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BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MINDJericho Mikael C. SalazarHabit 2 of the book 7 Habits of Highly Affective PersonsWhat matters most in your life? What are you focusing on right now? How do we formulate goals?All things created twiceMentally (blueprint)be sure of what you wantbe preparedPhysically (work)Acting on what you wantDifferentiating personal and adopted goalsWhat do you want for yourself?What do other people want for you?What wants do you adopt from other people?Self-leadership vs. Self-managementSelf-leadership aims to bring you to point A to point BSelf-management aims to find ways to bring you to point A to point BProblems in focusing on self-managementDerailing from personal goalsWorking hard, but not effectively Getting trapped in routines How to focus on self-leadershipDevelop a personal mission statementwhat you want to be (character)what you want to do (contributions and achievements) Traits of a good mission statementSolidAlways applicableAll encompassing where to startCircle of Influence: our centerSecurityGuidanceWisdom PowerSecuritySelf-esteem, identity, emotional anchorageAnswers the question who am I?Good Security of self is founded upon principles that do not change and are good

Guidancesources of direction in lifeinterpretation of standards and principles around youanswers the question what do I want?Good Guidance of self is indicated by clearly seeing where you want to go and how youre going to get thereWisdomperspective on lifeyour understanding of the world around yougood Wisdom comes from making judgment calls that are balanced and proactive.PowerWillingness and capacity to actcapacity to change and overcome habitsGood Power comes from understanding and being observant of the things around you and using them to your own advantage