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    T H E C B G R O U P N E W S L E T T E R

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    9 the perfect recipesfor eating smart5 get to know:tina hamilton3 pan chicken sizzles out west

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    cbs harrison pulls in 50 wicket haul at JCA senior cup

    cb chicken buttermilk fried chicken

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    10 tips for giving blood

  • welcome 1

    Let me once again welcome you to another issue of our increasingly popular, Chat Bout magazine. Indeed, the CB Group is something to chat bout and make no mistake; our customers, competitors and just about everyone is loudly chatting about us because they recognize we are a force to be reckoned with in the Jamaican market place. As a Group, we say what we do, do what we say, prove it and keep on improving it. The results speak for themselves. Our facilities, which were up for recertification, were all successful and 5 additional growers had their farms ISO 9001:2008 and GMP/HACCP certified. Such an important achievement for us, as more of the population gravitates towards safer, healthier food. Then, there is our most important asset, our people. You continue to amaze me with your loyalty and commitment to

    making our organization the premier agricultural company in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This is an essential goal for us to achieve because its sustainable agriculture that will propel Jamaica out of its economic woes. Exciting times are ahead of us with new products to introduce, new customers to win over and new markets to conquer. There is no stopping the CB Group and definitely no stopping the good things people have to Chat Bout us.

    May God grant us the strength to continue along this journey!

    Mr. H


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  • 3around the brand in 30 days cb chicken

    The Second City was the place to be on Saturday, September 27 as beautiful Dump Up Beach served as the perfect host for the Western Regional Elimination. As the battle raged on for the last 10 spots at this years Grand Final, patrons were outin full force- our largest turn out for a regional event- with over 10,000 people indulging in juicy pan chicken and other mouth-watering offerings from our partners. As always, Pretty Boy Floyd had

    patrons in stitches with his hilarious jokes, while Goddy Goddy, Agent Sasco and Baby Cham put on electrifying performances that energized the crowd, which left wanting even more. Not to be left out of the action, the children checked out cool rides and fun activities at the Kiddies Village, the CDA and Junior Achievement booths throughout the day.

  • 4around the brand in 30 days cb chicken

  • 5Get to Know:

    around the brand in 30 days copperwood pork

    Tina HamiltonYoure new to the CBG family, what are your responsibilities?Officially my title is Brand Manager for Pork, Eggs and Feed, which means that I am responsible for all aspects of the brands that affect these 3 areas including Copperwood Pork, Caribbean Passion, Chippenham Eggs, Smart Eggs, and Nutramix. I also help with Newport Genetics & Caribbean Hatchery. My job involves influencing all types of customer communication, from public relations to advertising, branded materials to sponsorships. I work in the Marketing Department at the Group Office and report directly to the COO. Choose three words that capture your essence.Dedicated, vulnerable and hilarious (that last one may just be in MY head!). What are your top achievements so far?On a personal level, I am mother to a 3 year old who is completely my clone. I love her to death but it is scary to know you are responsible for another human being. She has a great outlook on life; lets see if I can keep that going into the teen years. On a professional level, I orchestrated a product launch in Barbados relating to a very, very famous Bajan singer. There were several inherent issues but in the end we had a turn out that surpassed everyones expectations.

    I got calls from as far as New York and a visit from the singer herself who congratulated me on an amazing job. When some things get me doubting myself, I keep that in my hat and remember, its not all that bad. Name one fact about you that many people would be surprised to know.I have a strange obsession with animal print and usually wear or carry something with that pattern every day. Whats your favourite thing about Copperwood Porks Up in Smoke Tour?Besides the crazy delicious pork? Watching people enjoying the crazy delicious pork. I also love the comradery from the tour. I get to work closely with many CB staff members from different departments, who volunteer their time and we get a lot of support from employees who stop by the events.

    Describe your favourite pork dish.Pork just happens to be my favourite meat. I eat bacon on EVERYTHING, even on other cuts of pork. I am not a chef but I make awesome bar-b-jerk pork chops glazed in honey. However, my favourite pork dish now has to be Copperwoods Country Style Ribs marinated in Spur Tree Oxtail Seasoning with Ginger Pieces. Oooh so delicious!

  • 6around the brand in 30 days caribbean passion


    We recently ventured to Central Jamaica up in cool, cool Mandeville to share a taste of our famous Caribbean Passion sausages. Pork lovers visiting Shoppers Fair Supermarkets at the Manchester and Caledonia Road branches had nothing but positive feedback for our fully cooked and ready-to-eat products. They were also delighted to learn just how easy it was to prepare our sausages with their favourite meals, including baked beans, hot dogs and fried rice. Curious to learn more about cooking simple dishes with Caribbean Passion? Visit our Facebook page for some great ideas!

  • 7around the brand in 30 days nutramix

    NWS: Small Company,HUGE IMPACT

    With just two, full-time employees, Newport Wharf & Storage (NWS) may be the CBs Groups smallest company but it plays a big part in the successful operation of Newport Mills. Primarily responsible for receiving the raw materials used in manufacturing Nutramix feeds, NWS collects corn, soybean meal and yellow grease from ocean vessels at its private dock.

    These ships typically transport 6,700 tons of cargo and require a crew of dedicated stevedores, working around the clock, to unload in 3 days.

    In addition to processing all vessels for Newport Mills, NWS is also licensed to receive bulk rice, lumber and raw materials for the production of fertilizer, and currently handles another 8 10 vessels yearly for third party clients. Having gained its International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) certification in 2004, Newport Wharf & Storage has established itself as a reliable partner in efficiently and safely discharging goods entering Jamaica through the wharf.

  • 8around the brand in 30 days bad dawg

    You askedwe listened! On the heels of its success with our mobile vending carts, Bad Dawg has made its next big step: Weve gone retail!We recently unveiled our new retail package at Loshusan Supermarket in Barbican, which also happens to be the home of the first Bad Dawg cart! In the upcoming weeks Bad Dawg will be available at other retailers, and well be sure to update you. Plus, we will also launch our chicken offering, Yard Fowl, so Beware of the Bad Dawg!


  • 9Smart Eggs will be helping their customers in the kitchen with some fun and tasty meals! Coming soon to a supermarket near you, customers who purchase Smart Eggs will receive a complimentary cookbook. We have developed 11 signature recipes to inspire breakfast, lunch and dinner, with yummy yet nourishing dishes. Here is a sneak peak of whats to come!

    The Perfect Recipes for Eating Smart.

    around the brand in 30 days smart eggs

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    in OurCreating BondsCommunities10

  • 1111our community cb gears up to walk good, run great 11

    CB Gears Up To Walk Good, Run Great.

    Three years ago, CB set out to provide scholarships to UWI students through an annual 5K. Fast forward to 2014 and the CB Group UWI 5K and Smart Eggs Kids K has already attracted approximately 6,000 participants, raised JMD $28 million and awarded 40 scholarships.

    On Wednesday, September 14, CB officially launched this years staging of the event, reaffirming its commitment to securing money for the universitys scholarship fund and setting out plans to generate revenue for purchasing much needed equipment for the University Hospital Dialysis Unit.

    The 2014 walk/run, which will be held in honour of Running Events Alfred Frano Francis for his significant contribution to sports and his concern for wellness in Jamaica, is scheduled to place on Sunday, November 16 at 7:00 a.m. at the UWI Mona Bowl. The event has set a target for 6,000 participants and is hoping to raise JMD $15 million dollars.

  • 1212our community cbs harrison pulls in 50 wicket haul 12

    Pulls In 50 Wicket Haul At JCA Senior Cup

    Paul Harrison, a member of the Kingston Cricket Club, was the leading wicket taker at the recent Jamaica Cricket Association Senior Cup. Paul put on an impressive performance throughout the competition and finished the tournament with 50 wickets.

    I wouldnt say I was really surprised at my feat, as I had set myself a goal of 50 odd wickets this season, shares Paul, a production worker in CBs Packaging Department. Achieving that target is like a dream come true, he reveals.

    Working alongside his coach, Terrence TC Corke, Paul looked to perfect his bowling and improve his overall game. I have been working very hard and putting in a lot of effort in training, says Paul.

    My coach has been showing me how to bowl differently to batsmen and how best to put them under pressure, he explains.

    With an amazing showing on the pitch now under his belt, Paul is hoping to get invited to the National Trials and eventually plans to fulfil his ultimate dream of becoming a player for the West Indies Cricket Team.


    (Learn more about Paul Harrison, see overleaf)(Learn more about Paul Harrison, see overleaf)

  • 1313our community cbs harrison pulls in 50 wicket haul 13

    1. What spurred your interest in cricket?

    I was always interested in the game from I was a youth. Growing up I always watched the great players and ever since, have aspired to be one.

    2. What are some of the difficulties you have faced professionally (on the pitch)?

    Bowling is not easy and is a lot of hard work.Cricket in general is a mind game and so conditioning your mind for the game isnt always easy with the pressures of every day life. Additionally, theres always competition, and so the constant challenge Id say is trying to exceed your own abilities. 3. Whats the best advice youve ever received?People have always encouraged me to do well.Usain Bolts advice has stuck with me to this day, Anything you do in life, dont ever give up. Ive always been a fighter from early days, so this was just fitting. 4. Who is your professional idol? (work and on the pitch)At work: Id have to say my HRD Manager, Camille Spaulding. On the field: Im a bowler, so Id have to say Shane Warne from Australia.

    5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?Playing for the W.I. Thats my dream yuh nuh!

    Paul LEFTY Harrison is a production worker at CBs Arnold Road facility. Paul takes some time out to speak with the Chat Bout Team about his passion.



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    1. Derrick Ward

    3. Michael Morgan, Donavan Mitchell, Craig Plunkett

    5. Derval Pinnock, Everton Scaffe, Krishna Cameron

    6. Ferris Harriott, Peter Bogle

    8. Natasha Dennis, Kristine Cammock

    9. Davia Graham

    10. Annmarie Pryce, Michelle Rose, Ancell Raffington

    12. Donia Nembhard

    13. Elvis Grant, Kenrick Hunt

    14. Keith Donald Amiel

    16. Deandra Haughton, Theresa Pennant, Curtis Castle

    17. Linfred McMahon, Shaneal Gentles

    18. Norma Crawford, Stacey-Ann Vaughan, Joseanne McCalla, Trevor Carnegie

    19. Michael Gillespie, Verona Quarrie, Garfield Carr, Stanford Hamilton

    21. Juddine Edwards, Patrice Dawkins

    22. Ashley Perry

    23. Paula Plummer, Markland Laing

    24. Oral Cole, Howard McKenzie

    25. Dave Lyn, Gilmore Simpson, Tyrone Cooper

    26. Yukhari Vassell, Stanley Henry, Roland Shaw, Anthony Archibald

    27. Dezroy Dickson

    28. Elizabeth Davis, Delrouth Clarke, Richard Clarke

    29. Andre Miller, Wayne Santouse, Marcia Doyley, Wayne Anthony, Howard Spence

    31. Ferron Stewart

    cb big ups october birthdays 15

  • cb big ups a day in the life of charmaine flemming 16

    I have been working with the CB Group for over 10 years.

    1. How long have you been a member of the CB Group?

    The best part about working at CB is the opportunity for personal and professional growth as the company is always evolving. I enjoy being a part of a business that is always finding new ways to ensure its products and services are second to none.

    3. What is the best part about working at CB?

    I am currently the Supervisor at The Pork Store.

    2. What section of the Group are you in and what is your role?


  • 17cb big ups a day in the life of charmaine flemming

    I usually arrive at The Pork Store at least 30 minutes before opening hours. My team and I ensure that were prepared for the days activity by checking the point of sale (POS) card machine, confirming the scale and display fridges are up and ready for customers, and organizing any special happenings for the day. I respond to emails, monitor stock levels and order products, if needed. As the day progresses, I put together reports, which are sent to various persons, and I interact with customers both in the store and via telephone, as the opportunity to sell Copperwood Pork never ceases.

    To get through a hectic work day, I reflect on the opportunity Im given to teach someone something about our products and to talk with our end users face to face, especially when theyve tried a recipe that works, that really makes my day. I also sing in my head since my co-workers dont want me to sing out loud!

    My favourite CB product is Pork Chops.

    4. Describe a typical day for you from the moment you arrive at work until you leave.

    5. What gets you through a hectic work day?

    6. What is your favourite CB product?

    I would go to the Copperwood Farm as its truly an amazing experience to see the variety of fresh cuts and processed products that can be obtained from the pig.

    7. If you could be in another section of the group for a day, where would you go and why?

    My favourite pork dish is corned pork and ackee.

    9. Name your favourite chicken or pork dish?

    Luckily, I havent had any embarrassing moments at work.

    8. What has been your most embarrassing moment at work?

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  • recipe corner cb chicken buttermilk fried chicken 19

    CB Chicken Buttermilk Fried Chicken


    WHAT YOULL NEED One 3 3/4-lb. Whole CB...


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