Pardot Elevate 2011: Social Selling

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Derek Grant, Vice President of Sales at Pardot, dives in to how-to tips for leveraging Pardot on the sales side of your organization. Topics will include using social media as a sales tool and how to use Pardot data to engage prospects in a targeted way without "getting creepy."

Text of Pardot Elevate 2011: Social Selling

  • 1. Tips for the Social SaleHow Pardot Leverages Tracking + Social DataPresented by:Derek Grant, SVP, Sales

2. Get Social#Pardot2011 3. Who The Heck Are You?Im Derek Grant Sales Manager at Pardot With Pardot since 2007 Motto: Be Brief, Be Brilliant and Be Gone 4. Rock Stars from Mars? 5. Leveraging Behavioral DataKnow What, When and Why 6. Visitor Capture Used for: Validation of Efforts Lead Generation Assign Visitors Check CRM Use Letters Tip: Opt In ToAppropriate States /Countries 7. Turn Down the Creepy FactorDo: Find Your Ideal Prospect(s) Note Search Terms Search for Other Visits Send a Tracked EmailDont Identify that you are watchingthem 8. Email AlertsUsed for: Priority Pages High Value FormsTips: Configure Page Rules Twilio for Phone Alerts Exclude tagged prospects 9. LeadDeck AlertsUsed for: Real time feedbackTips: Limit Columns & Alerts Use the Installed App 10. Turn Down the Creepy Factor Do: Be Timely Thanks for Downloading Note Search Terms Dont Note Specific Page Views Disclose Too Much 11. Email Plug InUsed for: Gaining Visibility Tracks Links to AnySiteTips: Only 1 Recipient Use Anchor Text 12. Turn Down the Creepy Factor Do: Link to third party sites Remove the HTTP:// Note the specific link Dont Disclose that you tracked their click Respond too quickly 13. Rep Driven NurturingFaking Sincerity With Longtail Prospects 14. Nurture Longtail ProspectsUse When: They wont Engage: Dont Want to Talk If You Lost a Deal They use a Competitor 15. Prospect NurturingUsed for: Staying In Touch Reconnecting with LostOppsTips: Mark as Visible in CRM Only a few options Stop on Opportunity Created or Opportunity Won 16. Personalize with CRM DataSales Captures Data About Their Current: CRM Email Marketing Automation Vendor Other Marketing Tools 17. Send Light HTML 18. Not Heavy HTML 19. Forward Emails 20. Nurturing Works 21. The Social SaleRecommended Dos and Dont 22. Social Selling 23. Social Selling - LinkedIn 24. Social Selling - LinkedIn 25. Social Selling - LinkedIn 26. Social Selling - Twitter 27. Social Selling - Facebook 28. Questions? 29. Contact Information PardotDerek Grant950 East Paces Ferry RdSVP of Sales Suite Atlanta, Georgia 30326@derekgrant 404.492.6848 877.3B2B.ROI