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  • 1. Get excited about blogging.Coffee not required.

2. Blogging. 3. My Blog Is a Window into mywork, hopes, ideas, and lessons Ive learned. 4. Guess Who? 5. Blogs To Follow and Read Check out Our Wiki! Tons of great links. Connected Principals! All the Edublog Award Winners! 6. 7. Platform Choice vs. 8. Lets Get Started What you need Google Account or Account Bio Something to write about 9. 10 Minute Blog Creation1. Sign in to your Google Account2. Go to Click New Blog4. Add your Title, URL address, and choose a template (can change it later).5. Click Start Blogging! 10. If a tree falls 11. Steroids! Thomas Friedman Share it with the world: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, Digg,Stumble Upon, Google+, etc 12. What did we accomplish? Understand the relevance of blogging Created a blog Shared our blog Use all of the amazing resources at ourdisposal. 13. Thank You!