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Empowered, Engaged, Prepared Automotive. Presented by: Kim Clouse. Digital Media For Your Store. Dealer Network from SML . Overview. Goal Gain new opportunities to promote your corporate message and increase consumer awareness of your product initiatives ALL at the point of sale. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Empowered, Engaged, PreparedAutomotivePresented by: Kim Clouse


Digital Media For Your StoreDealer Network from SML

2OverviewGoal Gain new opportunities to promote your corporate messageand increase consumer awareness of your product initiatives ALL atthe point of sale. BenefitsBrand enhancement Corporate & Internal Message insertionIncreased salesTraining and distance learning

OutcomeDifferentiate and capture market share Achieve operational efficienciesAdvertising Based Profit CenterPromotion Engine for New Products and ServicesEstablish Define and Amplify Corporate/Product Brand

3The Power of Digital Media!Has exponentially greater effective advertising reach

Offers a medium that allows Dealers to once again achieve the true intent of advertising Offers Dealers a new medium capable of increasing sales between 2% and 35% (same store sales product/campaign dependent) Unveils the opportunity to deliver targeted mass media advertising campaigns to individual Stores at the point of sale

4InStore Digital Multimedia Network

Drives Incremental Revenues and Profits

65% + Customer Recall Rate

30% impulse purchase upside

Competitive cost and Rapid Deployment

The digital media is remotely operated and can be updated with new information with the click of a mouseWhy Digital Media Now? With SML View Technology, The Dealer is theDirector and SML is the Backbone55The Auto DealersExperience Advertising Based Profit Center

Promotion Engine for New Products and lesser known products Establish, Define and Amplify the Zaxby's Brand Corporate-Wide Training and Communications

Good Corporate and Community Citizen

Customizable Crawl Text - RSS News and Info / Company Specific

The Rewards!66Digital Signage Delivering ValueDSN clients will realize outcomes in three measurable areas.Service Improve customer satisfaction Surpass service benchmarks Leverage real-time feedback for service recovery Corporate-Wide Training and Communications Accentuate and Enhance the company Experience

Quality (Core Measures Compliance) Deliver valuable, comprehensive customer education Meet National Safety Goals Exceed quality benchmarks Reduce complaint rates Good Corporate and Community Citizen

Financial Performance Differentiate and capture market share Achieve operational efficiencies Advertising Based Profit Center Promotion Engine for New Products and Services Establish Define and Amplify Corporate/Product Brand






.Maxview SERVERThe scalability of the SML Digital Advertising Network allows you to easily expand your network !

With no servers or special software to maintain, the SML View system is easy to implement, maintain and grow !8The Digital Out Of Home LandscapeQUICK STATS:Traditional media spends are declining by 2-5% annually and are turning to in store and alternative media channels $1.3 billion North American market in 2005 (Source: Instrumental Media Group, 2005)

Digital Advertising network revenues are projected to hit 300% growth or $3.7 billion by 2011 (Source: Frost and Sullivan, 2006)

Hundreds of thousands of existing digital advertising screens growing to 10 million by 2012 Digital advertising network revenues are expected to increase 35% year over year through 2011 (Source: InfoTrends/CapVentures, 2005) Customer marketing budgets forecast to grow from 6% to 9% by 2011 9Digital Advertising Effect ReachConsider 1000 Restaurant locationsDaily consumer traffic of 300 people per day per venuex 30 DaysGross Audience of 9,000,000/month

FrequencyAccording to a recent OTX study, the average North American has the opportunity to view Digital Advertising 6 times per week. Similar urban frequency models show frequencies of up to 20+ times per week

AcceptanceConsumers are more acceptable of Digital Advertising at a rate of 60% over other media sourcesAwareness63% of those who see Digital Advertising say it attracted their attention44% of adults say they are influenced by digital advertisingRecallAided Recall of Digital Advertising is 35-47% compared to Television at 21-24%EfficiencyOur team can dramatically reduce the time to distribute in store advertising and promotion

Source: OTX Survey 200710OTX Survey DataPeople rate advertising on digital signage more positively than other media across multiple measures. Attention grabbing (63%) Unique (58%) Interesting (53%) Entertaining (48%) Less annoying than other media (26%) (Data from OTX survey)11OTX Survey Data Cont.Percentage of people who report thatadvertising on the media catchestheir attentionDigital Signage 63%Billboard 58%Magazine 57%TV 56%Internet 47%Newspaper 40%Radio 37%Mobile Phone 10%12Why Advertisers Buy Ads?Harness the power of advertising on Your Media Network through SML View

Influence consumers through a high Impact, Direct To Consumer medium

Achieve impressive Reach with amplified value through higher awareness, acceptance and recall

13With several screen technology options, SML VIEWcan help you maximize the impact of yourDigital Advertising Network! 42 HDLCD Monitors are standard . The below technologies can be installed at additional expense born by the restaurant.

Holographic TechnologySurprise customers with astonishing images

Daylight TechnologyWhen sunlight affects the installation there is no otherscreen capable of capturing all the light projector emits.

Adhesive TechnologyWhen you have low budget for the screen and can use agood projector


15Summary SML View is a Business Transformation Enabling Partner Our Matrix of Partners Delivers an End-to-End Solution

The Digital Media Network Solution Empowers The Dealer to

Amplify the specific brand within the community Rapidly Launch New Products and Services Blend Enterprise-wide Consistency with Store by Store Creativity Rapidly Create a New Retail Experience Transform Advertising from an Expense to a Profit Center Leverage Expertise Enabling Dealers to Focus on Core BusinessThe Dealers Multimedia Network161617


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