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Jacob Henry• Age: 39

• Birthplace: Vinton, Iowa

• DOB: October 21

• Hair Color: Brown

• Eye Color: Blue

• Weapon of Choice: MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System

• Medical Notes: (None)

• Last Occupation: Telemarketer

• Favorite Food: Pork chops

• Least Favorite Food: Eggplant Casserole

• Favorite Color: Navy Blue

• Favorite Sport: Basketball

• Favorite TV Show: House

• Favorite Movie: 300

• Favorite Song: Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)

• Quote: “If those dirty covenant are wearing my silky underwear, then I want to know about it.”

• Deep Dark Secret: “I’m really terrified of ducks.”

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Jacob Henry (Cont.)

Family:• Father- Donald (Deceased)• Mother- Jillian (Living in Vinton, Iowa)• Brother- Theodore (Living in Des Moines, Iowa)• Brother- Edward (Living in Vinton, Iowa)• Wife- Amber (Deceased)

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Michael Brown• Age: 31• Birthplace: Las Angeles, California• DOB: November 2• Hair Color: Brown• Eye Color: Brown• Weapon of Choice: M90 Close Assault Weapon System• Medical Notes: Missing three toes, one kidney• Last Occupation: Firefighter• Favorite Food: Tacos• Least Favorite Food: Sourdough bread• Favorite Color: Green• Favorite Sport: Football• Favorite Song: Poker face (Lady Gaga)• Favorite TV Show: Jersey Shores• Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans• Quote: “Wait! My moron senses are tingling!”• Deep Dark Secret: “I like to listen to Lady Gaga”

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Michael Brown (Cont.)

Family:• Father- Alexander (Condition Unknown) • Mother- Suzanne (Living in Las Angeles, California)• Sister- Sophie (Living in Pensacola, Florida)• Wife- Kate (Living in Santa Cruz, California)• Son- Jake (Living in Santa Cruz, California)• Son- Matt (Living in Santa Cruz, California)

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Daniel Ross• Age: 28• Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland• DOB: January 13• Hair Color: Blonde• Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle System 99• Medical Notes: Type 2 Diabetes• Last Occupation: Video Game Tester• Favorite Food: Barbeque Flavored Potato Chips• Least Favorite Food: Croutons• Favorite Color: Blue• Favorite Sport: Baseball• Favorite Song: Virus Alert (Weird Al Yankovic) • Favorite TV Show: Pokémon• Favorite Movie: 28 Days Later• Quote: “How can you tell? She’s got a helmet on, dilweed!”• Deep Dark Secret: “I…I’m…I’m not a good sniper, okay?! There I said it!”

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Daniel Ross (Cont.)

• Father- Arnold (Living in New York, New York)• Mother- Annie (Living in New York, New York)• Girlfriend- Wendy (Living in New York, New York)

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Carlos Detolla*• Age: 36• Birthplace: Brownsville, Texas• DOB: June 12• Hair Color: Black• Eye Color: Brown• Weapon of Choice: M319 Individual Grenade Launcher• Medical Notes: History of Hypertension, • Last Occupation: Zookeeper• Favorite Food: Fajitas• Least Favorite Food: Corn• Favorite Color: Red• Favorite Sport: Basketball• Favorite TV Show: I love Lucy• Favorite Movie: Casablanca• Favorite Song: Ni Tu Ni Nadie (Alaska Y Dinarama)• Quote: “Damn!”• Deep Dark Secret: He is afraid of needles*Carlos refused to be interviewed, but we have ways of finding out these things.

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Carlos Detolla (Cont.)

Family:• Father- Adolfo (Living in Corpus Christi, Texas)• Mother- Donna (Deceased)• Brother- Adolfo (Living in New York, New York)• Brother- Enrique (Living in Brownsville, Texas)

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Rebecca Holland*• Age: 37• Birthplace: Buffalo, New York• DOB: September 19• Hair Color: Brown• Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System• Medical Notes: (none)• Last Occupation: Hair Stylist• Favorite Food: Anchovy Pizza• Least Favorite Food: Sour Cream• Favorite Color: Teal• Favorite Sport: Golf• Favorite TV Show: Lost• Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club• Favorite Song: Through the Fire and Flames (Dragon Force)• Quote: “Don’t you dare say how old I am!”• Deep Dark Secret: “I have a phobia of pigeons.”* Rebecca’s data may or may not be completely true.

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Alpha• Real Name: Dunar Serpewmee• Age: 94• Birthplace: Pewtruno, Sanghelios• DOB: October 30• Weapon of Choice: Type 1 Energy Weapon/Sword• Enjoys: Flying• Dislikes: Going from flying to not flying very quickly.• Quote: “Right in the face!”• Deep Dark Secret: I have never mated with a female! (Sobs uncontrollably) • Favorite Earth Animal: Little gray bunnies• Favorite Spice: Um…Cheyenne?• Favorite Ancient Civilization: The…uh…Aztecs…I guess.• Favorite Pasta: Lasagna?• Favorite Type of Clothing: Ummm…hats, I like hats.• Opinion of NASCAR: What?• Eminem or Ham Radios? I...I don’t understand the question.

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Beta• Real Name: Aspar Dontamee• Age: 88• Birthplace: Sumai Sanghelios• DOB: January 6• Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle System 99• Enjoys: Husky Puppies!• Dislikes: Burning my hands• Quote: “It’s okay Tavia, he didn’t mean it!”• Deep Dark Secret: I can’t swim.• Favorite Earth Animal: Husky Puppies!• Favorite Spice: Samba• Favorite Ancient Civilization: Mars• Favorite Pasta: Watermelon• Favorite Type of Clothing: Twelve feet• Opinion of NASCAR: Yes• Eminem or Ham Radios? Wait, what?

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Delta• Real Name: Moya Poltamee• Age: 80• Birthplace: Fulsam Sanghelios• DOB: August 12• Weapon of Choice: Type 25 Carbine• Enjoys: Pointy things• Dislikes: When Alpha hurts me with pointy things• Quote: “Blarg!”• Deep Dark Secret: On my planet, I am what you would call a partial gender• Favorite Earth Animal: Kitty cats! I can put socks on their little cat feet!• Favorite Spice: Alpha doesn’t let me put spices on my food. I could hurt someone.• Favorite Ancient Civilization: Pilgrims• Favorite Pasta: The macaroni shaped like spider man• Favorite Type of Clothing: Cat socks• Opinion of NASCAR: Boogity boogity boogity! Let’s go racin’ boys!• Eminem or Ham Radios? Eminem. I was born in the hood!

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Gamma• Real Name: Gaho Kosmee• Age: 88• Birthplace: Wamik Sanghelios• DOB: May 6• Weapon of Choice: Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved• Enjoys: Why do you speak to me puny human!?• Dislikes: I will crush you!• Quote: Run! Run! Hahaha!• Deep Dark Secret: You cannot escape from me!• Favorite Earth Animal: Where are you hiding tiny earth man?• Favorite Spice: You can’t hide forever!• Favorite Ancient Civilization: When I find you…I’ll…• Favorite Pasta: …um…• Favorite Type of Clothing: …make spartan fries?• Opinion of NASCAR: …er…• Eminem or Ham Radios? There you are! HAHAHA!! Prepare to die!!!*Gamma seems to be mentally unstable. He chased me around the Sangheili outpost (Where this

interview took place) attempting to kill me until Alpha stabbed him in the back.

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Epsilon• Real Name: Buna Crotusmee• Age: 65• Birthplace: Crolun Sanghelios • DOB: March 5• Weapon of Choice: Type-50 Directed Energy Rifle/Heavy• Enjoys: My team, the Spartans, you…pretty much everything!• Dislikes: I…don’t understand…• Quote: “Hiya Fellas!”• Deep Dark Secret: Once, I called Beta stupid! It was pretty hardcore. I’m a gangster.• Favorite Earth Animal: How can I choose my favorite!?• Favorite Spice: Pepper! No, paprika! Hmm, how about Ginger?• Favorite Ancient Civilization: Forerunner! …Wait…that’s Top Secret. Oops.• Favorite Pasta: Spaghetti!• Favorite Type of Clothing: Lederhosen!• Opinion of NASCAR: Pretty frickin’ gangster!• Eminem or Ham Radios? Ham Radios!

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Reginald Amador• Age: 30• Birthplace: Harrington City, Canada• DOB: December 24• Hair Color: Brown• Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: Hunting Rifle• Medical Notes: Piece of shrapnel in left leg, plasma burn on chest, two large scars on back• Last Occupation: Museum Security Guard (Part time) Zamboni Driver (Part time)• Favorite Food: Snow Crab• Least Favorite Food: Brie Bread• Favorite Color: Blue Green• Favorite Sport: Hockey• Favorite Song: Da Turdy Point Buck (Bananas at Large)• Favorite TV Show: Hogan’s heroes• Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo• Quote: “Okay, but only for the moose!”• Deep Dark Secret: Should I start a list?

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Reginald Amador (Cont.)

Family:• Father: Ralph (Deceased)• Mother: Annie (Living in Churchill Canada)• Sister: Jackie (Whereabouts unknown)• Brother: Louis (Living Somewhere in Nunavut)

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Sotha Taing• Age: 27• Birthplace: Midway, Canada• DOB: September 2• Hair Color: Black• Eye Color: Brown• Weapon of Choice: Ninjato M392 Designated Marksman Rifle• Medical Notes: Amputated right arm, Renal Cell Carcinoma• Last Occupation: Meteorologist• Favorite Food: Potatoes• Least Favorite Food: Mountain Dew• Favorite Color: Dark Blue• Favorite Sport: Basketball• Favorite Song: High Hopes (Frank Sinatra) • Favorite TV Show: Lost• Favorite Movie: Mission Impossibru• Quote: “Do it for the moose”• Deep Dark Secret: I don’t have nipples.

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Sotha Taing (Cont.)

Family:• Father: Munny (Deceased)• Mother: Viata (Deceased)

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Gustav Redfield• Age:29• Birthplace: Lafayette, Louisiana• DOB: May 6• Hair Color: Red• Eye Color: Green• Weapon of Choice: M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenade• Medical Notes: Pukes whenever someone says the word “Geyser”• Last Occupation: Author• Favorite Food: Mangos• Least Favorite Food: Lambs Head• Favorite Color: Green• Favorite Sport: Curling• Favorite Song: Beethoven's Fifth (Beethoven)• Favorite TV Show: That 70’s Show• Favorite Movie: Reggie’s home movies (LOL)• Quote: “Moose aren’t even that cool”• Deep Dark Secret: I not French! Why does everyone think I’m French!?

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Gustav Redfield (Cont.)

Family:• Father: Gerald (Whereabouts Unknown)• Mother: Sarah (Whereabouts Unknown)• Brother: Rodney (Deceased)• Brother: Theo (Living in Melbourne Australia)• Sister: Kate (Living in Melbourne Australia)

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Jackie Amador• Age: 24• Birthplace: Harrington City• DOB: June 9• Hair Color: Blonde • Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle System 99• Medical Notes: Plasma burn on back, Irritable bowel syndrome• Last Occupation: Pediatrician• Favorite Food: Donuts• Least Favorite Food: Grey Poupon• Favorite Color: Red• Favorite Sport: Tennis• Favorite Song: Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)• Favorite TV Show: The Office• Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan• Quote: “Are you coming on to me!?”• Deep Dark Secret: Adult diapers aren’t that weird…are they?

Page 23: Fortified data

Jackie Amador (Cont.)

Family:• Father: Ralph (Deceased)• Mother: Annie (Living in Churchill Canada)• Brother: Reggie (Living in Harrington City Canada)• Brother: Louis (Living Somewhere in Nunavut)

Page 24: Fortified data

Louis Amador• Age: 22• Birthplace: Harrington City, Canada• DOB: July 11• Hair Color: Blonde• Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: M6G Personal Defense Weapon System• Medical Notes: None• Last Occupation: None• Favorite Food: Roasted Goose• Least Favorite Food: Grey Poupon• Favorite Color: Yellow• Favorite Sport: Boxing• Favorite Song: Black Superman (Johnny Wakelin)• Favorite TV Show: Scrubs• Favorite Movie: Wargames• Quote: “Too bad, don’t care”• Deep Dark Secret: I joined the military to show off to my friends.

Page 25: Fortified data

Louis Amador (Cont.)

Family:• Father: Ralph (Deceased)• Mother: Annie (Living in Churchill Canada)• Brother: Reggie (Living in Harrington City

Canada)• Sister: Jackie (Whereabouts unknown)

Page 26: Fortified data

Chip• Real Name: Lisa Delvecchio• Age: 25• Birthplace: Provincetown, Massachusets• DOB: February 14• Hair Color: Brown• Eye Color: Blue• Weapon of Choice: M392 Designated Marksman Rifle• Ability: Brain processes info at about twice the speed of a

regular human or roughly 1.8 times faster than a Sangheili. • Ability Side Effects: Must sleep at least 8 hours a day, if not

her brain slows to about ¾ the speed of a regular human. She has a constant migraine.

• Age Testing Began: 3

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Toxin• Real Name: Tom Harper• Age: 21• Birthplace: Sisseton, South Dakota• DOB: November 3• Hair Color: White (Originally Blonde)• Eye Color: Yellow (Originally Green)• Weapon of Choice: M90 Close Assault Weapon System• Ability: His pores release a constant supply of poisonous gas. In small

doses the gas causes blurred vision, numbness, vomiting, and burning lungs. In large doses it can cause paralysis and even death.

• Ability Side Effects: A toxic bile accumulates in his stomach that must be expelled twice a day. His stomach rejects solid food. He is immune to most forms of deadly gasses and liquids. Flies are attracted to him. The gas seems to have changed his eye and hair color.

• Age Testing Began: 4

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Radio• Real Name: Arnold Mason• Age: 26• Birthplace: California(?)• DOB: October (?)• Hair Color: Black• Eye Color: Brown• Weapon of Choice: MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System• Ability: EMP Shockwaves expelled at will.• Ability Side Effects: Weighs 324 lbs. due to the large amount

of metal implants. Large amounts of pain when using the EMP blast. Hair has stopped growing.

• Age Testing Began: 2 Months