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  • 1. Getting Ready...- do you have nearpod app on yourphone/tablet?- do you have a QR reader?- you can sign up for my group in edmodonow if you would like CODE: q6ipg2

2. Mobile Meets Blended:Happily Ever AfterM. LulaISTE 14, AtlantaJune 2014 3. Embrace a device,Explore learning opportunities andEnergize your class through Blended LearningEngaged learners will say I do 4. Introductionswho am i? 5. picture: 6. And you? 7. ProblemKindergartena hell of a lot of disengagedstudentsMichael Fullan, Stratospheregrade 9 8. Solutionhead off destruction we need to make it all aboutlearning, let technology permeate, and engage the wholesystem. Michael Fullan. 9. And...On tech integration. The integration of technology andpedagogy to maximize learning must meet four criteria.- It must be irresistibly engaging;- elegantly efficient (challenging but easy to use);- technologically ubiquitous;- and steeped in real-life problem solving. 10. Minds On...- do you have a QR reader?- download one now... 11. QR Code Frenzy...just a little peek into my class 12. Discussion...With elbow partner- what did you see that you had not seenbefore? what would you like to see more of?...Share with the group 13. QR discussiongoogle forms for assessmentgoogle sites for sharing 14. Action... 15. Nearpodtogether an exampleCODE: EXRJKthen the report 16. Peardeck.comcode: hsikt 17. Edmodo q6ipg2- I have shared materials here - and willcontinue to do so- join code: 18. Consolidation/Feedbackhereorfind me on twitter @m_lula