Chat Bout - The CB Group eZine - February 2015

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The February 2015 issue of our Chat Bout eZine. Heart Healthy tips; Recipes perfect for Valentines Day; CB Chicken featured on the table at 'Opa!' Greek Restaurant; CB Group giving back and more.


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    T H E C B G R O U P N E W S L E T T E R

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    11 water tankfor agriculture7bad dawg turns 33 your brand on the table - cb chickenat opa

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    thank youpan volunteers

    day in the life of carolyn taylor

    rum cream + coffee egg nogg with whipped cream

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    Garth ChannerChief Financial Officer

    Another year has crept up on us so quickly, and before we realize we will be saying goodbye to 2015.

    Time will therefore be of the essence for us to put our thoughts into action if we are to make 2015 a memorable one.

    The CB Group has had a successful 2014 and we expect this positive trend to continue into 2015. Notwithstanding our successes to date, the country continues to face challenges with the constant devaluation of the dollar, the high cost of borrowing and the variability of commodities prices, to name a few factors that could affect us positively or negatively.

    Internally, we too are faced with challenges which we have to manage on a daily basis. Of course, this has only been possible through the continued hard work and dedication

    of all of our managers and staff throughout the Group, and here I must say- A big thank you for all your efforts.

    We are also mindful of our social responsibilities and are quite happy to share with our customers and consumers whenever economic forces allow us to do so; as seen recently with the reduction of prices for all products across all brands and the numerous charities that we continue to support.

    As a group we are positive about our future and the possibilities over the short term. Let us therefore work together, as a team, to make this year our best year yet, for our company, as well as for ourselves.

    All the very best,

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  • Opa! Greek Restaurant and LoungeJamaicas only authentic Greek restaurant came onto the Kingston scene in 2013 and were proud to know that they are a loyal CB customer, and only serve CB Chicken on their tables.

    Opa!s owner, Alexx Antaeus prides himself on being able to guarantee customers an unforgettable experience. From timely and friendly service, to tantalizing your taste buds with Authentic Greek dishes such as Moussaka, Horiatiki, Gourounopoulo & Gyros plus many more.

    What does Opa mean?Opa means to celebrate life and gives patrons the chance to experience a little piece of Greek History by the trying the old Greek tradition of smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions.

    Check them out and try a delicious CB Chicken dish. Eat. Drink. Opa!

    Your brand on the table:CB Chicken at OPA!

    3around the brand in 30 days cb chicken

    LEMONATO: Lemon flavored baked chicken, served with roasted potatoes and vegetables.

    KOTOSOUVLAKI: Cubed grilled chicken breast andvegetables on a stick served with pita bread.

  • 4around the brand in 30 days caribbean passion

    Preparing a special meal doesnt have to be hard.

    With Caribbean Passion ready to eat meats you can make scrumptious meals in no time. Love our sausages? Well, they arent just delicious by themselves; they can be used as ingredients for tasty, nutritious, quick and easy meals. Look out for recipes for Caribbean Passion Pepperoni Pizza and Caribbean Passion Carbonarra in upcoming issues of the ChatBout and stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more great ideas in the kitchen.

    How do you use Caribbean Passion?Tell us! @caribbeanpassionja

    Use Caribbean Passion Sausages and Meats to create a delightful pepperoni pizza or pasta carbonara. Coupled with other simple ingredients, you cant go wrong creating a meal with the Caribbean Passion line.

    Cooking with Caribbean Passion

  • 5around the brand in 30 days copperwood pork

    Love Your Pork And Lose Weight:Pork Lovers Are In Luck!

    According to a new study published in the Purdue University journal Obesity, researchers found that including protein from lean pork in your diet can help you lose weight while maintaining more lean tissue, including muscle. The pork dieters rated themselves more positively in terms of overall mood and happiness during dieting compared to those who ate less protein. Those that ate more protein, with pork as their only source of meat, felt fuller, longer after meals.

    Copperwood Pork,The Healthy Option

    According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), pork tenderloin contains the same amount of fat and slightly less calories than the same serving of skinless chicken breast. Todays most popular cuts of pork have 16% less total fat and 27% less saturated fat than they did 20 years ago. In fact, cuts of pork that come from the loin - including chops and roasts - are the leanest cuts of pork available.

    Now dieters have more options than ever to make lean, healthy choices when planning meals. Pork really is the Other white Meat

    Did You Know?

    The high-protein diet included 6 ounces, or two servings, of pork every day. Its easy to reach this goal by including lean cuts of pork like Canadian bacon with your eggs for breakfast, adding grilled or sauted pork chop strips to your salad at lunch, or roasting pork tenderloin for dinner.

    Check the recipe corner of this ChatBout for a great lean, healthy pork recipe!

    Compare Pork:Tired Of Chicken And Fish?



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  • 6around the brand in 30 days smart eggs

    Eat Smart, Live Smart and run powered by Smart EggsEggs are an excellent source of nutrition, and the perfect part of any health conscious diet. Smart Eggs are an even smarter choice, enriched in omega-3 fatty acids that can help you gain muscle, lose belly fat and prevent injuries. As part of our campaign to Eat Smart. Live Smart, Smart Eggs sponsors active lifestyle events and fitness groups, encouraging our brand as part of a fit and healthy lifestyle. On January 10th, we sponsored the We Got The Runs Club annual awards ceremony where members were awarded prizes for their performance and commitment to running in 2014. Smart Eggs has partnered with the club for various races and fitness events over the year and sponsored two of the awards. Also in attendance were fitness junkies from Pacers Running Club, True Form Fitness, Come Run b4 the Sun and road run logistics company Running Events. Find out about the 2015 running calendar at and more about the We Got The Runs fitness club

    Photos from top to bottom (L-R): We Got The Runs awardee, Dr. Ronson Reeves crosses the finish line at the CB Group/UWI 5k Smart Egg gifts prepared for the dedicated runners at the award ceremony Not only are our eggs SMART but theyre packaged smartly as well We Got the Runs team members pause for our cameras in their Smart Eggs Eat Smart. Live Smart shirts at the CB Group UWI 5k. Kristina Kerr representing Smart Eggs awards Ryon Chambers, fastest male runner of 2014 Andrew Walcott, President of We Got The Runs awards committed runner Craig Lue

  • around the brand in 30 days bad dawg 7

    Can you believe it?The Bigga, Betta, Sausage is turning 3! Join us on Friday February 6th, for amazing 2-4-1 specials at all these locations*:

    --- Devon House North Lawn

    ---Boulevard Super Centre

    --- Empire Supermarket, Cross Roads

    ---Strand Street, Montego Bay

    ---Montego Bay Bus Park (behind Courts)

    ---Oakton Entertainment Complex (also known as Lime Light)

    ---Wing King (Oaklands)

    * while stocks last

    But dont forget the PARTY at Devon House featuring music, giveaways and hosted by the one and only Dutty Berry!

    So if yu bad, mek sure yu reach! 5-10p.m. Relive last years badniss with a few pics from our 2nd birthday.

    Bad Dawg Turns

  • 8around the brand in 30 days nutramix

    More Than JustChicken Feed!

    NUTRAMIX is the leading brand of animal feed in Jamaica and a fast paced grower in the Caribbean region. Many people think that NUTRAMIX is just about chicken or pig feed. Our trademark Broiler and Pig Feeds are market leaders and known in the field as a farmers best option for a successful business and high yield. But did you know NUTRAMIX also produces feed for:

    These are just some of our feeds. At Newport Mills we also produce a variety of specialty feeds including rabbit, sheep and even ostrich!

    COWSNUTRAMIX dairy feeds are trusted by the most successful farmers in the island, from the largest to the smallest. Our feeds contain the highest-quality ingredients and we are proud to deliver nutritional value that dairy farmers can trust to help them provide top standard milk for Jamaica.

    GOATSGrowing goats successfully isnt easy, and the nutrition of a herd isnt just a health concern; its an investment in profits. The market for goat meat in Jamaica is ripe for local farmers to take advantage and NUTRAMIX goat feeds are formulated to ensure farmers have the nutrition needed to raise a healthy animal and manage costs so they can supply Jamaica and help reduce goat meat imports.

    DOGSWhether your dog is guarding your business or playing at home, Mans best friend needs good quality nutrition and a balanced diet. Many people do not know that NUTRAMIX offers premium quality dog` food that provides the best nutrition for your dog and peace of mind for you.

  • in OurCreating BondsCommunities10

  • Garvey Maceo High School Gets Water Tank For Agricultural Use Courtesy Of CB Group

    We recently installed a 1,000 gallon water tank at the Garvey Maceo High School in Clarendon. The school had the winning debate team at the Youth Climate Change Conference 2014, which we sponsored.

    The tank will be used primarily in the schools agricultural activities and lessons.

    Three other schools received 1,000 gallon water tanks: - Eltham High School Spanish Town; Dinthill Technical School Linstead; and Claremont All Age School Lucea. These tanks were donated to schools identified as having a serious need.

    Photos from top to bottom (L-R): Principal Erica Eubanks, shows the CB team the schools scotch bonnet pepper crop The newly installed water tank (left) at Garvey Maceo High School CB Groups Ryan Silvera (centre), Promotions and Events Coordinator, smiles with Garvey Maceo students and Principal, Erica Eubanks (right), in front of the newly installed water tank (left). Garvey Maceo students tending to sweet peppers in their greenhouse on campus

    our community water tank for agriculture 11

  • our community group + gourmet fitness 12

    Group Fitness!Are you keeping your New Years resolutions? Its already February and before you know it, it will be Easter, and then Summer.

    Meet the CB Chicks- one year plus into our programme! Its hard to believe weve doing it for so long- I guess its true when they say time flies when youre having fun and its been fun! We have bonded as a group, providing great support for each other.

    We could not have done this without the practical support of the company and for this we are truly grateful. Just imagine your exercise class being a change of gear and a minutes walk away from your desk! There could be no reason not to go to class.As a group we have lost over 30 pounds, increased our energy levels, boosted our self confidence and self esteem all this supported by loads of compliments from various onlookers inside and outside the office.

    We remain committed to this and embrace it as a lifestyle change. We sincerely welcome others who want to join us, feel good and get fit, or start their own CB fitness groups at other locations.

    Big up our trainer Stokely Rose and his team for their hardwork and dedication to the Chicks :)

    Gourmet Fitness!Looking for healthy lunch options as you work towards your New Years resolutions? Or maybe youre getting ready to have that Carnival Body. Try Gourmet Fitness, a loyal CB customer, they cook up delicious chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes that will make your mouth water but keep your waistline in check. Try their scrumptious Siracha Lime Pork Loin made only with Copperwood Pork or maybe the Herb Crusted Grilled (CB) Chicken Breast.

    Call 925-7237 to place your order for delivery, and coming soon you will be able to pay with major credit and debit cards via their website:www.gourmet f i tness ja .com

  • our community give love. give blood 13

    A BIG CBG Thank You to our 2014 Pan Chicken Championship Volunteers.

    The volunteers were recently treated to dinner at Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar in appreciation of their hard work making the Pan 2014 series our most successful yet and the Pan Chicken Championship Grand Finals on the waterfront our biggest to date.The post-pan get together is now a tradition and we look forward to doing it again in 2015 when we host Pan X our 10th Pan Chicken Championship! Eat. Live.Pan.





    FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS 3. Andrea Mayne, Alicia Mitchell 4. Maureen Simms, Shelly-Ann Cargill 5. Deanne Whitely, Carlos Lewis, Norris Fisher 6. Patricia Miller, Francios Ayres, Kemar Bennett 9. Colin Porter10. Alicia Bogues11. Zena Ferguson, Roxanne Issacs12. Desmond Thompson, Craig McNaught13. Imogene Cameron-Dowie, Claudette Lyons, Ann-Marie Duhaney14. Dwight Howell, Pete Sinclair, Tanneithia Findley 15. Samuel Barrett, Dwayne Gordon-White16. Donovan Bent, Kameika Whyte-Lloyd 17. Monica Green, Mayna Nesbeth, Victor Barracks18. Tyrone Cunningham, Errol Thomas19. Norma Parnther, Jermaine Jackson20. Anthony Reid21. Owen Wright, Hubert Blair, Mark Thompson, Kevin Burke22. Elaine Campbell, Vandana Reid, Rovell Pryce24. Ricardo Gayle26. Claudia Clarke, Kereen Cole

    1. Asahel Huie 2. Veron Graham 3. Carol Christie, Cheryl Watt 4. Andrew Young 5. Karl Harriott 6. Andrea Humphery 7. George Williams, ORane Gray


    A very warm welcome to the newest members of the CB Family!Phillip PennantMaintenance TechnicianArnold RoadJanuary 12, 2015

    Deanne WhitelyCredit and Collections ManagerAccounts, Group OfficeJanuary 21, 2015

    cb big ups birthdays & staff movements 15

  • cb big ups a day in the life of carolyn taylor 16

    A DayIn TheLife OfCarolyn Taylor(Supervisor, St. Ann Agency)

    Ive been a member of the CB Group for approximately four (4) years.

    I work in the Logistics Department as a Supervisor for the St. Anns Bay Agency. My role is to oversee all shipping and sales accounting activities.

    The best part about working with CB is the job security that comes from knowing that I am a part of a group that is so diverse, that has grown significantly and is still growinga group with a future. The diversity of the group also provides many opportunities and support for personal growth and development.

    1. How long have you been a member of the CB Group?

    2. What section of the group are you in and what is your role?

    3. What is the best part about working at CB?

    I usually start with checking the temperature log to ensure that the freezers are working at the required temperatures, after which I would check my emails to see if there is anything that needs urgent attention. My next task would usually...