ISTE LF12 - Virtual Learning Platforms

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  • 1. Please take out your device.Start your engines.

2. Virtual Learning Platforms (VLPs) 3. Guiding Questions for this Session What does virtual really mean in education? Has learning gone virtual in your school? How can a VLP improve your school? What options do I have to implement a VLP? 4. What is Virtual Education? 5. My Experiences Flat Classroom and Net Gen Ed Project MS: Drexel Global and International Online Summer School VLPs: Moodle, Blackboard, Ning, Schoology,Edmodo, LoudCloud 6. VLPs = 21 Century Classroom st Real LearningAccessTeamingAnywhereCapabilitiesCollaborationTools 7. 8. 10 Minute VLP Review1. Go to Listen as I go through different VLP options3. Fill out your feedback form on the Google Form4. Once your done see what others have said! 9. Moodle 10. Schoology 11. Ning 12. Edmodo 13. Play time 14. On the Wiki Browse the VLP During Conference Page to getto all the different sites Read instructions for Sign-Up and Logon See as many VLPs as you can and leave yourfeedback on the Wiki as a discussion comment 15. Lets Hear It. Share Out. 16. Are You There Yet? 17. What did we accomplish? Understand Virtual Learning See its benefits in school districts Reviewed Options Decide whether or not you are ready to movetowards a VLP in your school 18. Thank You!


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