2015 ISTE - Structuring

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<ol><li> 1. Transforming Schools: Building Conditions for Modern Learning Diana Laufenberg &amp; Chris Lehmann Inquiry Schools @dlaufenberg &amp; @chrislehmann </li><li> 2. Inquiry Research Collaboration Presentation Reection </li><li> 3. How do you dene inquiry? Getting Started: </li><li> 4. Process </li><li> 5. What Changes WhenYou Help Students Develop The Skill of Inquiry? Tracking Change: </li><li> 6. Inquiry Develops: Choice Personalization Relevance Empowerment Care </li><li> 7. Inquiry Complicates: Covering Content Planning Assessment </li><li> 8. Inquiry isnt: Us asking kids questions we know the answers to. </li><li> 9. How do we create enough structure to be effective without becoming so rigid that we can't innovate </li><li> 10. Guided Inquiry </li><li> 11. For example... http://bit.ly/SLAPublicInfo http://tinyurl.com/buildinghistory http://bit.ly/RamiEnglish11_Sept http://bit.ly/SLASFP1213 </li><li> 12. It's Complicated: </li><li> 13. Discussion: To/For By/With </li><li> 14. Next Questions: What are your fears about doing this? What fears might your learners have? How will you mitigate those fears? </li><li> 15. Really Big Questions: What else will change if your pedagogy becomes more inquiry-driven? What changes if your entire system becomes more inquiry-driven? </li><li> 16. Using Tech: </li><li> 17. Ubiquitous, Necessary and Invisible </li><li> 18. Discussion: How do we ensure that the technology serves the learning, not the other way around? </li><li> 19. Open Inquiry </li><li> 20. Senior Capstone http://bit.ly/SLACapstone http://bit.ly/WynnCapstone </li><li> 21. Reections: How would a deeper movement into the inquiry process change your teaching? Change your school? What needs to happen for you to move further in this direction? </li><li> 22. More Information: inquiryschools.org Building School 2.0 </li></ol>