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Dedicated to all things entertainment. From Nightlife/Bars/Clubs to Shows and Concerts of all Genres

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    Introduction 1

    Moonshine Whiskey Bar 2 9

    Colossal 10

    Trampolina 11

    13th Floor Haunted House 12 13

    AZ State Fair 14

    Tour De Fat 15

    Scottsdale Showdown 16

    Aftershock 17 27

    Axiom 28 29

    Paint Party 30 31

    True Music Festival 32

    Top 10 Horror Films 33

    DJ Chris Rockstar 34 35

    Show Calender 36 48

  • WWeellccoommee!! TToo EEppiicc EEnntteerrttaaiinnmmeenntt MMaaggaazziinnee!!Hey there reader welcome to Epic Entertainment Magazines first everedition! My name is Victoria and I run the magazine. I do photos,interviews, articles, host the meetings and everything else that happenshere. Ive got some awesome help from Joseph Greenbaum, MatthewVela, Thomas Downs, Ashur Benjamin, Phillip Carnevale, Mandi Kimes,Adal Robles, Ron Maher and of course my right hand man who Icouldnt have done this without Chris Lamoree. With these group ofwriters and photographers we created something EPIC.A little background on EEM, Ive always gone to shows, met celebrities,vip access to this and that and it was fun but I wanted it to be somethingmore than just fun. I wanted to make something out of it and a careerout of it so I created my first ever magazine. I want people to seeentertainment through my eyes and through the eyes of those who workfor me. Im always open to bringing people on board for an event thatthey experienced that they want to share with the world as well!

    We cover everything from big music festivals in other states to hauntedhouses (or holiday events). We cover the best bars/clubs in Arizona toadvertising some of the best companies in Arizona. Im very openminded to what entertainment means. People say theyre bored all thetime and they shouldnt be. Theres so much in this world to seewhether its a concert, a bar, a fair, going skiing this winter, the bestresorts in state and around etcetera. My life is full of entertainment andyou should be getting the most out of life like we here at EpicEntertainment Magazine do.This first issue was very hard for me because my funding for hardcopies fell through, I lost my business partner right towards the end of it,I lost a lot of writers and photographers just because they gave up. Thepeople who are featured in this, who wrote for it and took pictures andso forth were the ones who dont give up. We make things happen nomatter how long how far and how hard it was/is. Were a great team ofmotivation, of helping and pushing each other, hard work and truededication and I couldnt thank them more for all theyve done for me.

    Each issue will be released around seasons and holidays. Every twomonths well release a new edition and each time I know it will get betterand bigger. Weve got Thanksgiving and Christmas and the new yearcoming up and theres going to be so many big and awesome events forpeople to go to. I just want to help others get a great experience andspread the word about some of these life changing moments. Andanyone who wants to be featured in here should reach out because Idbe more than happy to help tell the world about them!I hope you guys enjoy reading this like I do. I wanted it to be different,real, no photoshop, no just boring feel to it. I wanted you to see thepictures like you were there. I want you to read the interviews like yourethe one doing it. I want you to experience the magazine in the best waylike I did and I think you will. Thanks again to all those who were apartof this!

  • MMoooonnsshhiinnee WWhhiisskkeeyy BBaarr

    Daisey dukes, cowboy boots, free shots poured by thehottest ladies in town and drinks made by the best of the best.Moonshine Whiskey Bar is the only place to offer that kind ofnight.

    Country bars are rare and few here in Arizona but itsbecause of that that they are the best places to be. TakeMoonshine Whiskey Bar on Mill Avenue. The only country bar tobe on Mill and every Friday and Saturday night theres a line toget in. But why? What makes a country bar of all places on Millso great?Whether youre going out on a Wednesday night like most of usregulars do to listen to the awesome mixing by Dj Steel or yourecoming out on a Sunday to eat a pound of wings for only fivedollars youre always in for a good time. The atmosphere ofMoonshine is unlike any in Arizona. Its relaxing, its a party, itsclassy and youre always in for some sort of a surprise. Girlsdancing on the bar, an upstairs patio, a chandelier made out ofmason jars! What a place!

    But not only is Moonshine a bar for people to party andhave a good time, its become a second home to some of us. Ifyoure a regular like I am you can walk in any time of any dayand see at least five people you know, get hugs, get a goodcheer up, grab a drink, dance around, and make a fool ofyourself on the bull without being judged. The staff, the ownerseven their customers all form a tight bond that is sure to last alife time.. or at least a night! So come on out with those cowboyboots on, two step, Cupid Shuffle, dance on the bar, grab a fewbeers and meet some awesome people for the night of your life!

  • IInntteerrvviieeww wwiitthh LLaarrss oonnee ooff tthhee oowwnneerrss ooff MMoooonnsshhiinneeWWhhiisskkeeyy BBaarr

    Why did you pick Ben to be your partner and what would you say is hisstrongest quality?Ben and I became partners out of luck, we both knew someone whowanted to open a bar but he ended up backing out leaving Ben and Iand we both wanted to open up a country bar so we opened upMoonshine. And Bens best quality is his negotiation skills and his overallbusiness structure. He saves us a lot of money on rent and things likethat and hes really good with negotiations.

    What would you say is your personal favorite part about Moonshineand everything you two have created?I think the best part is that its fun and when you come in here you justhave a great time. Everything put together here just makes it a greattime, we have the banger of the night at the end of the night, we havethe bull, you come in and drink, all the dancing, the chandelier and it hasa beautiful ambiance and theres lots of pretty people who come in. Soall around its like a party and I think thats something that Mill Ave didnthave.

    Did you two actually create the chand.. It was my design, and then Ben altered it a little bit. LLars came to me with this idea and said he saw it in Footloose, andthen I helped design it and build it with people who know how to bendmetal and people who know how to wire stuff. And then Lars myself andsome staff members actually hung it by ourselves. BTheres a video of me dangling over the edge..Im on a 12 foot ladder and hes on the opposite side of the railing witha rope around him being held by one of our bigger guys

    One of the cool things you should know about Moonshine is that I wentto ASU Ive been in this building for a long time. Ben and I live in Tempeso its owned by Tempe boys. Were here every night, one of us is here7 nights a week. I think its cool cause on a Friday or Saturday nighttheres a good chance that one of the owners will buy you a drink. If weknow your face well take care of you, especially our regulars because itbuilds a relationship.

  • IInntteerrvviieeww wwiitthh BBeenn tthhee ootthheerr oowwnneerr ooff MMoooonnsshhiinneeWWhhiisskkeeyy BBaarr

    Are you guys going to be expanding Moonshine at all?We are always looking to expand. We looked at Flagstaff and Colorado. I lived inColorado for a little while and would not mind moving back there again. Maybeeven Tucson.

    So there is rumor of you opening up another bar right here next to Moonshine.Can you fill me in?Its going to be a two story circle bar outside. Were working with the zoningofficial right now but it will be right here where that water fountain is and weregoing to put a second floor patio on it too. Its going to be a separate concept frommoonshine. Its going to be a cuban style cigar bar with fun drinks. More for happyhour when its nice out its going to be owned by us so when we have countryevents we can change the theme of it and make it look countryish. So that bar willserve as an outside bar while we host events here. So look for it early of nextyear!

    Are you worried about each of your bars taking away from each other?No because if my neighbor is busy than my bar is going to be busy. I want tomove the crowd from 6th to here. I want to create an entertainment district herethat people just flock to. Most people that come here, they come here becausethey want to be here. Were not worried about any other bars or even our own.

    You mentioned having country events here, what are you planning?Were looking at bringing out Easton Corbin and Josh Thompson sometime nextyear. Well have a big country party here in the auditorium area for the eventswhich we can use the circular bar and Moonshine as well.

    So why a country bar on Mill Ave?Its not here. Its the 1 thing that hasnt been done on Mill yet. Theres 17 bars, orthere were when we opened and its the 1 concept that hasnt been attempted yet.Arizona is one of the strongest states in the country for country so it seemed likecommon sense.

    How did you land the Bar Hunters deal?That was me. I have a pretty big background in business. So when I opened upthis business they saw that and how this was successful and contacted me. Therewas a lot of publicity for this so they contacted me with interest to film here. Theyliked how we are on camera and the location and the concept behind it all.

    How did you and Lars meet?I talked about doing a partnership with the guy who owns American Junkie andwhen our project didnt work out at Gringo Star he put me in touch with Larsbecause he thought we would have a lot in common. We kinda just got along and Iliked his idea to put the country bar here.

  • Whats your favorite part about Moonshine personall

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