the country in our efforts to reduce stigma

    through the StigmaWatch program. Our Helpline reached out to morethan 7,000 individuals and families directly affected by mental illness,

    and we did this without any government funding.

    We did, however, secure Australian Government funding to launch

    one of our most exciting initiatives in many years the SANE online

    Forums.Providing people across Australia with the opportunity to find

    support and encouragement in a safe online community, weve taken

    the best that technology has to offer and partnered with mental health

    organisations right across the country. Weve been connecting up with

    people in rural and regional areas as well as the cities. Launched by

    Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton, in August 2014, the SANE Forums

    are already building an invaluable piece of infrastructure across the

    mental health sector that benefits both individuals and organisations.

    On the policy front, we made a critical push towards the

    establishment of ten-year targets in mental health through our

    participation in the Expert Reference Group for Mental Health

    Reform.With support from Lundbeck, we conducted a comprehensive

    study of depression in the workplace comparing Australian attitudes

    and behaviours with those of seven European countries. We continued

    our policy advocacy push through the media and involvement with a

    range of mental health bodies including Mental Health Australia and the

    National Mental Health Commission which is due to complete its major

    review at the end of this year. We engaged with Federal politicians

    through our joint leadership of the Parliamentary Friends of MentalIllness Group, co-chaired by Ken Wyatt MP and Amanda Rishworth MP.

    Weve strengthened our leadership with the appointment of Janet

    Hopkins as General Manager and elevated Faruk Avdi to the

    leadership team to join Paul Morgan and Claire Blundy who is back

    from maternity leave.Importantly, we have very high performance right

    across the entire SANE team as we continue to attract high quality staff

    and Board members.

    On the financial front, we managed our finances responsibly.

    Our expenditures, which were up 20per cent, tracked directly to

    budget. The only significant variation against projected income came

    from one major bequest which accounted for the surplus result for this

    year and contributed to the significant improvement to our balance

    sheet. For the moment, we will hold this in reserve as our government

    funding just over 40 per cent of total funding comes to an end in

    June 2015. While we are optimistic of our ability to continue to attract

    significant government support over the coming years, we do not intend

    to take that for granted and will continue to manage our finances on a

    prudent basis.