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Candidate Attraction Candidate Management Art of InterviewingManual for Best Practices and Processes Tips and Tools for becoming a successful Recruiter


PrefaceThis document is to lead in the creation and delivery of services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work. We aim and actively pursue the development and adoption of the best practices with the value of the People, the Knowledge and the Innovation. We will provide support to our people and help them achieve their aim, and never accept the status quo. In order to successfully execute our strategies set out to achieve the vision and values, we need to build a Best-in-Class organization. This requires a best-in-class way of doing business which will create respect and confidence among our client and candidate community. Unfortunately, Employment Services (Recruitment) is not yet a recognized industry in India and therefore there are no set standards of conducting the business. We looked around and found no comprehensive resource on conducting the business which led us to the path of creating it ourselves. The purpose of the manual is to put together Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices to execute the entire cycle of Recruitment business from acquiring clients to collection with high


level of efficiency and effectiveness. This manual serves as the expert guide to best processes, systems and concepts, and provides tips and tools to overcome daily challenges. Recruitment is considered to be an art by many but with evolution of processes at each stage with time; the science of recruitment has been evolving. While the science of recruitment which comprises of set steps and processes can be taught, the art need to be caught. However, the effort of the authors of this manual has been to capture the nuances of this industry at each stage in a simple manner to help improve the learning curve of consultants. We are confident that you will find this manual an incredible resource to help you through all your challenges. As you begin your journey in adopting the processes and procedures laid out in this manual it will lead to the following benefits and desired state: Create Best-in-Class organization Maximize Gross Profit and improve the delivery system Improve operational efficiency (Activity and Ability) and, bring focus and consistency EstabliMeta Recruit META RECRUIT as trusted advisor to Client and Candidates Prepare targeted training and development programs Live and enhance the brand value and pride among the team Demonstrate all our brand attributes-Forward Looking; Expert; Inclusive; Engaging FreMeta Recruit Thinking and Trustworthy

This is only the beginning. This document will be reviewed on regular basis and will be continuously updated based on new insights, learning and business/market needs.


Candidate Attraction


1 Candidate Attraction Strategy


Following points are covered as part of candidate attraction strategy:

A. Marketplace Understanding B. infrastructure & Operational Management C. Candidate Sourcing


2 Market Place UnderstandingIn any candidate attraction plan, the first factor to understand is the marketplace in which you are operating. Economic conditions provide the background to the everyday business of recruitment. What happens in the macro economy, or in individual product markets, ultimately determines how many staff organisations need to recruit, develop and retain in order to meet client demand.

You are required to understand: y y y y y y y y Where is the candidate pool? What are the sectors you would be aiming at or service? What are the positions you would be looking at? Has adequate mapping been done to know the existence of your candidate pool? The experience / skill/ competence of your candidate pool? Has the no poaching policy been considered while selecting candidate pool? What is the service delivery model? Who are the key competitors in your market segment? What are your key differentiators?

In order to find answers to above questions, you are expected to probe your client and research on your own. Please refer to Order Management module for more details.



Infrastructure & Operational Management

This is extremely crucial part to gauge the acceptability factor of the workforce to be relocated in different geographical spread. y y y y y y y Need to asses the availability of the positions across regions / locations Adequate availability of the pool for the required Use of Meta Recruitared database O drive Any rules and regulations that apply in the operating environment What are the benchmark pay rates and how quick is the percentage increase What are the standard benefits provided What are the benefits unique to a particular client or position additionally

Please note that the above requires a constant research and update on what is happening in the market. This is part of regular business / market intelligence to be gathered from all sources such as client, candidates and media.


4 Candidate SourcingWhen META RECRUIT Professional recruits for clients, the candidates you work with will have specialized skills and experience. These peoples skills will be highly valued in their local (and potentially international) market place and you cannot rely on these candidates always proactively presenting themselves to you. You must therefore use various methods to increase your candidate database. The following classification will help you to understand the types of candidates:

Although it is tempting to work solely on Active/Active candidates, you will need to develop a strategy to attract candidates from all sectors. This will increase your ability to sell to your clients as they will generally only be able to reach out to Active/Active candidates on their own since they are more visible in the market. However, you Meta Recruitould spend the majority of your time with Active/Active and Active/ Passive candidates since they have the greatest likelihood of completion of the sale. It Meta Recruitould be noted that when working with a candidate with Passive in their profile, they must be converted to Active before going for a client interview.

There are candidates out there in the market. Someone is getting them. Organize and optimize your candidate attraction plan for maximum effectiveness


4.1 How to source all types of candidates?Best Practices of Sourcing Candidates Best Practices of Sourcing CandidatesJob Board Searching Advertising Professional Association Networking Company Closures & Layoffs. Industry, trade and alumni directories Networking Sites

Networking Mail Meta Recruitots


Public Relations

Candidates from Other Countries

Banner Advertising and Keyword SponsorMeta Recruitip

Search Engine SponsorMeta Recruitip

Collegial supporters

Personal visibility

1. Networking: Networking is the process of finding people using referrals. This is considered to be a difficult way to find people by many but when done properly; it turns out to be the easiest and most effective solution to sourcing candidates. The quality level of candidates through referrals is generally better. Please refer to Mapping of Candidates for more details.

2. Job Board Searching: Internal and external Job boards such as META, and can be a huge and valuable source of leads as long as the resumes posted on them are of good quality and tend to reflect accurately the skills and experience of the candidates. Please refer to search guides of respective job boards for conducting an effective search. General search on net ( also provides many names.

3. Advertising: Advertising is an important way to reach out to large number of candidates who you may not know at all. It also helps create awareness of the META RECRUIT Professional brand. An ad campaign could be online or in print. An online ad campaign for sourcing candidates for any position, need to be consistent or else the results may not be sufficient. Ads are a potentially important part of a candidate attraction strategy, may result in very few quality responses and may not be the most effective use of your time and money. Hence, in order to make your advertisement effective, remember the following: y When advertising, consider joint logo advertising with clients on a job specific basis and general advertising to increase candidate database (general roles in each vertical) and brand awareness. Analyze and choose media which is targeted at your vertical such as a magazine or website for financial executives and professionals. Advertising Meta Recruitould drive traffic to the META RECRUIT Professional website or any other Job Site being used by you.



y y

Follow brand guidelines to achieve maximum effectiveness Use GEKO principle while preparing the content of the ad

4. Professional Association Networking: You Meta Recruitould be members of professional associations related to your vertical specialization. You need to take a visible, active role to ensure credibility within the vertical community. Participation in an association allows you to view candidates in a situation that is similar to work. You will be able to build up a clear picture across industry sectors of the key personnel and their career plans and aspirations.

5. Networking Sites: Networking Sites such as, ,; and have become an increasingly popular platform through which to build relationMeta Recruitips and attract candidates. This is particularly the case for senior, highly skilled workers who m