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<ul><li>1.Adventures in Self- Blended Learning Dr. Bernard Bull @bdean1000 </li></ul> <p>2. 1950 3. youth television needs of my neighbor Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 4. ? ? ? Your Neighborhood 5. The aspiring author. #storycraft #writechat 6. The aspiring biologist. 7. The winning and surviving learning organizations will be the ones that put the students first. Dan Rosensweig (CEO of Chegg) 8. -Larry Rosenstock 9. Who should have the remote control? 10. Which best represents your school? p:// 11. What is the learners role? 12. Face-to-Face Learning Online Learning Blended Learning 13. 14. blended-learning-model-definitions/ 5 Self- blended Learning 15. Blended learning is a formal education program where the student is learning in part online and has some control over time, pace, and path Michael Horn 2/14/14 16. Self-directed Learning ...the individual takes the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. Individuals select, manage, and assess their own learning activities... 17. Self-blended Learning self-directed learning + blended learning 18. Self-blended Learning Individual students or groups of students gain control over time, pace or path by creating or supplementing learning experiences with digital and/or face-to- face learning activities. 19. It happens regardless 20. It happens regardless 21. The Digital Divide &amp; the Cupboard Metaphor 22. What do students need to learn? What do I need/want to learn? 23. How will I know when they learned it? How will I know when Ive learned it? 24. How will I monitor their progress? How will I monitor my progress? 25. How will I monitor their progress? How will I monitor my progress? 26. How will I monitor their progress? How will I monitor my progress? self computer peers teachers mentors others? 27. How will I help them learn it? How will I learn it? 28. 11 Ways to Become A Champion of Self-Blended Learning 29. 1. TheWhy? of Self-Blended Learning Why? How? What? Simon Sineks Golden Circle 30. 2. Get informed about the possibilities &amp; go on digital walkabouts with the students. 31. 3. Give Learners Some Control Over Time, Pace &amp; Pathway 32. What is a digital badge? A visual/digital symbol that indicates evidence of specific knowledge, skill, accomplishments, etc. + meta-data 33. Why badges? Granular documentation of learning. Flexibility in time, pace, place and pathway. Accurate meaning across organizations. Document and track learning outside of school. Students own the credential Instant resume updates 34. meta-data Description Badge Issuer Criteria 35. 5 Badge Design Tips Beware of badges as biscuits. Create great criteria. Make the badges mean something. Make the badge mean something beyond your classroom / school. Value Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) 36. Badge Issuing Options BadgeKit (private beta) - BadgeStack (WordPress Plug-in) - Moodle, Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Edmodo, etc. ClassBadges - Credly - 37. 4. Challenge the Cant 38. 5. Find Inspiration from the Past 39. 6. Watch for Load Bearing Walls, but Learn to Orbit the Hairball Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning: Learning in the Age of Empowerment by Schwahn &amp; McGarvey Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie 40. 7. Cultivate Self-Assessment Why am I learning this? What is my prior knowledge about it? How can I grow in my knowledge or skill in this area? How am I doing? What do I understand well? What am I misunderstanding? What mistakes am I making? What do I need to do to adjustto improve my knowledge or skill? 41. The Student PLN 8. Make Student PLN Development Part of the Curriculum 42. 9. How I did it! Self-Blended Show and Tell 43. 10. Be &amp; Do What is Most Needed Among Teachers Design Demonstrate Mirror Mentor 44. From Blended to Self-blended Learning Dr. Bernard Bull @bdean1000 </p>