EMW 2012 Coordination Meeting

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EMW 2012 Coordination Meeting. 27-28 June 2012 Bologna, Italy. Day 1 : Planning EMW 2012 Chair: EUROCITIES. Day 2 : Theme & Slogan EMW 2013 Chair: ICLEI. Tools & publications Award Procedure Promotional activities Website, social media, newsletter & eGroup. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • EMW 2012Coordination Meeting27-28 June 2012 Bologna, Italy

  • Day 1 : Planning EMW 2012Chair: EUROCITIES

    TimeActivityResponsible14.00 14.10Welcome and introductionMr. Andrea Colombo, Vice Mayor for Mobility and Transport, City of BolognaMs. Pamela Weir, European Commission 14.10 14.30Sustainable Urban Mobility in BolognaMr. Mauro Borioni, City of Bologna14.30 15.00Update on EMW thematic guidelines, communication tools and publicationsICLEI and EUROCITIES15.00 16.00Update from National Coordinators on EMW 2012 promotional activitiesNCs16.00 16.30Coffee break16.30 18.00Update from National Coordinators on EMW 2012 promotional activities (continued)NCs20.00DinnerCantina Bentivoglio - Via Mascarella, 4/B

  • Day 2 : Theme & Slogan EMW 2013Chair: ICLEI

    TimeActivityResponsible09.30 11.00Theme 2013 proposals and discussionAll11.00 11.30Coffee break11.30 12.00Theme 2013 proposals and discussion (continued)All12.00 12.25Update on SUM campaign presentation and discussionEUROCITIES12.25 12.30AOB (including date & location of next meeting)All12.30 13.30Lunch051 - Via De' Pignattari 1/f(2 minutes walking from the meeting venue)13.30 16.00Guided tour around the city centreThe tour will start on the Piazza Maggiore, close to Nettuno Fountain and guide us through the University area. "RITA" - the camera access control system - the pedestrian area and the Tdays (car free weekend initiative) will be widely explained. We will see de development of the pedestrian area in the University district, the electronic pillars and some examples of bike sharing.

  • Update from the European CoordinationTools & publications

    Award Procedure

    Promotional activities

    Website, social media, newsletter & eGroup

  • Tools & PublicationsLeaflet


    Toolkit for Designers

    Thematic Guidelines


    Toolkit for Newcomers

    Best Practice Guide

  • EMW Award ProcedureApplication form & procedure online early July

    New elements:

    In order to be selected as a finalist, previous winners should be able to demonstrate that they have substantially increased their efforts Applicants to include selection of meaningful and relevant supporting materials

    Jury selected in August/September

  • Promotional Activities at EU levelPast:Open Days (Brussels, April)ECOMM (Frankfurt, June)EMW workshop Netherlands (Utrecht, June)Sustainable Energy Week (Brussels, June)

    Planned:Press release/Press pack (September)Launch event (Brussels Car Free Sunday, 16/09)10 years of CIVITAS (Brussels, 17/09)European Parliament event (Brussels, 18/09)

  • WebsiteWebsitePorted to new content management systemNavigation streamlinedHeader updated

    Partners AreaReconstructed on new serverFeatures as beforeUpdated guidance document

  • WebsiteVisits

  • WebsiteAbout our visitors

  • WebsiteAbout our visitors

  • Website

  • Website

  • Social Media FacebookTwitterFlickrYouTube

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  • FacebookGoing beyond likes

  • FacebookShare the stories that make the stories!

  • FacebookRate of new likes vs unlikes

  • FacebookWho are our Friends?

  • FacebookWho do we like?Local EMW pagesMore of these would be great! National coordinator pages / National Government Related EC campaigns Green Capital / EltisPlus / CIVITAS projects Stakeholder groupsNeed more variety here City pagesTying in with awards

  • TwitterFollowers

  • TwitterMentions

  • YouTube

  • YouTubeViews

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  • NewsletterThree editions so farSubscriptions increasing though gradually

  • eGroupMailing list + archive set upmobilityweek.partner@lists.iclei.org

    Accessible also through Partner Area

    Not on it? Let us know!

  • Any further questions on EU level activities?

  • Theme/slogan 2013Aim of this session:

    Discussion on proposed themesNew suggestions?Brainstorm on slogans

    Next steps:

    Final decision by DG ENV & DG MOVECollect ideas on sloganVote on preferred slogan

  • Theme/slogan 2013Previous themes/slogans:

    2012: Moving in the right direction2011:Alternative Mobility2010: Travel Smarter, Live Better2009: Improving City Climates2008: Clean Air for All2007: Streets for People2006: Climate Change2005: Clever Commuting2004: Safe Streets for Children2003: Accessibility2002: Public Transport, Cycling and Living Streets/Greenways

  • Suggestions so farMulti-modality (DG MOVE)

    'Right transport, better mobility''Better mobility choices''Right choice, better mobility'Mix and moveMobility allsorts

  • Update on SUM campaignLaunch of website

    Campaign website to be launched early July

    New elements added:Register your activityBest practice library

  • Update on SUM campaignCalls for applications

    Call for applications to co-finance campaigning activities: open from early July until 15 October

    Call for applications for SUMP award: open from 16 September to 1 November

  • Update on SUM campaignNational campaigns in target countries


  • Update on SUM campaignYour potential role/contributionsforwarding the SUM promotion/funding opportunities to national and local stakeholders (NGOs, administrations, local authorities, etc);reviewing the translation of the name/key messages of the campaign;reviewing and accepting online registration of campaign initiatives in your country on www.dotherightmix.eu;identifying and forwarding successful campaign formats to build a virtual library of best practice;establishing links with the SUM campaign via your national campaign website and social media.

    on a voluntary and flexible basis!

  • Update on SUM campaign

    Any further questions?

    *LeafletEN & ESTemplate available for translations

    Thematic GuidelinesEN & ES

    Template available for translationsSUMP Guidelines also

    Charter 2012Also in ES

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    Cities are really the focus. *March 9 25 June 2012

    What do users do when they are on the site?

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    *Important to strike a balance between creating a buzz and getting people to buzz-off.

    So far we are doing ok*We like 49 pages. *Will exploit further as EMW 2012 approaches.

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