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Recruiters' guide 2014

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  • Master of Business Administration(Agri Business)

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    Swami KeshwanandRajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner

    Phone : 0151-2250443, 2250488 (O): 0151-2250469, 2250529 (R)

    Fax : 0151-2250336e-mail :

    India has made tremendous progress in agriculture and allied sectors after its independence. Liberalisation of policies of the government, fostering public-private partnership in different areas and facilitating entry of national and multinational companies in the agriculture value chain are some of the factors contributing to the changes being witnessed. Inspite of numerous achievements, India is still a minor international contributor in terms of Agribusiness Sector. Indian agriculture can reach the next stage of development and become a major international player in agri business markets if it can ensure the availability of qualified agribusiness professionals in the sector. Agribusiness Management education, is therefore, attracting attention of the policymakers of the country in view of the vast opportunities of growth that exist in the core areas like production, processing, marketing, exports etc.

    Since its inception in 2000, Institute of Agri Business Management has emerged as one of the major centre of higher education, training and research in Agri Business Management. IABM has made significant contribution by providing competent manpower with the desired technical and managerial skills through its MBA (AB) programme to the agribusiness industry in the last one decade. The students of the batch 2012-14 are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to seek opportunities for themselves. I am quite confident that they will be true assets to the agribusiness organisations and contribute the most in its development and growth.

    A.K. Dahama

    Prof. A.K. DahamaVice-Chancellor

  • Prof. Rajesh SharmaDirector

    Keep on innovating and growing is the philosophy of IABM. The deliberately designed culture of IABM empowers the students to develop a unique identity in an organization. In fact, this is how we are special and have been consistently serving agri industry with high degree of belongingness.

    Adapt and adjust with time is the need of the hour and also key to success in this era of transformation. 'Always do better' and 'do not come out of the blue', are derived from our dedicated faculty and this is why we are valued by corporate world since beginning. We feel proud to be grooming the students for more than a decade and the alumni are now known to be the best of all.

    The institute is looking forward to be a leading institute in the field of Agri Business Education by introducing new courses on Agripreneurship. We are likely to be identified as Agri Business Centre to impart trainings at various capacities. With a literally carved out tagline of the institute Strengthening Agribusiness, a new batch of IABM is ready to contribute its unique self. I hope as always, you will endorse IABM students with a high level of hope and trust.

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  • Prof. Madhu SharmaPlacement Officer

    The fast changing globalised business world has not left agriculture untouched. Expansion and improvement in technology, infrastructure and facilities have been responsible for commercialisation of agriculture which has paved way for the development of various allied sectors. In view of the contributions to this development in agriculture, academicians have made several changes in course curriculum and teaching methodologies.

    Institute of Agri Business Management, Bikaner is playing a very important role in developing and shaping committed and effective managers in the field of agribusiness. The institute, approved by AICTE and accredited by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, has created excellent infrastructure and academic environment in its journey of 14 years. IABM attracts brains from different parts of the country and grooms them to work with positive mindset in harsh conditions. Rigorous individual level training and practical exposure to small batch size is a distinct feature of the institute. Alumni of institute are working in different sectors successfully and are a valuable resource to the organisation. I am confident that students of current two batches will be able to raise the standards of performance.

    All these efforts will go futile if students do not get good opportunity to start their career in a progressive organisation. I feel happy to invite you to give a chance to the students of IABM to bring life to their careers while contributing towards the growth of your esteemed organisation.

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  • About IABMThe changing world economic environment and globalisation of economies has necessitated professionalism in important sectors of Indian economy such as agriculture and rural development. Growing emphasis on business orientation of agriculture has necessitated the demand for trained manpower in the areas such as specialised production, post-harvest management, promotion of value-added agri products, supply chain management etc. so as to position these competitively both in the domestic as well as in the international markets. Agri business management education has taken a very crucial place over the years in order to meet the requirement of skilled agribusiness managers in the country.

    Institute of Agri Business Management (IABM) was established in the year 2000, with the financial assistance from the World Bank, as a constituent unit of Swami Keshwananad Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner. IABM envisages solution oriented and agro industry need based management education, training, research and policy related activities to give an impetus to the development of agro based industry in particular, and rural development, in general. Approved by AICTE and duly accredited by ICAR, the institute has been a pioneer in the state for providing competent managers for more than a decade.

    The institute is recognised and awarded by many national as well as international bodies as an exclusive sectoral business school to train professionally skilled agri business managers for the leading corporate and non corporate organisations of the country.

  • About SKRAU

    Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University (SKRAU), Bikaner was established in 1987 to bring about progressive and technological advancements in the area of agricultural development and contribute to the socio-economic development of the farming community of the state. The University is mainly funded by Government of Rajasthan. Besides that, it also receives a major financial support by ICAR for teaching, research and extension education activities. In addition to the task of providing trained and skilled manpower in agriculture and allied sectors, the university also has the responsibility to carry out production oriented and location specific research and transfer of technology in the fields of agriculture, home science and agribusiness management. SKRAU has the following constituent units under its jurisdiction :? Institute of Agri Business Management, Bikaner? College of Agriculture, Bikaner? College of Home Science, Bikaner? Directorate of Human Resource Development, Bikaner? Directorate of Research (Agriculture)

    ? Plant Biotechnology Centre? Agri Biodiversity Centre? Datepalm Research Centre? Seed Farms? Agriculture Research Stations? Agriculture Research Sub Stations

    ? Directorate of Extension Education ? Krishi Vigyan Kendras? Agricultural Technology Information Centre

    ? Directorate of Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation? Directorate of Students' Welfare? Centre for Information Management and Computer Application

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Agri Business) ProgrammeRole of MBA (AB) has been realized long back and number of institutes started offering such programme. This has created a big demand of qualified manpower in Agri Business education. IABM has started Ph.D. (Agri Business) from the academic session 2011-12 to fill this gap. The course curriculum is designed to sharpen skills of the students in the area of education and consultancy with special reference to agri business. Pedagogy is conceptualised so as to develop critical thinking on the knowledge acquired through the courses during management degree.


    Post Graduate Diploma in Agri Input ManagementThe PGDAIM is a unique collaborative programme depicting Institute Industry interface directed towards the growth of the agri input sector as well as addressing the employment problem related to the agricultural graduates. The one year duration programme with Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. (DAL) assures employment after successful completion of the course to the participants .

    MBA (Agri Business) ProgrammeThe Master of Business Administration (Agri Business) is a two-year full time residential post-graduate degree programme which grooms young men and women