How can we address the world’s greatest health and development challenge?

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An artful overview of the Future Fortified campaign which is building a movement around global nutrition.

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How can we address the world’s greatest health and development challenge?

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Home nutrition packets are a proven cost-effective

way for mothers around the world to get essential

nutrients into their children’s and their own diets.

These small packets containing a combination of

vitamins and minerals––such as vitamin A, iron

and zinc––can be produced locally and cost as

little as 3 cents each, making them affordable and

enabling families to eat the local foods they eat

everyday rather than replacing them.

With this tiny packet.

Future Fortified - www.futurefortified.org - @futurefortified

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Future Fortified is a global nutrition campaign helping millions of women and children gain access to the essential nutrients they need to lead healthy, enriched lives.

Our Mission

From the moment a child is conceived, good nutrition

is fundamental for a healthy birth, ensuring her body and

mind grow strong, and ultimately enabling her to reach

her full potential.

Good nutrition transforms lives, communities and the

world. It is the universal foundation of health, prosperity

and empowerment and, thus, is essential to tackling

poverty and disease, a truth that leading economists,

scientists and global experts all agree upon.

Nonetheless, 2 billion people worldwide are suffering

from nutrient deficiencies. Today, more than 35% of

childhood disease is caused by under nutrition. And yet

nutrition remains on the backburner––overlooked

and underfunded.

It is time for real innovation: new solutions, new models,

new players and new energy that focus on truly

sustainable and transformable outcomes.

It is time to shift the paradigm in how we approach those

in need, empowering them as active decision makers

rather than charity cases, and time to invest in sustainable

markets that work for people, rather than making one-off


It is time for us to truly embrace the unique and powerful

role each of us can play in ensuring good nutrition

is available to all, and when we join together as a

community, we can drive real change.

It is time to do more than build lists and make donation

asks. We will build a dynamic community both offline

and online to be active, passionate campaigners for

global nutrition. And as we invest in sustainable solutions,

we will raise public awareness and we will influence

policy makers to make nutrition a priority.

Now, more than ever, is the time to act. The issue is

challenging but achievable; the solutions are known and


We believe that this work will shape our collective future,

a future fortified.

Future Fortified - www.futurefortified.org - @futurefortified

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Good nutrition is the fundamental building block for life. Yet, the challenge of under nutrition is one of the largest global health issues we face today.

Why Nutrition

Nutrition and HealthNutrition is fundamental to good health, supporting strong immune systems

and good growth. Access to essential nutrients early in life, such as vitamin A, iodine,

iron, zinc, and folic acid, have been shown to improve childhood growth while

reducing diarrhea, pneumonia, and infectious diseases.

Nutrition and EducationNutrition is essential for proper brain development, giving children the right start

for a lifetime of learning. Poor nutrition can lower a child’s cognitive development

and even limit her IQ by 10 to 15 points. For school-age children, being well-

nourished improves concentration, focus, memory, reasoning, problem-solving

and other creative skills.

Nutrition and Poverty AlleviationGood nutrition in the early years gives children the right start to good physical

and cognitive development, enabling them to be more productive over their lifetime.

Well-nourished children can earn up to 46% more income over their lifetime than

their malnourished counterparts.

Economic Impact of Good NutritionThe world’s leading economists agree that investing in nutrition interventions is one

of the most cost-effective ways to meet the world’s development challenges,

even increasing a country’s GDP by 2-3% per year.

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of diseases globally are caused by under nutrition.11%

60%of the developing world is physically stunted, a manifestation of poor nutrition early in life.

1 in 3of all childhood deaths under age five is linked to maternal and child under nutrition.

2 Billionpeople around the world suffer from a lack of proper nutrition.

Future Fortified - www.futurefortified.org - @futurefortified

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A Sustainable Approach

Future Fortified and its partners work with businesses, governments and communities to ensure nutritious products are available not only at the local clinic, but also at stores, kiosks and the local bazaar where people shop every day, empowering people as active decision makers rather than charity cases.

To truly tackle the globalnutrition challenge, we must find long-term, sustainable solutions.

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Understanding NeedsWe support local health and development experts to conduct household surveys

to study the nutritional needs of a country.

Investing in Local BusinessesInvestment is needed to increase the scale of production of home nutrition packets,

as well as drive improvements in product formulation and packaging. We support

local suppliers, helping them to either begin or scale-up their operations to develop,

manufacture and promote home nutrition packets that meet local needs.

Supply and DemandWe support local outreach efforts like radio commercials, community trainings

and even billboards focused on nutrition. As more and more moms are

educated on the issue, more shops and kiosks will carry home nutrition packets

and more producers will meet the demand.

Home Nutrition PacketsMothers access home nutrition packets at a price that they can afford.

These packets are added to the meals they make at home, providing the vitamins,

minerals and amino acids needed for their children to grow and thrive.

Monitoring ProgressTo ensure that the home nutrition packets are making an impact, we invest

in studies to track progress and effectiveness and transparently report back on

the results.

Achieving ScaleAs more people use products like home nutrition packets and news of their

effectiveness and availability continues to grow, local manufacturers will expand,

creating new jobs, sparking entrepreneurial opportunities, and building a

sustainable market.

Here’s how it works

Future Fortified - www.futurefortified.org - @futurefortified

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With our Kenya Fortified effort, we’re getting home nutrition packets to thousands of children and setting the stage for a nationwide program with the government.

Future Fortified was the official charitable partner of the 2012 Herbalife World Football Challenge mobilizing fans to raise their voice for global nutrition.

“Our friends @FutureFortified launched their video today! Learn how you can help prevent global malnutrition.”

Olivia Wilde, @oliviawilde

We’re building a movement.Join us.

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Artist and children’s book author Dallas Clayton and Harper Collins bring the Future Fortified campaign to schools and libraries across the U.S.

Fans and followers join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter in 6 short months.


Our mom and baby products are made in the USA with 100% organic cotton and soy-based inks. Proceeds from each purchase help to fortify the future.

Partners and bloggers are becoming part of our global movement every day.

“Help Future Fortified Feed the World”

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Get InvolvedInvestTackling nutrition takes more than a handout;

it takes a new approach to philanthropy and giving.

It’s simple and easy to donate and your contribution

will help increase the supply and availability of

home nutrition packets, as well as educate families

on the importance of good nutrition for long-term,

sustainable impact.

Inform In order to raise funds or improve policies

supporting global nutrition, we must first spread

awareness. And that starts with you. Join our

online community. Friend, fan, like and share us on

social media, host an event for Future Fortified and

encourage others to get involved.


Right now global nutrition receives just 0.5% of US

funding for foreign assistance––$95 million––

despite the fact that nutrition is an essential

ingredient to improving maternal and child

health, reducing preventable childhood deaths

and improving livelihoods. We need to tell our

policymakers that nutrition should be a priority.

Your support can have a really big impact for the

2 billion people worldwide that lack access to

essential nutrients.

About UsFuture FortifiedFuture Fortified is a global nutrition campaign helping

millions of women and children in the developing

world gain access to the essential nutrients they

need to lead healthy, enriched lives.

GAIN Future Fortified is a campaign of The Global Alliance

for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). GAIN is driven by

a vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN

supports public-private partnerships to increase

access to the missing nutrients in diets necessary

for people, communities and economies to be

stronger and healthier. With a current reach of

over 610 million people in more than 30 countries,

GAIN’s goal is to improve the lives of 1.5 billion

people within the most vulnerable populations

around the world through access to sustainable

nutrition solutions.

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