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Brochure presenting the BDA foundation

Text of BDA Foundation

  • Developing a new generation of African Ecopreneurs trained in quality controlled medicinal plants, cultivated and harvested according to WHO standards, sustainable use of plant resources and entrepreneurial skills, to partner with the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and biopharmaceutical markets.

    We believe in TradE NoT aid

    Bda Plant action Program in DRCongo

  • The BDA FoundationA not-for-profit organization, BDA promotes scientific cooperation, training and business pilot-projects related to African medicinal plants and value-added nutritional ingredients within the perspective of sustainable development.

    BDA supports the launch of eco-businesses by training Africans in entrepreneurship and GACP (WHO Standardized) methods of industrial cultivation and harvesting of value-added plants.

    The Foundation is committed to the eradication of poverty, respect for the environment and the sustainable management of resources and biodiversity.

  • The Plant Action ProgramBDA Plant Action is a three-year program in medicinal plant agriculture, designed to conform to the standards of the nutraceutical, cosmetic and biopharmaceutical industries according to the framework provided by the World Health Organization (GACP Guidelines).

    The program provides entrepreneurial training and mentoring to Ecopreneurs with a view to launching their own eco-businesses.

    1st pilot-project:Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Issues and Values

    Increase trade and economic development in the production and marketing of African value-added plant and tree products

    Conserve African biodiversity through urgent and concerted action for the protection of tropical forests

    Contribute directly to the development of the African Pharmacopeia

    Promote access and benefit sharing of these rich biological resources

    Mainstream gender empowerment and equality

    Realize climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • The BDA EcopreneursBDA Ecopreneurs are African entrepreneurs, men and women, who are prepared to play an active and leading role in the economic, social and environmental development of their rural communities through the industrial cultivation of African medicinal plants and trees.

    We are trained so we can create sustainable and successful entreprises and jobs

  • Gender Empowerment and EquityWomen are key participants in the BDAF program. They receive education and training and are empowered to become agents of change and leaders in their communities.

    Women entrepreneurs challenges include access to land and properties, bank accounts, financing and credits.

  • Access and Benefit SharingBDAF program participants have increased access to genetic resources. The project model is focused on building capacity for whole communities and thus includes processes for benefit sharing.

    Below: The first medicinal plant processing centre located in the Biosphere reserve of Luki. This centre is a model of the specialized infrastructure that serves the Ecopreneurs businesses and provides specialized jobs to entire communities.

  • Trade and Economic DevelopmentEcopreneurs establish their own businesses by building medicinal plant processing clusters, acting locally to serve the local needs and internationally by connecting with the global market.

  • Climate Change Mitigation and AdaptationLand will be reforested and intact forests preserved by the BDAF Plant Action program. Greenhouse gas emissions are mitigated, adaptive capacity is increased, and revenue streams can be created from carbon offset credits. These are achieved through alignment of the BDAF Plant Action program with the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Afforestation and Reforestation (AR) and Reduced Emissions from Ecosystem Degradation and Deforestation (REDD) programs.

  • Ecopreneurs and Millennium Development GoalsThrough social, scientific, and technological innovation the BDAF program creates Ecopreneurs who catalyze social and economic development. The results are local and tangible, and they connect to the Millennium Development Goals:

    MDG BDAF Outcomes

    Goal 1Poverty and Hunger

    Eco-businesses and job creation

    High quality value-added food sources

    Goal 3Gender

    Economic opportunities for women

    Training of women

    Goal 7Sustainability

    Biodiversity conservation through responsible harvesting of non-timber forest products

    Climate change mitigation and adaptation

    Goal 8Global Partnership

    Enabling regional clustering to be mobilized towards global opportunities and partnerships

    Access to international markets and businesses

  • BDA Foundation AwardsInternational Biodiversity Mention Yves Rocher FoundationParis, April 2010

    Terre des Femmes Canada Yves Rocher FoundationMontreal, Feb 2010

    Sustainable Development Leader Award from HEC Montreal,Montreal, June 2010

    Rabobank Incubator Finalist Africa Finance and Investment ForumParis, December 2008

    Innovation SME REPEX Summit of export professionalsMontreal, October2008

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    2020 University Street, suite 1920Montreal, QuebecH3A 2A5

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