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La Gran Familia Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua Feliz Navidad de La ... 2014 Newsletter (3).pdf · PDF fileFeliz Navidad de La Gran Familia 2014 . Accomplishments During 2014 New Building Inaugurated

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La Gran Familia Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua

Feliz Navidad de

La Gran Familia 2014

Accomplishments During 2014

New Building Inaugurated in August

In August, a new $4,000,000 pesos building was inaugurated by the mayor of Cuauhtemoc and many

state and federal officials. It provides housing for all the girls, the older boys and the on-site house

parents for La Gran Familia. It has dormitories, study halls, 13 bathrooms, a computer lab, and offices

for the administrators.


Jorge came to live at LGF in the eighth grade

after being abandoned by his mother. He is a

good student and never gave up. This year he

graduated from the University of Chihuahua

with a degree in Engineering. He has been

employed by a local factory and plans to

marry next year.

Mirna graduated from high school in the

Spring and was accepted into the school of

Medicine at the University of Juarez-

Cuauhtemoc campus. She will be a physician

after completing the six year program. She

also came to LGF in the eighth grade.

Rigoberto graduated from Cecate trade school

with a focus in Mechanics and Electricity. Rigo

came to LGF when he was seven years old. He

suffered for many years from a disease known as

purpura which is a blood disorder that causes

painful purple splotches on the skin resulting in

his missing much school. Completing trade

school is a huge accomplishment for him, and

we all are exceedingly proud of him.

Staff Changes

Esmeralda completed junior high and will

continue her studies in high school. She

came to live at LGF when she was 2 years

old, accompanied by her two brothers and

one sister.

In the spring Carlos went to Puerto Vallarta for

a High School cheerleading competition where

he won first place.

Martin Cordova completed his masters in

Counseling and has returned to LGF to

assist Gorretty with fund raising and special


In September Blanca and Mani Garcia came

to La Gran Familia. After serving as youth

ministers for many years, they are well

equipped to serve as the on-site house

parents. They have been a wonderful addition

to the staff.

2014 Brought a New Ministry to LGF

During 2014, LGF was introduced to a new ministry. Working in conjunction with the Parker

County Kids Against Hunger Program, and Pan y Pescado A.C. of El Paso and Chihuahua City

about 25,000 lbs. of food has been sent to Tarahumara Indians near Creel as well as shipments to

Nuevo Laredo, Piedras Negras and El Paso-Juarez. We hope to expand their ministry in the year

to come.

La Gran Familia

Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua

La Gran Familia Inc.

2813 Southland Blvd.

San Angelo, TX 76904


Glenn Polhemus

Phone: 325-656-6244

E-mail: [email protected]

Rocio Padilla, Newsletter editor



Warehousing or Educating

Fr. Greg Spinks the founder of La Gran Familia, set as one of our goals to educate each child to the

limit of his ability, just like we would educate our own children. Thanks to abundant support from

the United States, we have been able to do just that. We now have students at the following levels:

University Level-2

High School Level-5

Junior High Level-8

Elementary Level-12

Through the daycare , we also care for 29 that are age one to four.

Recently some of the board members visited an orphanage in Chihuahua that care for 42 boys. The

goal of their home is to feed and care for as many boys as they can. They are poorly financed and

struggle to feed and clothe the boys. Thank God for what they do. If they were not there who knows

the conditions that the boys would be suffering under. My visit there also made me aware of the

support that we receive that allows us to educate and make serious changes in the lives of the

children that God sends to us. Thanks to you, we are able to find ways to not just warehouse large

numbers of needy kids, but educate them and hopefully break the cycle of poverty that has

dominated their families. Thank you for faithfully remembering the children of La Gran Familia.

Gift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift Cards If you have relatives who are hard to buy for, consider our gift cards for them. They are hand

colored by our kids and say that a gift to La Gran Familia was given in their name. Make a donation

and tell us how many cards you want sent to you