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1. Enterprise Productivity Platform for Meetings 2. Meetings - a Core Business Practise25 Million business meetings per day25- 50% meeting time considered wastedDisorganized Dominated by a few Unproductive 3. Alex BergoCEO & Co-Founder15+ yrs tech R&DPhD, MBA, MSIS, MSc:expert systems, naturallanguage processing,collective intelligenceThe LiveSift TeamViil Lid Richard WhiteCTO & Co-Founder17+ yrs tech R&DPhD, MS: collaborativeplatforms, big dataanalysis, organizationalcommunicationsOps, Finance & Admin30+ yrs tech startup &corp senior mgtFounder/CEO, IntrepidSystems & W5 Networks.SVP/CIO Ross StoresJeff KraatzSales, Marketing & BD35+ yrs global tech sales10+ yrs SaaS operationsexecutive3 X startup CEO 4. Make Meetings More MeaningfulOrganize Engage Produce Structuredcollaboration Ready to gomeeting templates Instant reports &records Corporate intelligencedata & analytics Bring your owndevice (BYOD) Real-timevisualizations 5. Products & MarketsBasicProEnterpriseTeamPublic Meetings& EventsBusiness Meetings &Corporate EventsEnterpriseCollaborationQ3 201 4 Q4 2014 Q2 2015 Q4 2015SubscriptionPackagesMarketsTimeline 6. User Traction600+We got 5 times moreparticipant feedbackFolks loved it!Remarkably helpful insupporting group workVery easyto usefacilitators9000+participants 7. Current UsageDiverse Meeting Types Multiple IndustriesPlanningStrategyInnovationTrainingAll-handsBoardDistributedFinancialHealthEnergyLegalEducationDevelopmentGovernment 8. Revenue Projection$50.2M2015 2016 2017 2018 2019Revenue$201K$1.5M$7M$20.9M2014Go to MarketQ3 2014:Individual MeetingLeadersQ2 2015:Small & MediumBusinessesQ4 2016:EnterpriseBusinesses$10K 9.