Pardot Elevate 2012 - The Evolution of Pardot’s Sales and Marketing Function

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When Pardot was founded, we weren’t just building software for small businesses - we were a small business! In this session, Pardot’s own Derek Grant will walk you through how Pardot grew our own internal sales and marketing function, how we used Pardot at each stage of our evolution, and what we learned along the way.

Text of Pardot Elevate 2012 - The Evolution of Pardot’s Sales and Marketing Function

  • Presented by: Derek Grant, Pardot October 2012

    Building a World Class Sales Team Mysteries Revealed About Pardot Sales


  • FSU Fun Facts: #8 Party School #101 Best Colleges 40% 4 Year Grad Rate

    University MoCo: C Pares Gradu

    Im @derekgrant

    C Equals Degree

  • Rock Star (Literally) Alkaline Trio Member of church of satan

    I rock, but please dont accidentally tweet this guy!

    Im not @derekrgrant

  • What will we talk about? What we did what we did Our Hiring Process Ramping Up New Reps CRM Processes and Measurement Random Tomfoolery

  • Why We Did What We Did: RetrospecPvely, it makes sense

  • The Prole

    A Sad Story: Young man rejected It got me wondering How do you get experience when you dont have experience

  • The Prole

  • Limited Experience

    1-3 Years of Experience:

    Desire to learn No bad habits Prove us right

  • Prior Commodity Sales

  • Entrepreneurs Spirit

  • The Hiring Process: 3 Steps to Amazing Hires

  • My Mantra

    Hire Slowly Fire Quickly

  • The Velvet Rope

  • Step 1 - Assessments WriCen: Pardots Direct CompeUtors

    Find 10 companies Technical: Leverages the KB

  • Step 2 Skills Interview Corporate Values PosiUve / Self StarUng / SupporUve

    Canned QuesUons Measure ObjecUvely

  • Step 3 Culture Interview Culture MaCers Culture Keepers

    Dierent Team

    Canoe Test

  • Recruiters = #HistoricalFail Recruiters Hate Us Interest not aligned

    Quick hit v. Long term

    2 Internal recruiters

  • Wait - we hired them? Time to make them credible

  • Trust The System Paint by Numbers

    Training It takes a village

    Scripts Demo / Cold Call / Templates

    Color within the lines No Freelancing

  • Sales Playbook Includes: General Info Our Story TargeUng CRM Processes

  • Onboarding New Reps

  • New Hire Drip Program Daily Linear 1 paragraph or less 1 value proposiUon

  • In Their First Week Think like a Marketer Playbook-Based Training Industry Whitepapers Demo for 2 Peers Prospect 30 Companies Cold Call Prospects

  • IniPally They Make Me

  • But With PracPce They Get

  • Our Structure BlueprinPng the team

  • Tom Brady is a Football Player

  • Vince Wilfork is a Football Player

  • SpecializaPon is Key Cold Caller (BDR) Complete monthly demo goal

    Team of 5 Account ExecuPve Achieve monthly quota Team of 18

  • Management Is CriPcal Management Structure

    3 AE Managers 1 BDR Manager 1 Sales Director

    Max 8 people Per Team No Quota for Managers

  • The Open Territory Model Unlimited Opportunity Per Rep

  • A Statement About Territories

  • How We Resolve This

  • Conceptually

  • Make Measurement Possible A Culture of Accountability

  • Our CRM is

  • Use Task DisposiPons Post InteracPon

    What occurred? Custom eld on AcUvity

    Rollup ReporUng

  • Set ExpectaPons Measure Everything

  • Track The CriPcal Metrics Autonomy & Accountability 6 Key Numbers AcUvity Demos Scheduled Demos Done Opps Created Opps Won Revenue Booked






  • Celebrate Everything The Glue That Holds Us Together

  • Have Fun As a Team

  • Have TradiPons

  • Celebrate Milestones

  • Do Things Together

  • QuesPons?