How to Use Social Media to Plan, Promote and Produce your Event

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  • 1.How to Use Social Media to Plan, Promote and Produce your Event
    Entrepreneurs Organization

2. 3/10/2011
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4. Social Media tools are built to send a message.

  • Build an online community around your event.

5. Establish credibility in the industry. 6. Attract attendees and speakers for the event. 7. Help attendees connect with each other. 8. Broadens Participation throughout the event. 9. Encourages information sharing. 10. Leverages the event for media cover on and offline. Why Social Media Works
11. Getting Started: Your Strategy
Have as many distribution channels available aspossible.

  • Set up a Blog - Post updates, have speakers & previous attendees submit guest posts. Link all social media profiles to the blog & share this functionality into your blog so people can easily post your content to their profile.

12. Location Based Marketing - Assign a check-in location on Foursquare. 13. Twitter Create a hashtag and tweet out updates before, during & after event. 14. Facebook Create an events page and Facebook fan page. 15. LinkedIn Send out personalized invites and create an event. 3/10/2011

  • Create a catchy hashtag for the event.

17. A hashtag is a virtual, descriptive tag that indexes posts and conversations and can be found again through searches. 18. Provide an incentive for attendees who share the event on their social networks. 19. Create a web page or virtual whiteboard where attendees can share their social media contactinformation. 20. Consider setting up a live stream for those who cant travel to the event. You can use Ustream, or Mogulus and stream portions of your event. 21. Monitor the conversation. Create a Social Mention email alert for your event. 22. Create a widget and post on the event site with a countdown to the event (Think ball dropping on NYE) 23. Create a cool badge that other blogs can add to their site with a link to the registration page.Optimize the Event for Sharing
24. If you cant find mecheck Facebook!

  • Create a FacebookPage

26. Be sure to leave the privacy settings on default so all attendees and fans can post to the page and see your updates. 27. Pages have an advantage over groups because your updates will appear in your fans news feeds. 28. Create a FacebookEvent and provide incentives for guests and members who update their own status with links to the event. 29. Include an Events Tab on Your Facebook Page that has a registration link. 30. Visit the profiles of those that attended the event and leave custom comments. 31. Include a Like button on your events website so people can easily like your event. Facebook

  • Promote following the events Twitter account for event updates.

33. Ask for people to share your event with the simple phrase, Please RT! 34. Give people an incentive to tweet out your hashtag; offer a free pass, door prize or other giveaway. 35. Create separate Twitter lists of event speakers, sponsors, attendees and local restaurants and attractions. 36. Have a designated tweeter at each session or event that tweets in real-time about the event. 37. Createa unique hashtag for the event. 38. If your event is large enough create a separate Twitter account for it. @blogworld is an example of this. 39. Use Twitter search to find potential attendees and follow them.Twitter

  • Promote business functions with LinkedIn Events to reach your professional network.

41. Send an invitation to the people who would be interested in the event based on region or niche. 42. On LinkedIn, once someone RSVPs to your event, it shows up on the home profile of everyone that person is connected to, spreading the message for you. 43. Create a LinkedIn poll after the event to gather feedback quickly and distribute throughout all social profiles. LinkedIn

  • Choose one preferred site for photos and video & create an EO channel for your chapter.

45. Post photos & video to Facebook Page & tag the people featured so the post appears on their Facebook wall as well. 46. Encourage interaction by inviting participants to upload their own photos from the event into your Flickrstream, on the event Facebook wall or with Twit Pics. 47. Online Video Platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, Tubemogul 48. Embed videos and speaking sessions on blog. 49. Interview keynote speakers and attendees and send out through the blog and YouTube. Multimedia
50. Social Media has revolutionized events, and you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Remember, quality beats out quantity. Start out on a few of the main social networks, determine where your target audience is most active,and use what works for you!

  • How have you used social mediato enhance your own events?

51. How have you used social media to participate in an event? 52. Create social media loyalty &identify super fans. Reward themfor spreading the word Summary
53. Kelly Cutler
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