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  • 1. SpreadingYour BrandWorldwide Presented to: David Durham & Sancha Durham Proposal BY JD LEWIS GROUP Contact # 705-2816 E-mail: Website: Twitter: @jdlewisgroup Instagram: @jdlewisgroup

2. ABOUT JD LEWIS GROUP JD Lewis Group prides itself as one of Bermudas top public relations firms. We have worked with an array of corporate and non-profit clients. Founded in 2011, JD Lewis Group has incorporated strategic development, new and traditional media, and crisis management techniques for its clientele. Our top-notch team takes pride in professionalism and creativity, excelling in graphic design, promotional websites, content development, crisis management, and branding. We bring a combined 18 years of relevant experience in the event planning and entertainment industries. Producing press releases, media kits, sponsorship packages, webpages, logos, media plans, and crisis management plans, are all areas of expertise under the JD Lewis Group umbrella. WWW.JDLEWISGROUP.COM 3. OUR SERVICES INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN EVENT MANAGEMENT TRANSITION PLAN (at conclusion of contract) DEVELOPMENTOF STRATEGY ANDTECHNIQUES CREATIONOF COMMUNICATION PLAN WEBSITE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA DEVELOPMENTAND MANAGEMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS & MARKETINGLOGO DESIGN 4. OBJECTIVE AND GOALS OF PROPOSAL It is the objective to submit a proposal to the Bermuda Longtails owner Mr. David Durham. Goals: To create a innovated website To create and manage social media outlets To build a mobile application that is interconnected to the website To design a logo To secure additional public relations and marketing opportunities 5. OVERVIEW OF BERMUDA LONGTAIL David and Sancha Durham own and operate the Bermuda Longtail The M.V. Bermuda LongTail is a 65ft Catamaran that is available for a variety of uses to suit clients. It is licensed to carry 200 passengers, and is outfitted with 2 spacious decks It is currently out of the water but owners would like to reintroduce the Longtail to Bermuda within 3 weeks time. There is currently no online or social media presence David Durham is currently planning a media campaign using traditional media to reintroduce the Bermuda Longtail to Bermudians. 6. SUMMARY OF SERVICES REQUEST On March 26, 2014 Jodi Lewis met with David and Sancha Durham to discuss the following: JD Lewis Group services Website design (*within 3 weeks) Social media development and management (connected to website) MobileApplication building and management Logo design Discussion of creating a brand story which will include a campaign that will highlight the history of the boat in addition to creating a buzz by using traditional and new media techniques. 7. JD LEWIS GROUP PROCESS JD Lewis Group prides itself with a fast turn around time and the ability to work with the client to ensure all goals are met.To do this, there is a proven process that JD Lewis Group has found to work and allows the ability to provide excellent quality services. Proposal phase Master PR Phase Implementation Phase Post-Mortem Phase Overview of phase process---the proposal phase is where we get to know our clients wants, needs and desires.We develop a proposal based on goals and timelines and we develop a master plan that is approved by the client.Once approved we implement the plan from start to finish and conduct a post-mortem meeting to ensure all goals were reached and the client is satisfied. 8. PROPOSAL JD LEWIS GROUP would like to provide the required services for the Bermuda Longtail. Please review pricing below: Development of Website - $1800 (w/ rush fee) Development of Mobile App- $300.00 (w/rush fee) Logo Development- $200.00 (w/rush fee) Social Media Development- $50.00 (w/rush fee) _______ $2350.00 Please note that it will be your responsibility to pay for website hosting and domain name however we will make recommendations and physically secure the host site and domain name. JD Lewis Group offices Public Relations and Marketing services as well. Many companies do not have the time to manage their brand within the public consistently.We offer a hourly fee ($100.00/ hour) or flat rate monthly fee of $1700.00/month. This rate includes social media management, development of campaigns and implementation of campaign, media management, strategic planning to increase sales, monthly analytical reports, ensuring an ROI (return on investment), management and updating website and mobile application etc. Your company can have a fully functional public relations consultant for one flat fee. Please note that this rate does not include cost need to achieve set goals. 9. CURRENT AND PAST CLIENTS 10. CURRENT AND PAST CLIENTS 11. CURRENT AND PAST CLIENTS 12. W W W. J D L E W I S G R O U P. C O M