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  1. 1. Presents:Location-Based Augmented Reality Content Management & DeliveryAndrew Couch | Founder & 699-3535
  2. 2. Combat Veteran3D application and multimedia developer experienced increating games and designing engaging virtual experiencesFemale Co-FounderBuilt and managed existing customer relationships whileexpanding product offerings and promoting brand equityLed a brand into the Global MarketsBuilt a GPS based Platform for a Fortune 500 Company
  3. 3. CandyBAR is a code based Platform, designed to empower marketers messaging bydirectly engaging consumers with location relevant commerce and content through ourunique custom branded toolset.Easily manage your campaign in real-time through the CandyBAR CampaignDashboard. The dashboard provides a central place to add & changelocations, upload content, manage offers, and monitor campaign performance.
  4. 4. We have and own the technology, we have and continue to file I.P.Location-Based Augmented Reality Content Management And DeliveryUnited States 61/652,032A hyper-local advertising and cross promotional 3-D augmented reality mobile platform is provided that enables app users tointeract virtually with their real world environment to earn real world and virtual world rewards. The cross promotional platformallows vendors to place game and application elements represented as in-application elements anywhere in the world on amap according to its precise geo-location in the real world. When a user of the mobile platform clicks on a game element tocollect it, the vendors advertising message, offering, or other promotional qualifier appears on the screen with an option to viewan-platform offering and/or to click through to a vendor-designated link and redeem the promotional qualifier.
  5. 5. We won a St. Louis Arch Grant in 2013 for its global business plan competition.It rolled out non-equity capital, a TON of support and inroads to midwestcorporations like Carnival corp, the city of Saint Louis - the list continually goes on.